“Anti-Bullying” Pro-Militant-Homosexual, Anti-Christian FREAK Curses Christians For Obeying The Bible

“Anti-Bullying” Pro-Militant, Homosexual, Anti-Christian FREAK Curses Christians For Obeying The Bible.  Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian Teens

FREAK.  A “Gay” pig is telling Christians & the nuts at this ‘anti-bullying’ campaign to ‘ignore’ the Bible.  Very brilliant you moonbat, jerkoff.  If anyone wants to know why we are having massive amounts of natural disasters (tornados, storms, drought), you take a good look at this demented psychopathic idiot, he and those like him are the reason why. 

We can ignore GOD ’til we’re  blue in the face, but GOD certainly is NOT ‘ignoring’ the USA.. Nope, folks.. GODS judgement IS on the USA, and this is why:

This is what happens when a nation ignores GOD and turns over to debauchery:

Will come to America more and more. GOD will turn us over to our enemies. He already has; Barack Hussein Obama and the Bolsheviks. I see massive war on our soil and turmoil as we have never seen. Ever.

5 thoughts on ““Anti-Bullying” Pro-Militant-Homosexual, Anti-Christian FREAK Curses Christians For Obeying The Bible

  1. Everyone knows I am very politically correct person, and would never get involved in any form of hate speech, so I will just say this piece of crap fag should go back in his closet, and take with him a few Musloids,and ILLEGALS, and start a fire with at least ten gallons of gasoline (preferably premium unleaded.)

  2. FM, you are too funny 😀
    I am a HATERRRRRRRRRRRR and LOVE being that way. It insures my freedom

  3. First, get rid of that Nigger, Hard Left Muslim in the WH. The rest will then become easy for right thinking people to accomplish.

  4. Filthy rotten sodomites. Hell is waiting for these bastards. I am being polite too.

  5. I guess next will be allowing muzzies to screw the goats and we should be okay with that. It will never end until we are ended.

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