Indianapolis: White Couple Brutally Attacked By A Pack Of Obamas Sons

Indianapolis: White Couple Brutally Attacked By A Pack Of Obamas Sons

Just another day in black on white crime,  nothing new here, just move right along.  Pretend this does not exist. Pretend that bad blacks don’t do this to white people. Keep pretending that YOU are the ‘racists,’ while they beat the crap out of whites on a DAILY basis…You know, for their ‘400’ years of bullshit ‘oppression.’ 

You can thank Holder for this. He emboldened the black communit’ay with his FREE PASS given to the Black Panthers who want to ‘kill white crackas and they babies.’   Well, what can I say.. Vote Obama in again. Seems Americans, especially white America LOVES the punishment.  Thanks to the DEMOCRATS and the enablers of crime, the GOP–this is why America is the way it is.  With NO help from the MSM to report these atrocities? We are doomed as Caucasians.

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Obama voters are:

Black racists, LaRaza, [Hispanic Racists], Cannibal-Liberals, Commies, Marxists, Progressives, Zombies, pro- ‘gay’-marriage, drug-abusers, drug-pushers, baby murderers, pro-dog-eaters, anti-1st & 2nd Amendment, anti-man, pro-civil rights for criminal  & murderers, anti NORMAL Marriage, pro-illegal occupiers, evil, leftist Jews, fraud Christians, anti-American, anti-Israel, Jew haters, Christian-haters & God hating FREAKS.

11 thoughts on “Indianapolis: White Couple Brutally Attacked By A Pack Of Obamas Sons

  1. Black on whites will continue because Blacks know whites will tolerate their evil and will do nothing. Whites are the craven cretins here.

  2. I can assure you that if such incidents were to happen out here, millions would be marching with implements in their hands demanding the government of the day do something or there will be Reichstags , everywhere.

    But then, we are not democracy, human rights bullshit.

    America is the land of the free, democracy, human rights CRAVEN CRETINS. Whites, I mean.

  3. This is off topic. I am looking at pictures of baby seals being battered to death by oh so democracy, human rights CANADA.
    Canada seems to be sheep in wolfs clothes. It trys in vein to hide its horrendous and cruel true nature. Since at least the 60’s Canada’s CITIZENS have been partaking in a “SPORT” they often deny but altogether LOVE.
    am referring to Canadas favorite pastime: SEAL CLUBBING & BABY SEAL CLUBBING

    Read more and PUKE! FUCK you Canada. May the lot of you go under. Filthy satanlings. You call it sport. How SICK & DEMENTED ARE YOU FUCKERS?

    BTW, Russia has BANNED seal product imports in August 2011.

    I .

  4. And that’s the place you want to go Donna? Good luck to you.

    Filthy country. Filthy, sadistic people. If filthy canadians can do that to BABY SEALS think what they’ll do to humans.

    God Damn the satanic country. And its satanic inhabitants.

    If I come across a Canadian in my part of the world I’ll confront him with this. Let’s see what the satanling has to say.

  5. Im not letting my Donna go to CA.
    She is coming WAY up here in the woods

  6. I CANT STAND IT, QV!!!!!! People murdering baby seals. ANYTIME I see that I cry like a baby.

  7. My wife cried her eyes out seeing all those pictures of BABY seals being bludgeoned to death. And she’s a tough cookie.

    Canada will suffer in coming days. Greatly. For violating God’s laws.

    Yahweh says, the animal’s life is to be treated with reverence, and the blood which is the life essence must be poured out on the ground, returned to Yahweh, not consumed. So the animal may be eaten to satisfy the human hunger for flesh, but the life essence itself belongs to Yahweh. It must not be taken, even if it’s for the purposes of nourishment. Genesis 9:4-6, “You must not however, eat flesh with its life-blood in it; but for your own life-blood I will require a reckoning.”

    FILTHY Canadians did it for the love of butchering BABY Seals. Damn them to eternity.

    I shall exult when disasters strike Canada. And they will. May the muslims in their midst start blowing them to bits, for starters. To balance the blood debt.
    And natural disasters bring them to their knees . FILTHY CANADIANS. BABY SEALS MURDERERS. SATANLINGS,

  8. Your wife is not alone, I cant get the site out of my head of the seals–BATTING BABY SEALS!
    Are they INSANE!? How in the f can they hurt a SEAL like that.
    I cant talk about it

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