(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale, Oregon

(Drudge just put this up July 17, 2012:  

COPS: 40 kids ‘flash rob’ Oregon store…      

This ‘event’ occurred on June 18.   DRUDGE reads The Mad Jewess, not the vc versa.)

(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale , Oregon

***Dear readers:  We have to allow this stuff so people don’t think whites are discriminating. It’s better to watch the world burn than be called a racist.

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12 thoughts on “(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale, Oregon

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    Is why one needs to carry extra magazines, know how to change them and fast…of course a 33 round capacity clip, or you AR/AK/HK slung over ones shoulder…..with 20, 30. 50 round clips…Must keep oneself and family safe! Government won’t and appears to be promoting this crap!

  2. That’s so racist. Don’t you know that black folks have a right to take what they want? Shoot, they done been taught that lesson for generations now. Cain’t hardly blame em if they take it to heart and a step or two further down that logic train, eh? Some of God’s children just need full time supervision is all. Say, is it cotton picking time anywhere?

  3. What concerns me, Medic, is cops making it real difficult to carry. But the time may come when enough are doing it that it becomes normal.

  4. “Say, is it cotton picking time anywhere?” See, now that there is a good idea, WC. Summer camp and after school activities in the fields. Maybe alternative schooling on farms, where no one cares if you learn to read or write. Back to basics—which is about as high as our cousins can go. No more achievement gap, because no more achievement, except putting cotton balls in a sack. Heck, even a monkey can do that.

  5. I didn’t know there were that many black people in Troutdale…they must have been imported…

    They should not be allowed to congregate in groups larger than one.

    Oh wait. Darn. That was pretty racist of me…

  6. Yeah, whahh, whahh, whahh, dats racist..

    Someone else said what you said. Its strange, huh??

  7. Screw these little hoddied N******! Lock the doors and wait until police come. take your cell phone. All stores should have a panic button now.
    Then lock yourself up in office.
    I do not know the West coast. if a white area, maybe they weren’t prepared.
    Little N****** thugs.

  8. Troutdale is about 90% white, 2% black. Seriously, we are not all that “dark” out here in the west (I live in Oregon south of there).

  9. Hmmm…oops. Sorry, didn’t mean for that post on the population of Troutdale to go through without a name. I kknow you frown on that! I was unintentional.

    It was I who left that thought!

  10. The talking (chowder) head announcer ends with something like, “The police say that they, too, are having to adapt.”

    Yeah, like maybe the cops could man up (“Oh, no, not a flash mob!! What will we do? Whatever will we do? We don’t want to look raciss.”) and get their asses there WHILE it’s happening, and not 30 minutes after the gang has gone home!?

    Phone call to 911…

    “Uh, I’m calling from Albertson’s. There’s a tribe of ferals in here stealing everything they can lay their paws on!”

    “Uh, ma’am. Are they teenagers of color, children of diversity, persons with a history of slavery and oppression?”

    “What the f%$# are you talking about, you idiot? We’re being invaded! Get the cops over here now!”

    “Uh, ma’am, is your store being visited by misunderstood teens who have been brutalized by uncaring teachers, and who do not feel respected as unique and valued persons?”

    “”Shut the f%$# up with that crazy libber jabber. Get the cops here or I will shoot.”

    “Uh, now ma’am, calm down and do not upset the misunderstood youths.”

    “Oh, I won’t upset them, alright. I’ll just blow their low-pants asses off with this 12 gauge.”

    kachunkachunk. clickBOOM.


    “And now for shot shell number two!….Oh, are you kids leaving so soon? Well, that’s fine. Now carry your rumpled pal out with you or you’ll be on the floor with him.”

    [Is there any question that they had weapons of some kind, or of what they’d have done if challenged? I’d call it self-defense during an armed riot-robbery.]

  11. Yep lance, it works out like this. Multiple generations of servitude in payment for generations of thoughtlessly reproducing layabouts. Good honest field work in exchange for dishonest pimping, drug dealing and gang banging. First, we should ask what would the Roman’s do? The answer is obvious, they would properly enslave such a troublesome demographic. And if the Romans were good enough for Jesus, by golly they are good enough for the ghetto fixtures. The ONLY people who have failed to graduate from the ghetto. Whether that is the fault of the endless handouts or of their nature matters not. In either case, it points to a natural inclination to slavery. What alternative is there when even their supposedly ‘well educated’ leaders endorse mob actions, violence and murder against their benefactors? Obama, ‘has their back’. Obama should be deported to Kenya immediately. Roots indeed Obama’s roots are firmly planted in a Muslim tribe’s slavery business. And 98% of the blacks will vote for him. That’s not just stupid, that’s shit stupid.

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