Charlie Brown Is a Racist…

Charlie Brown Is a Racist… This sums it up for American whites.

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  1. Charlie Brown ain’t a racist, hell, the little Peckerwood can’t even kick Lucy’s ass! Well, I couldn’t either but that’s not the point, he’s got a black friend he’s Racist Proof man?
    BTY I kinda like being a back woods toothless Redneck, that’s right, I’m a racist and damn well are proud of it! LOL

  2. I am bigoted… I dont hang with people ‘just because’. I rarely give anyone a chance with anything anymore.

  3. Bigotry has gotten a lot worse under this arse.

    Jerricho, The majority of rednecks are the heart of this country.

  4. Aw, You Mused me! LOL
    We Southerners have found out that all the wrongful profiling has actually paid off, as it has caused a reverse affect known as fear, and all the years of calling us dangerous racist and Lynch Mobsters has pretty much made many of the trouble makers to stay up North or to the West. So! We have to put up the air that we are racist bigoted rednecks in order for us to have relative peace? HAhahahaha, could be that we too are full of it?

    Mad Jewess, I bet your a butter cup under all that thistle weed! Hahahaha, just cause is all! ;9-)

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  6. What? I don’t remember this particular “Peanuts” comic ever being printed. Clever photoshop?

  7. Hahahahaha, And Charlie ain’t even a Southerner, Do Tell? Matter of fact, he’s from deep in Yankee land and we all damn well know that Yankees cannot be racist, no way, no how, notta gonna happen!

  8. Yea, it was,
    I like Charlie Brown. He’s a loving sort of fella, Kain mentioned he had never seen this before and it was photo shopped???
    I’ve seen it many years ago if not mistaken and my grand daughter has a disc with this theme song on it and the label is almost identical to the above pic of them dancing???
    Who was claiming him to be racist and is it because no black folks are in the video robbing and beating the shit out of white kids, hahahahaha, now that would balance things out I would dare to say.

  9. The European Union was founded on a LIE: the great LIE that it was only ever to be a democratic, free-trade institution, dedicated to the unity of Europe without affecting the individual national sovereignty of its constituents.
    The EU was set up to rip nations that joined it off their sovereignity and their entire wealth. Case in point: GREECE.
    Greece entire gold was taken over by Germany. Greece was deliberately crushed and bankrupted. For Greece is Orthodox Christianity.

    Germany is the Financial Controller of Europe.

    The EU comprises of mainly Roman Catholic nations. Behind it is the guiding hand of the wealthiest in the world – the Vatican. The eurozone was the idea of certain influential German elites. It was designed to achieve the very end that is clearly emerging as its result right now—the subservience of the weak to the strong. It is certainly by no mere coincidence that Germany will end up with the whole EU at its beck and call as its powerhouse economy benefits from the European Monetary Union policy of fixing exchange rates to bolster the German economy at the expense of all others. The Euro was designed to crush the nations that joined. PIIGS collapsed.
    PIIGS = Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain.

    The three leading powers in Europe—Germany, France and Italy—have all endorsed one singular candidate: the governor of the Italian central bank, Jesuit-trained Vatican supporter and head of the global financial regulatory authority the Financial Stability Board, Mario Draghi. Mario means war, warring, or warlike .The surname also intrigues—Draghi, meaning Dragon.

    The EU strengthen Germany’s Global Power. And the EU Think Tank touts Grand Imperial Vision.
    “Twenty years after the Maastricht Treaty, which was designed not just to integrate Europe but to contain the might of a united Germany, Berlin—and Mrs. Merkel—had effectively united Europe under its control, with Britain all but shut out.”

    Britain, “the silly witless dove” lost to Germany which will lead and dominate the coming United States of Europe.

    The US will follow Britain onto the heap of trashed ‘civilisations’. Most fitting, I say.

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    100% dead on it and the United States “Yankee Land” will eventually fall into this very trap to save herself. And it ‘s exactly why the house and senate have done nothing to slow Obama down. They want empowerment, they want a grovelling Nation of idiots who have no problem with surrendering themselves to them and that makes them the most dangerous of all because it effects everyone…The passiveness and slumbering fools who do nothing are just as dangerous if not more. I have quite a few friends in Britain who are upset that they have no means to defend themselves as we do here state side. But they allowed their government to disarm them with but a few countering “protesting” the invasion of their rights. Imagine watching people being killed around you and all you have in hand is a damn steak knife??? I brag allot about my South, but I love that we have taken steps to shore up our rights, for every illegal bill and executive order Obama has signed, we have as South Carolinian’s, as well as other Southern states, were allowed a vote to strengthen our laws protecting us and our sovereignty against Obama. We don’t play by the same rules down here in the South and this is mostly because of the embedded hate and biases towards us from our Yankee Doodle neighbors and those in our government who are turning their states into mini-me micro states that resemble Britain and the rest of the EU?
    We are even allowed to vote on any tax increases and you know, in most instances we vote “Aye” for the small increases because we know where our money is going, whether it’s a penny or nickle tax, we as citizens get to vote for or against them, and we too, are protected from the damn Union & Feds by the bills and laws we again as citizens are allowed to vote on, just as was intended by our founding fathers. In other words, we are our own here in the South and I pray it stays that way.
    As the Jewess once said to me, we would have been better off had the South won and became indeed true to our sovereignty “separate ruling states” from the Union as was intended by our Constitution and Bill of Rights
    Great article Jewess, thank you..

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