The Life Of Flowers…

The Life Of Flowers…
Flowers are HaShems manifestation of love on this earth.
I had this video sent to me in my email (below) and I made this graphic watercolor for ya’all.
I just cant take the bad news, lately. If I don’t see pretty on this website, I will go nuts.
Polyvore—which is a fashion/art website, is the only place I restore my sanity after hearing what ‘liberals’ did for the day.
Remember to stop and smell the roses! Something I need to do more often, myself!

31 thoughts on “The Life Of Flowers…

  1. “Commit random acts of kindness and senseless beauty”. Thanks, I needed that too.

  2. Johnny, Isn’t she great when she is a bitch?
    The blooming of flowers set to music. Beautiful.
    You got to love it ❤ sp84

  3. Play the video on full screen to really see the beauty and power of a flower.

  4. so very beautiful. touches one soul. There are flowers that bloom one day and die but in that 24 hours they show us the beauty of God and brighten the world for that amount of time. There are flowers that bloom at night and one flower will scent a whle area. There are flowers that will last on their mother plant and last for months then take years to bloom again. God is good

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  6. The wild yellow rose bush stands alone and is still alive after all these years. My mother planted it at the entrance of a chicken coop (long gone) where I was born. I farm around it and treat it like a treasure. It was full with flowers this year–reminded me of my mother.

  7. TY for coming by, Eileen, hope you are well. Glad you liked the post 😀

  8. Yes, I knew this blogs are going dark today in protest.( Ace informed ppl all week,) Ace, Malkin ect., and many others
    I love Ace! you should place him on your sidebar!

    From Ace
    Overnight Open Thread (6-7-2012)

    To help you adjust to tomorrow’s upcoming Day of Blogger Silence tonight’s ONT will have reduced word count, be less picturey. It good when my laziness, principle coincide.


  9. Yes, very interesting stuff MJ. Dirty political pool on twitter and the internet run amok. If only someone in Maryland would sue me so I could beg for money and get famous, eh? Here’s a question I can find nobody to answer. Why does no one challenge the jurisdiction of Maryland to hear a case involving out of state residents? As for threats and swatting, it’s criminal and the FBI should investigate and prosecute.

  10. Don’t go! What if something important happens and nobody covers it? Someone has to stand watch, might as well be you. No?

  11. There are so many that need to hear the truth. Just think how many of us will burst into little bits of ash!

  12. Oh wct, can’t remember the thread you commented on the wonderful benefits of radioactive. Here’s your chance. Lead those who want the wonderful benefits of radioactive and head for the Davis-Besse nuclear plant. Where a pinhole leak of radioactive coolant has occurred. Imagine what wonderful benefits you and those you lead will reap.

    And give a good tongue lashing to Spokeswoman Jennifer Young said the leaked coolant flowed into a nearby floor drain and was captured for later processing. There were no injuries and no radioactivity escaped into the atmosphere, she said.
    Lecture her on the wonderful benefits.

    Have fun! Then tell us here at TMJ about the wonderful benefits.

  13. OK QV, but don’t forget when I come back as the fifty foot woman what I said about how radiation can perform sex changes and grow things out of all proportion. Oh my. This is a smiley face here. You guys don’t have the emoticons so I have to write them out. That’s all right though because then I get to babble a little bit longer. My Yanks are winning. Another smiley face. Hugs and kisses.
    Yep, I had a couple of cold ones already. Cheers y’all.

  14. Inter league play tonight My Phillies are Beating the Orioles 9-4 Thome is DH, 2 singles
    I hope you beat the Mets for us, the entire weekend 🙂

  15. Ace is just bloggers, great site, no TV, radio, a pure blogging site.
    Great site MJ, you should check it out,
    this is what he just placed up, tonight, very long,,

    The upside-down flag is an unofficial symbol of distress, an SOS.

    It’s also a symbol of America itself turned upside down.

    In the face of harassment and threats against the right to free speech, allies of liberty are fond of saying “We will not be silenced.”

    It’s a statement that projects confidence, defiance, and vigorous defense of one’s rights.

    But, as noble as this declaration may be, it’s not wholly true.

    Because a sufficiently painful harassment, or a sufficiently grave threat, will in fact silence those who would otherwise enter the public square.

  16. Well. OK!

    But this post is just to let your mind wonder.

    I will take a look yonder to read ACE more o, :Dften

  17. The Yankees?
    I loved the Yankees in 1976-1979.
    After that, I didnt like baseball anymore

  18. That’s sad MJ. Thurman Munson fan I’m guessing? Well, we all are. And his death was a blow for sure. But those were the days, with Billy Martin and the Boss at his most cantankerous.

    I like baseball because of it’s relatively slow pace. It’s not hard to keep up. I also like it because it’s honest. Basketball is more of a show. Plus, baseball doesn’t have an injury every three seconds. It’s a waste to have so many million dollar players injured every season in football. I’m not a big fan of senseless violence or excessive waste. Although I still watch the Giants games. Half of them anyway.

  19. Thanks SB. A sweep would be nice but I would settle for two out of three. Yes, the Phils had a rocky start this season, but they will recover. For the first time in years the Mets are playing like they have a real team. They don’t give up like they used to and they got rid of problem child Reyes. Good manager too. Of course, the Mets still have lots of holes in their pitching and hitting lineups but they are presently performing above expectations. The Yanks are leaving so many men on base, especially when they have the bases loaded, they are heading for a major league record. They have to fix that, if they want to win the division. I noticed the smiley faces but I can’t figure out how to use them. Duh.

  20. One note about Kimberlin. He isn’t some expert, jail-house whizkid lawyer. I know that because it took him like five or six tries before the court would accept his inept requests for subpoenas. And he made the same mistakes over and over. He couldn’t get the basic requirements right in a fill-in-the-blank form. Kimberlin’s legal skills are marginal at best. His opponents have shown no skills either. Nobody even bothered to challenge the jurisdiction of the Maryland state court over a resident of another state. That’s basic stuff, very basic. I wonder if Seth (that kook in MA) even thought about challenging the enforceability of the final protective order? Probably not. So sad.

  21. Thurmon, Lou Pinella, Reggie (ASSHOLE) Jackson, Ron Guidry, etc. Great times 😀

  22. Yep. Those were the days. Jackson even admitted he was an ass on one program I watched. If he didn’t, he should have. B. Stanwyck is on now. The Mad Miss Manton. Loving you more and more MJ. Hugs.

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