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SAD. Robin Gibb Has Passed Away.  Our Tribute To The Bee Gees (The Brothers Gibb)


First Donna Summer and now, another lost musical talent. The harmony of The Bee Gees was unsurpassed. Some of the best music, written and produced  in the 1970’s was written by The Bee Gees. (Remember Samantha Sangs “Emotion?”)  This news has made me very sad.   Last year in Vegas, we saw “The AU Bee Gees Show”.   It was excellent.    Everyone there knew all the words to every single song.   Please pray for Barry Gibb, as he was very close to his brother, Robin.   Their sound has always brought such emotion.   Sounds of a better time in America.  The Bee Gees are from England, as the brothers were/are English.  Must be a sad day for SANE Brits.  This  has grieved me greatly, as I adored The Bee Gees and their sound.  I AM SO DAMNED SAD OVER THIS.


Too Much Heaven, 1979 (And TOO true!)

Stayin’ Alive, 1977.  You BETTER “Stay Alive” Barry Gibb!

GOD BLESS YOU & Be With You, Robin Gibb. 

Samantha Sangs “Emotion”

Listen to the background, it is The Bee Gees: