Hispanic Racist From My Old Home-town: “White People Are The Cancer, Must Be Reduced To A Minority”

Hispanic Racist From My Old Home-town  “White People Are The Cancer, Must Be Reduced To A Minority”.

(The post in that link above, was written late, 2009.. but-you must see it.) 

  The piece,  is written by a man from Salinas, CA.  His name is Mr. Pena.  Pena is in total denial, blinded by the hatred of Marxism, an anti-American ideology that should be treason in America, and proper punishment enforced; Think the Rosenbergs…. If I was in charge, ALL Marxists would cease to exist.  It has nothing to do with racism, either.. 

Please give me the liberty of explaining to you what Salinas, CA is all about: Salinas is a sanctuary city FOR illegal, occupying, criminal aliens.  Salinas had the highest murder rate–per capita in the USA in 2009, 2010-2011.  I lived in Salinas, CA.  It is a gutter now.  The town was a nice haven at one time.  Its residents were “Arkies and Okies” (Folk from Arkansas and Oklahoma.)  Many of these residents moved to Salinas to escape the dust bowl in the 1930’s.  The valley  of Salinas was the town my grandmother grew up in, and graduated High School -Circa 1943. 

Salinas was a bustling city.  None to match it, including San Jose in its day.  Many of the men that were KIA at Pearl Harbor were from it.  They were stationed at FT ORD, 7th Infantry Division, light fighters brigade, (same place where The Mad Jewess used to entertain many soldiers in musicals and won FORSCOM awards.) In its day, Salinas boasted of 3 movie theaters in 3 blocks alone; The Crystal Theater, the Fox Theater and the Cinema. This was a big thing for a town to have 3 Art Deco Theaters.  Salinas had many department stores.  The 2nd largest rodeo in America is in Salinas, CA. The outskirts of the Salinas Valley is rich in farm-land.  Grown there; Lettuce, artichokes, strawberries, spinach, etc..  My own family owned 30 acres on River Road for 30 years.

Salinas is no more.  It is like Tijuana, now.  The problem is not the ‘evil’ whites in Salinas, the problem is MR. F*CKING PENA.   White people are the total minority in Salinas, CA:  27%.   And, because of that, the town is…excuse me, a shithole, thanks to Ms. Anna Caballero, (Mexican Marxist) and once Mayor of Salinas, now State Assembly.  Salinas fared far better with Arkies and Okies that were ‘evil’ whites..

This is Salinas now-28 different gangs from the Nortenos to the Sorenos to the MS 13, you name it.

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  1. Here are people who look and smell like dumpster trash; whose speech resembles the ramblings of delusional schizophrenics; whose families are an assortment of bastards, pedophile uncles, welfare skanks, abused toddlers, and criminals; and whose intelligence is almost at the level of a chimp…. And they say “White People Are The Cancer, Must Be Reduced To A Minority”.

    White people build the cars these insects drive, invent the medicines that cure their STDs, grow the food that they cram in their greasy pie holes, and run the electrical plants that enable these creatures to see their ugly faces in the mirror. Without white people, they would be scratching dirt on a pathetic patch in the desert and walking 3 miles to bring home water in a bucket.

    Indeed, white people should be a minority in the lives if these creatures, so they would get to live in the primitive conditions that reveal their maximum capacity for culture.

  2. Lance, I think you would love this video-it is just what you said and directed at feminist skanks, who are also sub-human in nature:

  3. Wow. Great video.

    Next time my wife says, “What’s for dinner?…. No, I don’t like that.” (I do all the cooking. That way, I get to eat what I want—meat and bourbon), I will reply, “None o’ your beeswax. You’ll eat it and like it. Or, you can go outside and graze on leaves and twigs.”

    I feel confident that that will have good results.

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  5. The Jews. You forget the Jews. The Indians. The Chinese. The Japanese.
    These people were living in high civilisations before the White men.

  6. “These people were living in high civilisations before the White men.”

    True. Japanese had hot tubs while tribals in Europe were scraping the dirt off.

  7. The Indians and the Chinese, the only Two CONTINUING CIVILISATIONS were sitting on silk cushions and eating gourmet food while the Europeans were clothed in barks and hunted for their food. India made its own ice cubes from straws. Its irrigation was copied by the Egyptians, as was its Ayurvedic knowledge and surgery.
    India gave the world mathematics and the zero.
    Whites were living in caves.
    China’s porcelain is today sold for millions.
    I could go on and on to educate the so-called “educated” west.

  8. Hispanic/Mexicans do not like Asians at all.
    Why? They are both minorities in AmeriKa… Because the Asians supercede any group of people now in Amer.
    White people dont get jealous of Asians.

  9. We all know the west is not educated.
    WAS, but not anymore–no more inventions.

  10. Yes. Mj. So says my Indian friend (we were in varsity together). He’s a powerhouse of knowledge. He says much of the knowledge in the West is appropriated from india and China. Including Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World or the other writing was from the Upanishads.

  11. MJ, The Asians want to give, to work and they want to contribute to the society. The others are takers.

  12. The Jews, muse. Don’t forget the Jews. They are inventing every day. As are the Indians and the Chinese.
    The West worry about 35 hour work, freebies, and the idiot box while munching junk food.
    And wonder why they are wading in the present pile of excrement.

  13. “The West worry about 35 hour work, freebies, and the idiot box while munching junk food.”

    That statement hit the bulls eye. We are becoming an I-Me society. That doesn’t sit well with with me. We are raising our children to belong in a Zeitgeist society.

    The other countries you mentioned are out doing the US.

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