WAR-MONGERING Hillary Wants A War IN Syria. Russia Says: Ok Bitch, We Will Meet You There With Our Troops

WAR-MONGERING Hillary Wants A War IN Syria. Russia Says: Ok Bitch, We Will Meet You There With Our Troops….Right here…

Obama and the Jezebel, SOS – Clinton want to start a war with Russia and China; Add N. Korea in the mix.  N. Korea currently is teaching their children to ‘hate the American bastards‘.   This is so great, huh?  Sends a little tickle straight up my leg, watching what these stupid, asinine, debaucherous democrats (Commies) do on a daily basis to destroy America and try to destroy the rest of the world.    This bitch and her queer-ass prez/usurper, BHO have set the cold war back in motion times 5,000.

An immoral people will be defeated.   America is immoral.  Read Sun Tsu, the Art of War and why morality is the most important virtue in war.   America will never be able to beat Russia, China AND N. Korea.  Got me?    We do not have will here at home to oust these tyrants.    And these same tyrants refuse to allow our troops to shoot back.  Its a no-win.   We WILL lose on our own soil.   Remember why we lost; The DEMOCRAT PARTY and their enablers: The GOP and our refusal to hang every last traitor against America.

See what N. Korea is teaching their children: Demonizing Americans  Something America is not EVER Allowed to do because of the Commies and the Jew-haters (enemies within) who  LOVE, love, LOVE  Muslims & Islam and that would be a huge no-no to make Islam look bad… (Boo fking hoo)..


GO TO HELL, Hillary SODOM Clinton.

New Year With Armani

Tell ya all something… NEVER in my life did I want to see America just fail.  But the only way to revive a remnant is to actually pray for this monster to fail. The monster is a demonic, now. It must die.

11 thoughts on “WAR-MONGERING Hillary Wants A War IN Syria. Russia Says: Ok Bitch, We Will Meet You There With Our Troops

  1. How do you fight a war when you have to ask permission to fire your weapon?

  2. Exactly, Muse.
    Sick, and terrible situation that these BASTARDS have put on our men.
    Scary, evil times and America used to be the good, now it is leading the charge of evil.
    Just awful.

  3. Remember–Hillary ducked sniper fire once on an excursion to the middle east. She is a seasoned warrior now because of that extreme act of heroism. Damn she’s good! lol

  4. She lies so well, johnny. I guess the liberals think we are as dumb as they are.

  5. Escalating provocations in Syria by FUKUS with their muslim partner Turkey – Turkey scrambled jets for the third day in a row just to keep the provocations going. NATO watches in the wings, ready to involve.
    Turkey, where its PM Recep Erdogan, on German soil, told cheering Turkish workers and Germans of Turkish ancestry that “assimilation is crime against humanity”. Conveniently ignored by the dimwits of Europe and increasingly America. The West, methinks, is addicted to smelling muslims fart 5 times a day . And are co-partners in wiping Christianity off the Middle East. Every trace of it.

    Meanwhile, the US has quietly moved significant military reinforcements into the Persian Gulf to deter the Iranian military from any possible attempt to shut the Strait of Hormuz and to increase the number of fighter jets capable of striking deep into Iran if the standoff over its nuclear program escalates.
    Russia and China, no longer shy about their particular interests in the region, also took measures to counter US moves. Last Sunday, Iran tested the Shahab 3 missile with a rangeof 1,300 km – able to reach Israel.

    On Tuesday Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke out against certain Western countries resorting to distortions and re-interpretations of the June 30 Geneva communique, which called for all Syrian parties to stop the violence and negotiate.
    Even stronger denunciations came today from Alexei Pushkov, Chairman of the State Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee, speaking at a separate event in Moscow. “A war of interpretation broke out after the agreement on political transformation in Syria was signed in Geneva,” he said. Specifically, U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton holds the belief that the agreement lets the current Syrian leadership know that it must go, he continued, whereras, “Moscow, by contrast, said the agreement does not say a word about Assad’s resignation and that he is not mentioned at all in it.”

    Since the June 30 conference, London warmongers have worked overtime to thwart any potential anti-war impact, by retailing false inferences in the media—in particular that it was agreed that Assad should step down, and orchestrating denials and objections by Syrian opposition elements.

    The US and Russia are on a collision course, Pushkov warned. “We are again witnessing a collision. On the one hand we can see the United States and the so-called Friends of Syria who want Assad to resign. On the other, Russia and China are seeking an immediate end to the violence and the earliest possible beginning of talks between the Syrian government and opposition.”
    Pushkov referred to the case of Libya as having similarities to what is happening now. There were differing interpretations of UN Security Council Resolution 1973 on Libya, which eventuated in NATO resorting to military action there.

    Isn’t it obvious to the reader who the real blood thirsty Barbarians are?

  6. The world should sit up and ask:

    Why is the US controlling the UK? It has emerged in recent weeks that two leading defence ‘experts’ have said that an independent Scotland would be at risk from a 9/11-style terrorist attack because it would not be able to afford the best kind of fighter jets.

    Colonel Stuart Crawford and Professor Malcolm Chalmers told the defence select committee in the UK that an independent Scotland would probably use cheap Hawk aircraft.
    A British defence expert has told British MPs that the US government would exert “immense pressure” on an independent Scotland to stop it from removing Britain’s nuclear submarines to England.

    Retired Lt Col Stuart Crawford told the Commons Defence Committee that any attempt to remove Britain’s nuclear submarines, which are based in Scotland, would be opposed by the USA.

    According to the diaries of Tony Blair adviser Alastair Campbell, George W. Bush seems to think that the USA controls Britain’s government and can topple its leaders when required.

    Peter Hitchens in the Mail:

    ‘George Bush threatened to topple former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith if he failed to back Tony Blair over the Iraq War, Alastair Campbell has claimed.

    Mr Campbell, who was No  10’s director of communications at the time, said the US President made the extraordinary threat during frantic diplomatic exchanges in the final hours before war in March 2003….

    Mr Campbell wrote: ‘Bush said they would make it clear to the Tories that if they moved to get rid of TB (tony blair) “we will get rid of them.” 
    Mr Campbell did not explain how an American President would contrive to remove a British Opposition leader.

    It fits very well with the true nature of the Anglo-American Unspecial Relationship, in the light of Bill Clinton’s decision to back the provisional IRA against the British government. A UN official, with the slip of the tongue, without meaning to, said that the WH regarded Britain as fundamentally no different from Serbia.

    Remember, New Zealand’s former PM David Lange said the US threatened to kill him?

    And this is the Continent that thinks that has God’s blessings? America is Satan’s Land. The world should pray for the destruction and demise of SATAN America. The sooner, the better.

    What say you, Amerikaners?

  7. Isn’t it obvious to the reader who the real blood thirsty Barbarians are?

    NO, America is still a wonderful place to be. Most certainly. Our sweet ol Justice Roberts just meant what was best for the American people with his Commie Care approval, he is SO happy, which is why he fled to Malta.

    Whites are not being murdered, raped, robbed, and illegals are peachy darlings. Liberals are big sweet-hearts who only want what is best for the late-great USA. There are no welfare slobs here, and our children are WONDERFUL. It is the 4th of July today and we are a FREE nation.

    Cant you see this is OBVIOUS, QV?

  8. America’s Satanic Whore Hitlery Rotten (she truly is!) Clinton DEMAND that Russia and China pay the price for “blockading” the Syrian peace process may lead to more global strife.

    Will opposition to US policy now equate to supporting tyranny and evil?

    ¬On Friday, Friends of Syria sought ways to press a transition plan on official Damascus. Assad regime officials forming a unity government with the opposition to lead the Arab country to presidential elections had been a key outcome of global talks in Geneva the previous week.
    In a sudden turn, US Secretary of State Hitlery Clinton pounced on Moscow and Beijing for “holding up progress” in the Syrian crisis. Clinton urged the 100-plus nations gathered in Paris to make it clear to Russia and China that the two will “pay a price” for supporting the Assad government.
    Russia denied taking sides in the Syrian conflict, adding that the West is operating within an “outmoded” friend-or-foe framework.
    The Geneva talks on Syria were largely viewed as a diplomatic breakthrough in the global peace effort that had been divided by Washington’s and Moscow’s approaches. Russia has been consistently talking of resolving the Syrian crisis through negations without foreign involvement, which was realized in the Geneva resolution.

    Mark Almond, a professor of international relations at Bilkent University in Turkey:
    “Mrs. Clinton is converting a regional problem, a crisis [among] Syria and its neighbors, into a potentially global problem,” Almond told RT. “Those countries that do not agree with every word of Mrs. Clinton are to be considered supporters of tyranny and enemies of good. This is creating a much more dangerous global answer.”
    Clinton’s recent statement seems to backtrack on the global consensus hammered out in Geneva. Still, it may prove to be even more significant than it appears.
    “This seeming turning-around would be bewildering, if there were a sense that the agreement which was reached last week was what Friends of Syria actually wanted to play out in the Arab country. This proves once again that from the outset of this crisis, the end goal was to remove Bashar Al-Assad and his government,” James Corbett, the editor of news website The Corbett Report, told RT.

    Moscow and Beijing have twice vetoed UN Security Council action on Syria, with Moscow opposing the one-sided rhetoric that made Assad the sole guilty party and source of violence in the country. Beijing insists that all opinions in the UNSC should be brought to common ratio before going to sanctions or military action.
    Russia said that western powers were PURPOSELY DISTORTING THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT to push for the removal of Assad.
    “Maybe Mrs. Clinton is simply speaking out of frustration at the fact that her policies have not yet achieved the goal of overthrowing Assad,” Professor Almond argued, adding that Clinton is known for using harsh rhetoric towards people she does not like.
    Before the Geneva talks, Clinton went through a tough round of preparatory negotiations with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Emerging from the closed doors, Lavrov tentatively spoke of a “feeling” that Clinton’s position had changed. Later, in Switzerland, experts hailed a victory for Russia’s diplomacy.
    “[In Paris,] Clinton went on to call on 60 other nations in the Friends of Syria group to join in on the action – to make China and Russia understand that they will feel some blowback for their actions towards Syria,” says Corbett. “This indicates the US does not have much diplomatic leverage to use directly against Russia and China.”
    Hitlery claimed that the agreement said Assad must leave office, whereas Moscow claims that the original accord made no allusion to the removal of the Syrian president.

    There was a clip of her on News. She looked horrifically Demonic. And I am not kidding. She looked so vicious and savage, not a human look at all. As if a demon had taken possession of her! She has been calling for sitting presidents to be killed by breaking all the norms, rules of law, and rules of her own religion. She threatened that China and Russia will “pay”. For what? For obstructing a profitable war for the Pentagon and their Evil Filth NATO? The American Satanic Whore has no shame. How could she? When she represents Satan America? Evil, Utterly Satanic America – you tom-tom to the entire world that you are fighting terrorism; you single out American Christians patriots a Terrorist Threat (refer to Homeland Security’s National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism in January 2012 released a report entitled Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States) aid, abet, arm, support, Al-Qaeda in Libya to topple Gadaffi, sit back and enjoy him being sodomised and murdered by your mercenaries; and now wish same for Assad. Who is the Evil Terrorist, O America? Which nation in the world should be NUKED out of existence? It is SATAN AMERICA!

    And I repeat: Two generations of the Assad regime have guaranteed secular rule in Syria, protecting Christians from discrimination and guaranteeing their rights.
    Already, Christians of every denomination in Syria are now hunted and in some cases, murdered, churches are burnt and looted by muslims. With Assad having FULL SUPPORT of Syrian Christians.
    Can you imagine what it would be like if the Sunnis take over? A Genocide is in the offing. Do you want that for Syria, Americans? Britons? Europeans?

    Will/Can America guarantee with Assad gone, Syria will be peaceful? That there won’t be a massacre of Syrian Christians?
    Libya has been COMPLETELY destroyed by FUKUS. Libyan innocents have been MURDERED by FUKUS. Libyan Wealth has been STOLEN by FUKUS. So, what guarantee can you show the rest of the world that Syria would not end up the same?
    Do you think the Turks want a long-running refugee problem on their border? The Lebanese are afraid of their own state becoming a battlefront in an intensifying Syrian civil war. The Jordanian regime, already unpopular at home, is also afraid of regional upheaval. The Saudis, even more so than the Jordanians, are terrified of the specter of a major Arab state crumbling — something they know is not out of the question for their dynasty of octogenarians now in its own tired, Brezhnevite phase.

    During Mubarak’s tenure as president, peace was kept with Israel for 30 years. Egyptian Copts , though under attack, were not threatened with genocide, as it is now. Thanks to the US. And tell me, American,
    Will God Bless America for murdering His children who worship Him and His Son? Can God Bless America? Do you expect God to Bless your nation that murders innocents and His Son’s people? Will God shower His blessings on FUKUS?

    Each citizen of FUKUS should examine their conscience and you will find the answer, within.
    Those who do not believe in God should contemplate why the West is literally, and I repeat, literally decaying, declining, dying with no light at the end of the dark tunnel. And today, BANKRUPT! Also, the very precise, exacting Law of Cause and Effect, as history shows, you reap what you sow.

    Is this the future you have in mind for your grandchildren, O West?

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