Make Fun Of A Celebrity Day: CHER

Make Fun Of A Celebrity Day: CHER

Above is what she said on Twitter.  I am no ‘fan’ of Mitt Romney, but we ARE patriotic, American, right wingers here..

So, I had to reply to the old hag..

My reaction to Cher on Twitter:

The Mad Jewess@MadJewessWoman:

@cher  CHER…Your lips are as LARGE as FLORIDA. Seek Lisa Rinna to look HUMAN again.

The Mad Jewess @MadJewessWoman:

@cher ~CHERS says: ‘f’k yrself old c’nt’, >isnt that the pot calling the kettle black….?

CHER, you are a has-been.

And….Your lips are in the WRONG place, dear

If it was not for Sonny (a conservative, hater, right-wing, ‘fascist’ etc..) You would be a *ZERO* and you know it.

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14 thoughts on “Make Fun Of A Celebrity Day: CHER

  1. I love the pics, You did a great twist to the old has been. If she gets any more surgery she will be like Joan Rivers.
    ( the lips)

  2. I made the lips HUGE. Did you see that Y.T.? HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

  3. MJ, Wonderful. I had heard that she wouldn’t give her daughter/son the money for the surgery. Doesn’t sound like she has accepted her/his decision.

  4. I guess when your daughter has a wee wee it makes you a little nuts. Never could stand her singing. Like she had a salami shoved down her throat. I often wanted to grab her tongue with a staple remover.

    “Go ahead, stick it out one more time!”

  5. That cute little girl turned into that thing called Chaz! Nauseous is just one word to describe it.

  6. We need to stop celebrating these weirdos and freaks. What type of country celebrates a degenerate like Cher? Nice photo shopping BTW.

  7. MJ, I don’t think he painted it, but I think he likes these types of conversational paintings. What do you think?

  8. How about making fun Bill Maher? About the size of a Keebler elf, nose like a spud with a pork rind glued on the tip, gigantic head shaped like a blue hubbard squash, jaw like a mailbox. In summary, I despise the smug prissy little prick.

    Or Nancy Pelosi. So many facelifts her tits rest on her wattled neck, held in place by straps running down her back and stapled to her ass. Nose like an alcoholic parakeet. Eye lids lifted so tightly that she can’t shut her eyes. Voice like a leaky douche bag (not exactly sure what a leaky douche bag sounds like, actually. So, I may be making that one up).

  9. She’s older than I am! Did you see her little “girl” dancing with the stars? I didn’t as I don’t watch television, but that must have been a freak show!

  10. I didn’t see that show either, but I heard that they kept him for so long so they could be PC correct.

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