Black Teen Terrorists “Flash Rob” Albertsons store in Troutdale, Oregon

Black Teen Terrorists “Flash Rob” Albertsons store in Troutdale, Oregon….They have a brotha in the W.H., with an Attny Gen that lets them get away with anything.  This is their revenge for oppression, even though they were born in the late 1990’s. Boo-hoo for these little bastards. 

(KATU) TROUTDALE, Ore. — A group of around 30-40 black teenagers stormed into an Albertsons grocery store in Troutdale on Saturday night, stealing merchandise and trashing the store, according to police.

Vid by: GCrowdy

8 thoughts on “Black Teen Terrorists “Flash Rob” Albertsons store in Troutdale, Oregon

  1. MJ, this is really scary, because Troutdale is completely outside of metro Portland. The news clip mentioned that many of them had gotten kicked out of a nearby party after the cops broke it up. Makes you wonder why blacks are having a party in Troutdale? Something is badly f’d up here.

  2. Soon, 30-40 black savages will invade the white man’s home. And the rest of the Whites will still do nothing.

  3. Slightly off topic, but maybe it’s time we all moved to Bismarck, North Dakota? I just looked at for Bismarck, 91% white, state-owned Bank of North Dakota, booming economy because of oil fields, median house price about $170,000, etc. Colder than hell during the winter, but you can’t have everything. Maybe that’s the best place for white Americans to be these days.

  4. Eft, how long and how far are White Americans going to run? The point is, North Dakota is still in the US where the long arms of Congress and DC will reach.

  5. Vigilantism is the only answer to this problem. Secret underground militia groups forming to combat criminals that are supported by a rogue government. Punishment will be much more severe than by a court of law.

  6. Sadly, many militias are busted up after the feds plant their moles, and other agent provocateurs, in them.

    QV, you’re right that the long arm of Holder can reach into North Dakota. From what I’ve seen, Obozo is making plans to shut down the oil fields. My guess is that if he does so, he may be met with some stiff resistance. That could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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