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Ashley Judd Supports Planned-Parenthood Baby Murderers-This Is What We Think Of The WASHED UP Has-been:

Ashley Judd whined like the murderer she is, with her BIG, FAT mouth , railing against the GOP for supporting babies. She defends Planned Parenthood against recent attacks.  Judd told ‘Meet the Press’s‘ David Gregory that Republicans are “doing really dumb things about women’s reproductive health.”    We say she is a baby-murderer.  How dare this bitch support the murder of babies? This is the same type slime that calls troops, baby-murderers.. Some nerve.  SHE IS A CANCER and the very reason America is being judged with the demon-occupier, Kenyan-Born, Muslim-usurper, Obama.  Enjoy your life while you can, Ashley…Its just too bad that your Mom (a decent soul) didn’t abort your lousy ass. We would have one less feminist slob to contend with.