Mary died in 2007 at 42 years old.  She was so smart. Straight A student (when grades really mattered.)  She was a talented writer as well, 10X better than I will ever be. She wrote a lot of poetry.  She loved the rock band, RUSH.  Mary was a serial-bully.. But, I didnt care. I loved Mary. We used to get into fist-fights all the time.  We rode double on my 10-speed, and on her Grandma bike to town all the time.  We used to swim in my pool.  What a great time we had.  We were in all of our classes together as kids, too.  I was not a straight A.  I was a C.  I hated school.  She pushed me to try harder. I was sports oriented, Mary was driven by brains. I guess I am savage-like 😉

Mary was a serious, devout Catholic.  She was always Bible-thumping. She used to scare the living daylights out of me.  She used to have dreams of the end of the world, as well.  Mary was really quite prophetic.

One night, we were both getting ready to go down-town, it was about 1979.  I was in her room and heard her vomiting.  I asked her why she was doing this ‘To stay thin’, she told me.  Mary told me I should do it, too.  NO WAY.  Voluntarily vomit?  Was she out of her friggin mind?  Thus began a series of events in Marys horrific struggle with both Anorexia AND Bulimia-it killed Mary. We were friends for 36 years of our lives.  I think about her a lot. I sure miss her


A couple of Mary’s favorite songs:

This one really reminds me of being 15 years old 😉 Nevermind the pentagram, Mary didnt know what that was at 15 years old. Not back then.

She never knew this song (below) was about heroine.. She thought it was about numbing herself to her pain of Anorexia:

I miss you, Mary.