Hannity Is “Vetting” Obama, But Says ZERO About Obama’s OWN Admission That He Was “Born In Kenya” In 1991 Pamphlet

Hannity Is “Vetting” Obama, But Says ZERO About Obama’s OWN Admission That He Was “Born In Kenya” In 1991 PamphletAs does not O’Reilly, who has seen this evidence.  They all have, and they say nothing. Michelle Malkin has said nada, Ann Coulter, zip.  Beck; closed mouth.  Bunch of damned cowards.  More worried about a paycheck than throwing this bastard, son of a whore to the wind. They are the reason that this piece of SHIT is still sitting in a seat that he stole from Americans. I cannot believe that this pamphlet came out and the ‘liberals’ said it was a mis-type and it was dismissed.  Yeah, the devils son, BHO, made a mistake in 1991. Bullshit. He just happened to ‘make a mistake’ about being ‘born in Kenya’… The same thing us ‘birthers’ have been saying all along…Yeah, and pigs fly.  Why not Johannesburg? Why not Zimbabwe? LIES………

God is angry at the lies. And because GOD has seen the cowardice of these people.. It is quite possible that God, himself —will allow this son-of-a-bitch to occupy the White House, again.  So, when you see these phoney Americans passing themselves off as patriots & Christians…

You tell them;


There is NO excuse for such cowardice.


17 thoughts on “Hannity Is “Vetting” Obama, But Says ZERO About Obama’s OWN Admission That He Was “Born In Kenya” In 1991 Pamphlet

  1. Just one of the many reasons why I no longer watch Fox! Some Truth Sayer’s they are? If you can’t tell the whole truth, don’t sell the half truth!

  2. Cute icon 😀

    I cant hardly watch them, either. My husband pained me with Hannity tonight, who really only does good at stopping liberal/Commies from talking.

    I hear ya, its damned sickening

  3. Hannity goes off more in his radio show. Fox limits him on what he can say.
    But he is the only one out there ( TV) that has a hard on for Obama,

  4. Donna: We are supposed to be a FREE nation.
    Anyone that does not fight in the line of duty at this point, is of NO use to us.


    SHAME ON THEM. The drain they put on US is terrible.
    He should NOT be limited and since he is, he should say; I have the 2nd largest ratings in America, I will say what I damned well please.

  5. I consider Hannity to be the most trustworthy on FOX. His actions and words show him to be a real Christian. He is for sure on Obama’s kill list when the time is right.

  6. We are doing his job whenever he does not report what is happening.
    I didnt say that he was not god-fearing or a good Christian.
    But he gets paid millions and we get paid nothing to do THEIR job.
    I have NO love for doing this. I didnt go to school for this.
    We are supposed to be a FREE nation, there should not even BE a ‘kill list.’

    WHY will he not say ANYTHING about this?


  7. And this is my last thought:
    I hate blogging.
    Hannity, BOR and the rest of you: DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS

  8. Pauli–Shawn Hannity is just too nice of a guy to get down and dirty. He would lose his base if did so he plays the nice guy. He is Irish so I am sure he has some fight in him under the right conditions. I could never do his job–I’m not nice to libs or muzzies. I hate the sons of bitches.

  9. John: Do these people REALIZE that Obama and Co will MURDER us?
    WTH are we, martyrs???!!

  10. Johnny: Please pardon me, I was in a very disgusted mood, today.
    Sorry 😦

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