CO FIRES: Our Asshat, Usurper, “Prez” Hussein Obama Hasn’t Even Talked To Colorado Gov In 15 Days

CO FIRES: Our Asshat, Usurper, “Prez” Hussein Obama Hasn’t Even Talked To Colorado Gov In 15 Days… Why should he? He only cares about his own over-weaning ego.  Obama is a narcissistic, psychopathic, illegal piece of SHIT.  GET LOST HUSSEIN, GO BACK TO KENYA…They probably hate your ugly ass there, too.   Nobody likes this son-of-a-bitch…Except black-liberal wackjobs, illegal-occupiers and dumbass left-wing Jewish idiots.   What did the idiot-Obama do today?   Sign an executive order that said; “DO NOT CALL OR HELP COLORADO?”

  Look at these burning inferno fires: See for yourself.   Pray for people that DO fear the LORD in Colorado…For their safety and lives, because the FRAUD in the White House sure does not give a damn….

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  1. a wonderful video about Putin’s trip to Israel…


    This is how it is in the Orthodox churches in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia .
    . Very wonderful places and very very embedded with the presence of God…

    Putin attends church every Sunday in Moscow to pray along with his people.

  2. When Russia is attacked by islamic terrorists, or when there is a disaster, Putin is right there on the job.

    When China had its terrible floods a couple of years back, Premier Wen was there , thanking, praising, encouraging the Chinese Army to save as many as possible.

    But then, our region is considered to be NOT ‘democracy, human rights”.

    We are happy with that.

    We see how wonderful America’s ‘democracy ‘human rights’ is with the behaviour of their ‘democracy’ ‘human rights’ president.

    BTW, are Coloradans mainly White? If so, then we understand.

  3. QV, Obama would know what to do if he had to kneel and pray he can bow with no problem. I hope he is tough on the muslims in his country for his peoples safety.

  4. BTW, are Coloradans mainly White? If so, then we understand.

    Yep, majority white. Figures.

  5. muse, what are you sayng? Obama on his knees to pray? Which god?
    tough on muslims? He has declared to muslims all over that it is “open season” to invade America.
    His country? Which? Where?

  6. QV, I shouldn’t have used the word kneel. What do they call it when the muslims so call pray?

    I have more faith in Putin getting rid of the muslims. We are a weak nation. We are a very, very sick nation. We are regressing.

    The muslims are free to be in the WH so it could start there. Or it could be where we least expect it one of the westerly states. Does it really matter where it starts? The end is up to God.

    Obama is worried about the election more that the citizens in CO. Wait until Chi town starts to burn!

  7. muse, muslims touch the ground with their heads , ass high up — to let out fart — so other muslims can smell it. They punish their Useful Idiots of the West that has flooded their country with these sub-humans to smell the fart too. Mosques spring up like mushrooms in the Useful Idiots West.
    In the whole of Moscow, there are only 4 mosques. When the muslims ask for another , or for extension of existing mosque, Russian officials haw, hum, for years and years.
    When Saudi Arabia that rolled out the red carpet for Putin, AFTER he massacred 100,000 muslims and razed Grozny to the ground, that SA would very much like a mosque built in Moscow, Putin gave his best, flashing smile and said: Why not? But, first let us build our Orthodox Church.
    End of story.

    [The muslims are free to be in the WH so it could start there]

    Really muse. Do drink an extra cup of coffee. The Muslim Brotherhood have taken CONTROL of the WH. And soon, ALL of America.
    If you must, PRAY hard for Psalm 83 to come to pass.

    If Chi town burns, then America pays, heavily. As they did when America crossed the Yala river and Chinese soldiers were killed in the Korean war . From 1954? onwards.

  8. I meant, Putin told the desert rat “king” installed by British arselicking muslim, Jew/Israel hating imbeciles that first, Russia should build its Orthodox Church in Saudi Arabia .

  9. QV, Thanks for visual and a laugh. Putin has the balls I wish our POS had. I see I have some reading to do. When he let those muslims and terrorists in the WH even the libs should have crapped in their pants.

  10. I’ve never seen this side of Putin. I really know so little about the man. I, honestly, had no idea.

  11. Really–you guys fall for Putin”s taquia. He is an evil possessed person under that skin. A dictator that will have a hook put in his jaw in the future to attack Israel. ” Thus sayest the Lord God, “Behold, I am agains’t you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.” Most bible prophecy students agree that Russia is Gog told of in Ezekiel. Putin is going to get his ass kicked when he aligns with Iran, Turkey and other muslim nations to attack Israel. Only 1/6 of his army will survive. Its coming sooner than you think!

  12. Thank you! I wanted to know!!!!
    Hey, Johnny, I have no problem at all being wrong or misinformed. This is where many of us learn…is on blogs. No one person can know everything!
    Again, Johnny, Thank you!

  13. So sorry to disappoint you johnny. It is the US that’s going to be destroyed, not Russia.
    it is not yet Magog’s turn. THE Antichrist has yet to show himself.
    Psalm 83 will take place soon. And it is your country that will join the Arab Confederacy to wipe Israel off the map. Not Russia.
    Please study your bible, carefully.

  14. here you go upace88.

    Presidential candidate Vladimir Putin has promised to make the protection of repressed Christians in foreign countries one of his foreign policy priorities if he becomes president again.

    While “christian” America is busy slaughtering Christians in the ME and FORBIDDING their chaplains from invokiing the name of Jesus. Is it any wonder why Satan so loves America and Americans?

    LBGT strictly forbidden in Russia.

    LBGT celebrated with much aplomb in America led by their wonderful Muslim Psychopath.

    Get real, Amerika.

  15. QV–your speculation is just speculation. You seem to have a soft spot spot for communist dictators. You are not all knowing just because MJ has a soft spot for you. I will monitor your errors!

  16. Johnny, Putin is an Orthodox Christian that stood up to the NWO and said Kqertu Mrnat
    Meaning “Fuck off”

  17. Not for a ways off, Johnny with Gog/Magog.
    First America is going down.

  18. Pauli–we have a difference of opinion on the timing of prophetic events. One thing is for certain, we are living in the end times right before the return of Jesus Christ. I have studied prophecy since I was a boy, my mother being my mentor. All things prophesied in the Bible will come true. Some already have with the rebirth of Israel as the greatest sign in modern times. Predicting the right sequence of events for the prophesies is problematic. I may be wrong or partially right but here is my scenario. The Magog war of Ezekiel will happen sometime in the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation, most likely brought on by Israel nuking Damascus, Syria for a poison gas attack. Russia and her Islamic partners will go in for the kill and will be decimated with only 1/6 of their army left to tuck tail and run. Putins Waterloo. With a destroyed Russian/Islamic powerbase, America will become the leader of the Revived Roman Empire with a 10 nation confederacy. Remember–America is a European nation, its descendants are mostly from Europe and after such a horrific sight of untold millions of corpse being buried for months, the people of earth will turn again to the man with all the answers and a deep soothing wonderful voice. Obama will take leadership of this New World order and command all citizens to take the RFID chip to buy and sell. Some parts of America will remain sovereign , but will have a tough go of it. Christians will slaughtered by the millions in Obama’s New World Order. “He will make war with the Saints”. There will be a truce between China(Kings of the East) and the Antichrist until the end of the Tribulation, when the Armageddon war commences. I too believe America is modern day Babylon with New York City as its capital. Jesus said this time will come on the earth as a snare. It will happen very quickly. Obama’s RFID chip is ready and waiting for the masses. Food stamp recipients,welfare. social security,medicare, pensions,ect all people will be required to take this mark to buy and sell. We are only months away from hell on earth. What is happening now is a mild preview.

  19. johnny, I am not going to waste time nor bandwith for someone who does not care to quote bible scriptures with his warped understanding of God’s prophecies. We are dealing with the Word of God. Do you understand that? I corrected, not for you, but for the readers who visit the site. Your latest comment to MJ reinforces you know NUTS about Bible Prophecies. What gibberish garbage have you written? With no Biblical scriptures? When the End Times is foretold by the Prophets in chronology and sequence? When it is your country that Bullied, Pressured and Forced Israel to give away the much won land to appease your filthy muslims in the ME? For peace?

    Your latest comment is inspired by Satan!! For Satan will not use Scripture! Every single sentence written is false, and against Bible Prophecy. Your America is Sodom & Gomorrah . And will be destroyed. You along with it, unless you humbly ask God to guide you to correct understanding of His Word.

    Dictators? Who has been MURDERING Unborn babies? Who has been Invading, Murdering Innocents and Plundering nations? If I were an American, I would hang down my head in Utter Shame!

    That I am more knowledgeable than you is evident. And that irks you — a jealous ,full of ego , bigot.

  20. QV, they approved Obamacare and Holder went down @ 5PM.

    We are weary! 😦

  21. Spellbound…so? Where are the Photo-Ops of him being courageous for those people? (Yes, sarcasm).

  22. upaces, you know where the Fraud was today, salivating over Roberts gift.
    trying to find out when the trip is scheduled.

  23. Found it, He is making his debut tomorrow. ( never let a crisis go to waste, I mean Photo Op) they are so UP his ass!

    President Obama will travel Friday to areas of Colorado devastated by wildfires, the White House announced Wednesday afternoon.

    The president has spoken with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and the mayor of Colorado Springs to get the latest developments and express his concern about the extent of the damage, the White House said in a statement.

    During his visit, he will “view the damage and thank the responders bravely battling the fire,” according to the statement.,0,2961906.story

  24. SB, I gave the link that one can avoid Obamacare.

    See how you can avoid it.

    And here’s another shocker. Forget about White Americans trying to defend themselves or their kind.

    And: Americans are Fed with Cattle that DIED fed on GM grass.

    Truly, America is controlled and Ruled by SATAN!!

  25. QV, ( I had to restart my computer, disc defragment. whoa.)
    TY for the links, Monsanto is going to be my next large post.
    just a crazy day.

  26. Monsanto is Murdering people everywhere. Focus on the Clintons . They are murdering Haitians with GM corn.

  27. And SB, both China and Russia are buying Bullion Gold as protection.

    Also, nervous investors are filling their safes with Cash and Gold.

    There’s talk of bank holidays coming. Keep cash. Plastics won’t work.

    Brace for September/October.

  28. Come on QV, he is a nice Christian calm down!! LOL

    I dont agree at all that Putin is the evil one. The evil one is the HNIC occupying the White House.
    The next one will be the one in Russia that turns on Israel.

  29. You know MJ, when the president of a nation ORDERS its military to honour LGBT, that nation is already in its last days.

    As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month,” said the president, “we remember the activists and advocates who refused to be treated like second-class citizens.” Panetta added: “And now after repeal [of the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy], you can be proud of serving your country and be proud of who you are when in uniform.”

    “It’s extremely disappointing to me that the Pentagon is celebrating today behavior that one year ago was a court-martial offense,” he laments. “The Pentagon is setting apart a category of military personnel that’s based on their sexual behavior.”
    The retired chaplain Col. Ron Crews (USA-Ret.) served as an Army chaplain for 28 year says Tuesday’s celebration illustrates the need to elect new leadership this fall. “We hope that people in this country are going to recognize the direction that this country is going and will say enough is enough,” he shares.

    Watch and puke.

  30. He might be christian. Albeit a confused one. And not a nice one at that. A jealous, petty, full of ego bigot. I do not read his asinine, inane comments. He shouldn’t mine.

  31. He is a sweet Christian man, QV.
    I dont think he has an ego at all.

    Anyway, I dont get angry when people disagree on prophecy. I just dont see Putin as the one that will go after Israel. I think the one after him will.

  32. Its ok to disagree Johnny.
    I also am pretty well read in prophecy. In fact, its all I am interested in for the most part.
    I dont think Putin is the one that will lead the brigade. I could be wrong.

    I KNOW we are in the end ages.

  33. Remember when they trashed Bush when he didnt call Louisiana for 2 days?

  34. I have studied prophecy since I was a boy and have knowledge from many prophecy teachers. QV writes some interesting thoughts but in no way does he have all the answers to Biblical prophecy. To be dogmatic on this subject is to be wrong. No one person has all the answers and right interpretations on Biblical prophecy. QV has such a hatred of America that he projects his thoughts into Biblical prophecy. Anybody that disagrees is slammed and ridiculed. Not a Christian attitude to my thinking. I study all the great prophecy teachers and weed out the ones that I find not of the word of God. Most are good men with a different twist on the end times. At this point in my life I find that Irvin Baxter of End Times Ministries is closer than most Biblical teachers in getting the prophecies right and in proper order. Some of these events we will not know until they happen. The Bible is my roadmap thru life and God has blessed me with happiness and wealth. Anytime I have strayed some of that happiness and wealth was taken away. I know God is watching and testing us all everyday. Peace QV.

  35. I dont have all of the answers to the Biblical prophecies as well, Johnny.
    I used to think that all prophecy would happen in ONE day, I was wrong.

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