VIDEOS~DISGUSTING! CANNIBALISM In Florida. Man Easts Another Mans FACE!! This Is Leftism In Action

Videos~DISGUSTING! CANNIBALISM In Florida. Man Easts Antother Mans FACE!! This Is Leftism In Action.

This was on my Youtube uploaders this AM in my Emails.  By   Little did I know that DRUDGE would follow my Youtubers. This is filthy. But, that is what leftism is; beastiality, anal sex btwn 2 men, and now cannibalism.

The LEFT is NOT content with murdering innocent babies, now they are straight up Cannibals.


38 thoughts on “VIDEOS~DISGUSTING! CANNIBALISM In Florida. Man Easts Another Mans FACE!! This Is Leftism In Action

  1. When the Tribulation begins, this would be a daily affair. Get ready!
    Leftists would slaughter and eat their own too.

  2. I am amazed at what this country has become. We are going straight to hell faster than a speeding bullet.

  3. Nothing to see here, Muse, just liberals acting like the shit they ARE.

  4. MJ, I just can’t wrap my mind around the how or why someone could eat anothers face off. It is the devils work.

  5. Sickening. I know. But think about it Muse! Liberal SLOBS think NOTHING of baby-murder, whats a mans face to them?

  6. I know the libs hate the babies and the elderly do they not know they are going to get older? Do they think that their children won’t do what they prescribed to do to their parents? Why don’t they just stamp an expiration date on the bottom of everbodies feet when they are born. All liberals should be sterialized at birth.

  7. I now read that baby boomers are targetted for mass vaccinations. An euphemism for Death comes A-Calling.

    Thursday, May 24, 2012The Days of Decline — Images from an Economic Collapse in Progress
    John Galt
    Activist Post

    The following video contains disturbing images compiled from the streets of Greece as protests, riots, and police response have converged amid austerity brought about by international banksters.

    This is a familiar scenario the world over as divide-and-conquer techniques pit police against the very people it is in their best interest to protect … while the engineers of the collapse sit back and watch from afar. These images have continued to multiply throughout other collapsed economies, past and present, where the First World quickly can become the Third.

    The conflagration that could take place in America amid a lethally armed population defies the imagination, which is clearly why the police state is oiling its machinery to take on the outraged and weaponized.

  8. MJ, I saw this when I was trolling 2 day. ( Good 4 you, I couldn’t touch it) I worked in Miami on Cruise Ship, know exactly where this took place.before there was a south beach in mid 80’s. I was scared to view the long video, on post.
    Do you know how powerful the drugs are in the port of Miami? This is why it is happening.
    PCP was in Rodney Kings blood, when he took on the LA police force.
    Hallucinogenics? I want the toxicology reports.
    This is definitely a reflection of how Satan is doing his justice in the USA.
    excellent post!

  9. MJ, this is very disturbing. This is a warning, the government provides the street drugs to enter the ports of the US. This is a warning.
    This is much more than a liberal on a liberal.
    I thought this only happened in Africa.

    QV, didn’t you inform us that a Japanese man cooked testicles this week?

  10. QV, didn’t you inform us that a Japanese man cooked testicles this week?

    Yes. He did it to pay his medical fee.
    As days go by there will be more and more bizarre actions around the world. We are in the last days, whether you want to believe it or not. Depravity will soon be hailed and touted and propagandised as a Virtue. Just watch!

  11. QV, I know in the Book it talks about these things.
    I have never seen this much evil. It is hurtful, never seen humanity in despair day after day.
    But, I have made my peace with God.
    ty for your dose of reality.
    Love, Donna

  12. I adopt the buddhist philosophy of : live for the day. Let be. and Let go. We know what’s ahead. We concentrate on our self to maintain equilibrium.
    For Christians, cling to the Word of God like your very own breath.

    We cannot stop what’s acoming. But we can rely on the self and a Higher Power to guide and sustain us during the coming horrible days. And it is going to be horrible. A few days ago I had a bad dream of the horror of tribulation. Woke up in a sweat.

  13. Well, Donna. I happen to think that ‘liberalism’ IS the devil. So, when I say ‘liberal’, I mean satan.
    Japan WAS a sane nation, but unfortunately, they, like the west have thrown out their rich culture and now serve satan (liberalism)

  14. MJ, yes I read there was the worlds largest gathering there. Urban?
    I had beautiful memories of Miami, in the 80’s before All Hell broke loose in the US.
    Drugs are the Devils instruments. Yes equate it with progressive agenda.

    Two monks in Tibet set themselves on fire, says report

    Radio Free Asia says pair were taken away after protest outside Jokhang temple in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital

  15. Wow, they just reported this on My Fox Local, Wow, gave it a 30 second clip.

  16. I thought the movie Legion was just science fiction. So the ice cream man and the not very nice little grandma that bit the guys neck in half are real? I’m stayin home till this whole storm blows over. lol

  17. johnny, this has made me spooked. The Devil took over this man’s soul on earth, physically.

  18. We should expect more of this filth, Donna,.
    Without God fearing individuals in charge, this will probably become common 😦

  19. And so the zombie apocalypse begins? I hope that cop shot the zombie in the head. I hope that cop didn’t get infected and I hope that other dude without his face is securely isolated. But, controlling it never happens does it? Only because I’ve never heard of something like this ever happening because of drugs, I doubt this was drug related. Besides, it’s a lot more interesting to ponder the zombie question. Now I wonder if all those zombie books, movies and comics weren’t a government plot to prepare us for the infection the government always knew would come? Do we have the latest version of some flesh eating bacteria goin on here? Stay tuned, if we hear about mass hysteria in Florida, or hear nothing, we will know. Mommy….

  20. The zombies wouldn’t want to eat me, I’m too old,stringy, tough meat and leathery hide. I bite back too–I got attacked by 3 fleet sailors in a dark alley back in the early 70’s. One held a knife to my friends neck and the other 2 wanted to kill me, so I bit one of their ears off. It was a nasty fight, I was lucky to survive. When we heard the cop sirens coming everybody split. I had to pry my mouth open with my hand to spit the ear out as my friend and I ran away from the scene. The taste of blood is disgusting.

  21. Unfortunately, this is REAL and NOT a movie!
    I still see crap like this as being liberalism=satanism.

  22. It will continue to become worse. When you believe that it is okay to kill babies and the elderly you are starting to seeing the end.

  23. I know, Muse, and who can we look to for this disasterous situation? Leftist satanists.

  24. Hi muse, we can all share an underground bunker. ( just make sure we have internet connection) 🙂

  25. spellbound.

    tibet is part of China.
    The monks should know better than to go against buddha’s teaching.
    They are instigated by both the CIA and MI6 to destablise China.
    They know that too.
    They are CRIMINALS.
    they will be reborn in the worst possible circumstances.

  26. I believe the Japanese guy had both his nuts and dick removed. Claimed he didn’t need them as he was asexual. So? I don’t often use my ear lobes, but I don’t have them removed. He sold them for high cuisine to pay for the operation.

    “I’ll have just a little piece. Make sure it’s rare.”

    [What kind of physician agrees to do the operation?]

    “No way, Jim! Cut ’em off yourself. I got patients with really bad stuff needs to be cut off.”

    Pretty weird when your own body becomes an inconvenience, or is used to make a statement, rather than housing for a soul. abortion, for example

    Interesting how the more insane, depraved, and demonic certain parts of our culture become, the more it drives some of us back to the only thing that never changes. The message of Ecclesiastes and Sermon on the Mount.

    I’m waiting for St. Michael and Joshua.

  27. Japan is DYING Lance. He’s probably heavily radiated. The only good thing is the US HAARP induced Fukushima has reached the US and millions will die.

    Michio Kaku has the scientific details. We are all doomed, anyways. The sooner one goes one is blessed, imo.
    Things are so bad at Fukushima that,
    “Humans cannot come close to certain parts of the reactor site and even robots get fried. They’re delicate machinery; their micro-circuitry cannot withstand the intense bombardment of radiation,” reports Kaku.

  28. SB, Have you seen some of the old missile sites that are now used for homes? Amazing. I have been dreaming of caves for years. If I see the one I dream about, it will shelter us all. I think the internet will be shut down. Maybe your son could figure something out.

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