‘They’ll Call This Video Racist’.

They’ll Call This Video Racist:

“But it is absolutely verboten for either [political] party, or any white candidate, to appeal to whites as a racial identity group. Racial identity is simply forbidden to whites in America and across the entire Western world. Black children today are hammered with the idea of racial identity and pride, yet racial pride in whites constitutes a grave evil. Say “I’m white and I’m proud” and you are a Nazi.”

Shelby Steele, The Wall Street Journal, 13.11.2003.

And…Frankly…We here, don’t give a damn, anymore.

Video: ANOTHER Cannibal-Liberal In Maryland. Man Admits To EATING Dismembered Body Parts~Gross!

Video: ANOTHER Cannibal-Liberal In Maryland. Man Admits To EATING Dismembered Body Parts~Gross!  More liberal insanity.. Probably an Obama voter, no doubt. I mean, Obama ate dog meat, and did it with a friggin smile.. Sickening.  I bet Donna will find the pics to go with this atrocity as well.. Oy Vey.

JOPPATOWNE, Md. (WJZ/BALTIMORE SUN/AP) — A Morgan State University student who lived in the same home as a missing Joppatowne man now feared dead was charged with first-degree murder after parts of a human body were found inside the house and in a nearby dumpster. Now the suspect has admitted to eating portions of the man’s body parts, including his heart and brain.  Alexander Kinyua, 21, is being held on no bail.


 Dogs, kittens, people- all being eaten by Zombie, Cannibal LIBERALS, who admit  wanting to ‘eat the rich.’

Sad. 15 Yr Old White Boy Committed Suicide~He Was Bullied, Beaten, Robbed & Threatened By Black Students

 15 Yr Old White Boy Committed Suicide~He Was Bullied, Beaten, Robbed & Threatened By Black Students

NJ refuses to charge the three black youths (One is 19) with a hate crime. Move along, just ANOTHER white victim that could not take anymore. Old enough to know that the laws do not care about white people.  Terribly sad.  Youtube by

Vote Obama out. It seems to me that bad black people are emboldened by the evil racist occupier in the White House.

More on this story here.

Cannibalism IS The End Product Of Liberalism, By David Ben Moshe

Cannibalism IS The End Product Of Liberalism, By David Ben Moshe

Cannibalism is the end product of liberalism. How so, you ask.. Well, I’ll tell you, even if you didn’t ask. The drug culture is and has always been a big part of the liberal ideology.
This past weekend, a liberal druggie took “Bath-salts” (A type of LSD/PCP (’boutique drug’) instead of his usual stash of marijuana and thought he was a Grizzly Bear, trying to eat the face of a homeless man.
Police had to pump several bullets into him and thankfully, he is dead. This made the news but weeks earlier a similar thing happened, however, this time the Liberal, man-eater wasn’t a Negro, but a Cucaracha, who was not killed (damn it). They were able to subdue him with a stun-gun. This is what this nation faces if the liberal culture is allowed to persist, liberal brain dead drug users in a dumbed down liberal society, eating each other.
And why not? Our president enjoyed eating man’s best friend, dogs, and recently joked about it. A few steps up from eating dog is eating man.
Whats next??
-David Ben Moshe

Illinois Rep., Mike Bost~My New Hero, A REAL American Who Is SICK Of IT ALL

Illinois Rep., Mike Bost~My New Hero, A REAL American Who Is SICK Of IT ALL. I love this man. This is the way ALL men should be in America. Either that, or sit back and let the bastards take this nation, completely. 


This is what ‘liberalism’  leftism does to Americans:  Makes them enraged. It is time to STOP the liberalism/leftist junk in America.  If we don’t, they will be passing a lot more than just very bad regulations…As you plainly saw yesterday-they will literally start eating us all up.  People are calling this a ‘tirade.’  The IDIOTS cannot tell the difference between a ‘tirade’ and righteous indignation because they are SO FAR removed from American and its original values.  Poor suckers. I cannot unite with these ‘liberals.’  Either they start accepting Americanism, or I pray that God will curse them ALL.

More LIBERAL Insanity: Pastor Gets 2 Years For Teaching Disciplining Children With Spanking

More LIBERAL Insanity: Pastor Gets 2 Years For Teaching Disciplining Children With A Spanking… Amazing!

I got my ass kicked 2-3x growing up and I damned well deserved it.  This is just more Liberal insanity. ONLY A LIBERAL would want a lousy little brat for a child.  If you do not discipline your children WITH a spanking on the ass here and there…you will have raised a screwed-up adult.  But, this never stops Liberals, who raise up kids that are drug-dealing losers that end up eating dogs and peoples faces. 

Only a stupid, man-eating, drug-using, anal-sexo slob like a LIBERAL would have a Pastor locked up for idiocy like this. Liberal PIGS are the ‘top brass’ on morals & ethics, trashing the bible….. And people wonder WHY this nation is screwed 6 ways to Sunday.

Read the LIBERAL  insanity here.

Proverbs 13:24

He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.

Five Steps to Save and Restore America By The Lampoonist American

Five Steps to Save and Restore America  By The Lampoonist American, Copywrite, 2012

I get fifty emails a day about politics and none offer solutions…none that have any base in reality…

This country is not a Democracy. It is a Republic with democratically elected governance..
The Founders foresaw that, Democracy is a flawed system that will only last as long as it takes a parasite majority to vote for, and elect, Marxist charlatans who promise various groups of parasites a free everything…
Therefore, the brilliant Founding Fathers set up the electoral college of Republican states that will elect the president, not majority rule which will always become mob rule which is heralds the end of the Democracy…
Lilly-livered phonies like Romney, say that Socialists are just a bunch of misguided good guys using Socialism [a failed system] to help the little guy….
Wrong, Socialism is an evil game, the fast track strategy to absolute political power over a population of sheep.
Castro, Marx and now Obama promised everything to everybody. And the benevolent dictator that he is, wrote a health care bill that will kill more people than it cures…
And, they are flooding the country with third world parasites…soon it will be mob rule of the parasites and he, Obama will be dictator for life…
That is why when Hillary was campaigning, she said that she would dissolve the Electoral college and make it about one man one vote…
#1 – Elect Romney and Tea Party candidates to both Houses of Congress.
#2- Then nail that phony’s tiny little testicles to the table and pass legislation giving
the right to vote only to taxpayers who are now a minority…
# 3 – Enforce all Constitutional laws to the letter. Example, criminal race-based policies that discriminate against the White Christian population and hundred or so others that have been passed under Executive Privilege by the Communist President.
Example: mandated Union Membership is illegal.
[There was a time when Unions were a necessity. i.e. child labor where children worked 60 hours a week and were dead before their teen years because of greedy
devils who wouldn’t pay adults a decent wage for a day’s work.
The same greedy bastards who brought the black folks here to work for
nothing..Not to mention, rampant abuses in the work place like coal miners who died in tunnels, blown up by unstable explosives and factory workers mangled by machines with no safety mechanisms designed into them.
#4 – Purge the government and nation of all subversive alien
political entities. Prosecute sedition, especially in education. Ditto Appeals and District magistrates who render un-Constitutional decisions..
#5 – Refuse work permits to, and deport all illegal aliens. Make all healthy welfare cheats work the jobs – make sure they are paid enough to
subsist reasonably. [No going back to slave labor] The savings to the social welfare system would be massive.
* Social Security was a flawed concept: however it is bankrupt not because people are collecting the money they put into it, but because that money,
their money was stolen, with billions going to the parasites…
I like Trump on the topic of dumb-ass Republicans attacking Social Security. He said, taking on the issue of Social Security and worse yet, calling seniors taking that which is rightfully theirs, “greedy” in an election year, wether right or wrong, is too dumb to win an election…
On the topic of Trump, isn’t it great that he is back in the game? No more waiting for Romney to grow a pair of testicles, which is most unlikely. Trump wants Obama’s ass outta there, and watch the polls go off the charts with him in it.. ……GOOD DAY

About George Soros, By David Ben Moshe

About George Soros, By David Ben Moshe..

 George Soros, an atheist from parents who were atheists, came from Jewish lineage, but in 1944, he collaborated with the Nazis against his fellow Jews. He called 1944 his greatest year. If that wasn’t bad enough this parasite started feeding off the currencies of various nations almost bringing England down, among others. Today, he fancies himself a king maker and master of the globe.
 I find it amazing that in all of these years since 1944, survivors of the Holocaust or their descendents have not taken revenge against this monster – and before its too late.

 Compare Soros to this story. Once again its 1944, late 1944 and the Battle of the Bulge is raging. SS colonel Joachem Piper has over 80 American POW’s shot down at the French town of Malmedy. After the war, justice on Piper fails us, but someone or some group, we don’t know who,wasn’t going to let that stand and in 1976 the burnt body of Piper is found with a bullet in him after the fire in his house is put out. Decades passed but justice was finally served.

Decades passed for Soros too, but no justice for this power mad beast.

David Ben Moshe