29 Plus Blacks Beat Up ONE White Couple-No Outrage. Imagine This In Reverse…

Can you friggin believe this?? 100. 100 vs. 2.  If you are not locked an loaded, you are an IDIOT.  Picture this; 100 KKK members storm to Norfolk, VA.. They beat up a black couple.  YOU tell me what would happen.  Just who is the racist here?  AmeriKa has a serious racial issue. Many blacks hate whites so much, because they have been completely brainwashed to hate them, via school, courtesy of the American cancer: “LIBERALS”.
Please pray for this couple.  Pray hard.  This is sick and disgusting.  In tears.. I am in tears.


When a leader is evil, the people will be evil.

12 thoughts on “29 Plus Blacks Beat Up ONE White Couple-No Outrage. Imagine This In Reverse…

  1. All I can say is where are the white conservative press? Why doesn’t it not get reported? Are we so far gone that no one will speak or print the truth? Why can’t the white people see what is being done to them by blacks? We are adults and can handle it.

    Anybody know of a foreign country that is still really free and white.

  2. Wow, went through Richmond VA, on the way to North Carolina, this summer, pulled off 95 south just when it was getting dark, Not a good feeling. got right back on the highway and went to the next town to eat. You do not want to be out of town with those black teens in the summer, I know better, They travel in herds of cattle and cause violence, rapes and murders.
    Great find Muse!

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  4. Just went to my site for black on white crime and there it was also.

    A beating at Church and Brambleton

    It happened four blocks from where they work, here at The Virginian-Pilot.

    Two weeks have passed since reporters Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami – friends to me and many others at the newspaper – were attacked on a Saturday night as they drove home from a show at the Attucks Theatre. They had stopped at a red light, in a crowd of at least 100 young people walking on the sidewalk. Rostami locked her car door. Someone threw a rock at her window. Forster got out to confront the rock-thrower, and that’s when the beating began.

    Forster and Rostami wondered if the officer who answered their call treated all crime victims the same way. When Rostami, who admits she was hysterical, tried to describe what had happened, she says the officer told her to shut up and get in the car. Both said the officer did not record any names of witnesses who stopped to help. Rostami said the officer told them the attackers were “probably juveniles anyway. What are we going to do? Find their parents and tell them?”

    The officer pointed to public housing in the area and said large groups of teenagers look for trouble on the weekends. “It’s what they do,” he told Forster.

    Could that be true? Could violent mobs of teens be so commonplace in Norfolk that police and victims have no recourse?

    The next day, Forster searched Twitter for mention of the attack.

    One post chilled him.

    “I feel for the white man who got beat up at the light,” wrote one person.

    “I don’t,” wrote another, indicating laughter. “(do it for trayvon martin)”

    Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen, died after being shot by a community watch captain with white and Hispanic parents, George Zimmerman, in Florida.

    Forster and Rostami, both white, suffered a beating at the hands of a crowd of black teenagers.

    Was either case racially motivated? Were Forster and Rostami beaten in some kind of warped, vigilante retribution for a killing 750 miles away, a person none of them knew? Was it just bombast? Is a beating funny, ever?

    Here’s why their story is in the paper today. We cannot allow such callousness to continue unremarked, from the irrational, senseless teenagers who attacked two people just trying to go home, from the police officer whose conduct may have been typical but certainly seems cold, from the tweeting nitwits who think beating a man in Norfolk will change the death of Trayvon Martin.


  5. The Pilot owes readers — and a national audience, now that Drudge has picked up the incident — a detailed explanation of why and how it covered up this story.

    Given the paper’s direct political ties to the Obama administration, the paper has a LOT of ‘splaining to do.

    (Maurice Jones, former publisher of The Pilot, was appointed deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in March: http://hamptonroads.com/2012/03/senate-confirms-virginianpilot-publisher-hud-post)

    It certainly serves the administration’s purposes to have stories of black-on-white crime suppressed in the wake of recent national interest in the Trayvon Martin story.

    In contrast, it is hard to see any benefit The Pilot itself gains from hiding this event, since doing so is clearly a violation of professional ethics.

    This from a newspaper that repeatedly pontificates on the need for “more sunshine” in public dealings,


  6. I just looked at our traffic rank on one of the site meters, WordPress is a f’n LIAR.

  7. I have to get.
    Time to go eat and spend time with hubby.

    Take care ya all.

  8. where are the white conservative press

    bought over by Muslim Mafia Inc. The Muckstream Press Whores are the lackeys of the Muslims. And the Blacks. Saudi paid good money as did Soros to put a black man in office. White American Idiots colluded with them.

    The rest of the White population, the majority, are enjoying their Stockholm Syndrome.
    Most hide their heads deep in the Bog of Denial, Ignorance and Cowardice. Eyes no see, ears no hear, mouth NO speak. It is called “patriotism”.

  9. I wouldn’t go out in any big town, SB. It is like going into the jungle of Africa.

  10. PLEASE all of you come up here, PLEASE!! the more conservatives the better

  11. QV, The conservatives need to get the stick out of their asses and get pissed off before it is too late. Obama is the useless idiot of Soros and company.

  12. As conservatives we need to congregate in one state. Kick out all blacks, muslims and illegals. No lefties or the DC elitlists allowed. I am sure we would survive.

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