The 1980’s was the last decade that had it’s own signature.  There hasn’t been any style or music since 1990. Punk rock, new wave, break-dancing and power ballad belters..

My favorite decade.. Of course, I was not here in the 50’s…So, in my husbands opinion, I missed out on THE ‘best decade’… I had a good time in the 1980’s.  I loved the hair: BIG, FAT hair.   Fabulous clothes.  Think “Dynasty”, that is how I used to dress.  I loved a lot of the songs.  Well, most.  Reagan was the leader and he may not have been ‘fabulous’.  But, he loved this nation, unlike the piece of drek occupying the W.H., illegally at present.  ANYHOO… I picked some songs from the 80’s for ya’all and made a fashion art collage resembling the 80’s for you to enjoy.

Rio-80's Hair Contest
In the 80’s, Linda Evangelista had THE ultimate hair. Parted to the side and fluffy on top.
She was THE super-model of the 80’s.   Black, white and red were HOT colors.   Red Leather jackets that were cropped to the waist and these type dresses that sorta-semi resembled a ballerina tu-tu were HOT stuff, black and red stilettos were HUGE.   I still have my red stilettos/pumps by Liz C.
My hair was EXACTLY like this only longer in the back.   Hair was not necessarily “BIG” on everyone, we just wore it great, with style.
The 1980’s was a super, fun time.
The music was FAB, many 1-hit wonders.
Even though Heavy Metal started with KISS in the 70’s, it made big-time in the 80’s.
I liked middle of the road pop-metal-DURAN DURAN, which was an ENGLISH group that was GREAT.
The last of the records was pretty much in the 1980’s. So, I added a record to the set.  Oh, AND: Rubix Cube was HUGE.

The ULTIMATE, Epic Song of the 80’s: