Russian General: Chinese Warhead Arsenal TWICE As Large As US Estimates

Russian General: Chinese Warhead Arsenal TWICE As Large As US Estimates…The Szechuan Surprise

  Don’t say I have not warned you.  Since American men refuse to do anything to oust this foreign usurper and most of the house and senate, GOD will allow a huge invasion on our soil.  Its coming.  You asked for it.  God will NOT EVER tolerate a nation who allows men/men, women/women to sanctify their perversion through marriage. God will NOT EVER bless a nation that murders hundreds of thousands of babies every month.  Judgement needs to come.  It needs to come from GOD. Because MEN do NOTHING. Men now expect women to fight….physically….. with guns and blood.  Damned sickening.  I, as a woman, KNOW that I am not capable of battle.  But, ya’all come near me and mine, or my property… you sicko, perverted, debaucherous ‘liberals’ and you are dead.

I can hear the laughing and cackling of the satanic left…

I say; keep laughing. Laugh hard.  It is people who love God and his justice that will laugh in the end.  I will cry for JOY when we see your end……….

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  1. I hear you loud n clear, Bob.
    Prepare your kids for reality. Thats the best defense. If you can, come to AZ, high in the mountains.

  2. Nations of the East work quietly. Keeping things close to the chest. SB, I have been commenting of China beefing its military – both in artillery and manpower. China is the only nation in the world that has 2.5 million military for combat purposes. And 200,000 very well educated (some from the Ivy league colleges of America) in the Think Tank. The only one who paid real attention was MJ. No one commented on info provided.

    Just yesterday, US announced pompously no sanctions would be imposed on China for its determined trade with Iran. The countries where the US has its boots on its neck retreated (S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, ) begged for time. China, as usual, impervious, arrogant because the Chinese have a very rich Continuing Civilisation, inventors first, and besides the Israelis, no one has been able to match their intelligence skills in obtaining nuclear secrets, did not bother even to ask for dialogue with pompous, hypocrite US re sanctions. China merely did, what China always does best for country and people. While the US was busy harassing nations re Iran, China exploited the opportunity to scoop up energy and infrastructure projects. China hasn’t signed on to the sanctions regime – beyond the narrow nuclear, weapons of mass destruction and missile-related sanctions passed by the Security Council – and has declined to follow US sanctions guidance or, for that matter, weigh in with any national sanctions of its own.

    The Chinese conundrum has been a key headache for US strategy on Iran. Beijing’s resistance to playing the sanctions game has undercut US strategy both toward Tehran and Pyongyang.

    Take the case how China handled the Banco Delta Asia which was the US experiment against China on the issue of North Korea. In 2007, BDA was cut off from the US financial system on some extremely dubious charges concerning its purported role as a nexus for North Korea’s alleged efforts to launder the notorious “Supernote” counterfeits.

    One of the architects of the policy, David Asher, declared in congressional testimony that the purpose of the policy was “to kill the chicken in order to scare the monkeys”, the chicken being BDA and the monkeys being the People’s Bank of China, an important conduit for North Korea’s international financial transactions..

    It appears that China received a genuine scare from the BDA case, but dodged the FinCen bullet when North Korea fortuitously detonated an atomic bomb and the US hardline against Pyongyang collapsed in a fog of proliferation-related anxiety.

    The BDA case also collapsed in humiliation and disarray for the US (despite the solicitous efforts of the many US foreign policy journalists to protect it from the embarrassment that honest and accurate reporting would have inflicted) as the (relative) grown-ups led by former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice regained control of the Bush foreign policy apparatus from vice president Dick Cheney, former UN ambassador John Bolton and the cowboys.
    Much later, when Bush Jr. went to China with hat in hand for a 2 trillion loan, China laughed and politely showed him the way back home!

    When Obama took office, the commitment to financial coercion was not abandoned; it was improved and upgraded . Instead of financial sanctions implemented in secret star chamber proceedings on trumped-up charges under US domestic financial regulations by a cabal of ideologues enjoying privileged authority within the executive branch thanks to the support of the White House, the Obama administration went to congress and acquired the colour of law for coercion against nations that flouted US calls for financial sanctions.

    China decided it would play a finer game with the US. Thus, today, the key headache for the US is how to keep China from either exploiting Iranian opportunities to the detriment of loyal sanctioners, or alleviating Iranian misery to the extent that the regime can escape the threat of an economic, subversion, and sedition-fueled “Iranian summer” of regime change. China’s trade with Iran is in gold, in rial, in yuan, and in bartering.
    Since 2006, China has denominated its trade with Iran in euros, placing a significant degree of separation between itself and US sanctions, which rely on the nominal clearing of international dollar transactions through the Fed in the United States to enable implementation.
    Now, with the euro route foreclosed by the cutoff of Iranian banks from the European financial system, China’s trade with Iran, including its energy business has migrated to a barter, yuan, and/or gold basis. It’s a win-win for Iran and China, and a big headach for the US and EU.

    Instead of China suffering, the EU that foolishly followed the US re sanctions on Iran now finds economic suicide has apparently become a way of life, when it went the whole hog and banned Iranian energy imports entirely despite the reliance of weak sisters Greece, Italy, and Spain on Iranian imports.

    According to the South China Morning Post, bilateral Sino-Iranian trade grew from $2.5 billion in 2000 to $29.3 billion in 2010, and is expected to reach $50 billion by 2015.

    Also, Iran will be able to convert some of its yuan holdings to Russian rubles, Indian rupees or Brazilian pesos through Chinese good offices, thereby easing some more of its foreign-trade related headaches and the sanctions-related heartaches of its trading partner.

    The bad news for the US is that China is not denominating its foreign trade in yuan just to deal with the Iran situation and threats of US sanctions.

    China has concluded swap agreements with Brazil, Australia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates that enable them to conduct significant chunks of their bilateral trade in their local currencies without reference to the US dollar. Russia-China trade is already normalized on a ruble to yuan basis. Japan is considering a swap agreement with China. Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank estimates that China will soon be settling half of its international trade in non-US currencies, making the yuan the number three international currency in the world

    In sum, sidelining Iran from dollar transactions plays into the hands of China, which is looking to reduce its dollar exposure and fortuitously discovers a significant trading partner, Iran, which has no choice but to start denominating a significant amount of its energy exports in yuan.

    China’s master plan for internationalizing its currency involves setting up bilateral swap arrangements with its major trading partners.

    Faced with the reality of a dollar hobbled by an overextended and gridlocked federal government, and the opportunities offered by a yuan whose undervaluation may be a significant geostrategic as well as economic asset, even US allies have entered into swap agreements with China.

    Both China and Russia are fully aware that US geopolitical thinkers are looking beyond their success in sowing misery among the regimes and citizens of Iran and Syria and are asking themselves what happens if their half-measures fail to crush these states and replace them with new outfits eager to turn their loyalties and resources to the West?
    Recognizing that sanctions, in the most important cases of Iraq, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Iran have yet to destroy an anti-Western regime unless followed up by decisive military action.

    Mao said; “Politics is war without bloodshed, War is politics with bloodshed”
    Both Mao and Machiavelli see War as a branch of politics.

    And both China and Russia are ready for the US.

    It should be noted that China’s long-term strategy is to possess the world’s primary sea gates in order to dominate control of the world’s sea trade. China has largely accomplished the first goal, and is now busy building new port facilities, and further developing those that exist, at strategic locations around the world in preparation for fulfilling the second goal.
    According to Stratfor, “China’s intrusion into the area by building ports at Gwadar in Pakistan, in Myanmar and now possibly in Bangladesh irks New Delhi. Thus, it is no coincidence that the exact area of the U.S.-Sri Lankan exercises is Hambantota, the very harbor that China announced it would begin developing for Colombo in 2005. … Hutchison Ports Holdings [is also planning to] commence operations on port projects at Mumbai and Chennai”

    The entire region knows that China will eventually win out in this great contest for supremacy on the high seas.

    As months go by, the western world should accept that Eurasia will take over. The US is on the way out. Everyone knows that, except those who bury their heads in the Bog of Denial . We hope the American military planners remain smug and blind!

  3. Do not blame China. Obama announced that the US military was going to shift to the Asia Pacific region. The ME be damned. China does what it always does. Protect its country, interests, and people.
    If any nation is to be blamed, blame the imperialistic war hound — the US.

    China is ready for battle in the high seas. It prepared its military months ago.

  4. Well, on a lighter note, QV-my husband is a pro-ping-pong player.
    He will open his garage to the Chinese. Our new govt.

  5. I have to go and lay down and sleep this flu off some more.
    I was very pissed off this am. Nobody reads my rants. They just want to hear about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
    I am at wits end.

  6. I understand how you feel MJ. You put in so much effort trying to wake Americans to reality and find 99% of heads prefer to bury their head in the Bog of Denial. They want only “feel good news” and a soothing lie than disturbing reality. And then look around in askance as 88 million are unemployed, tent cities sprouting like mushrooms, daily diet of green peas making them contribute to global warming. I did note that you used some info provided in your posts. You wre the only one.

    As you have flu, may I suggest boiling a 5 liter pot of pearl barley with half palm size ginger for at least one hour, drink a mug at a time, hot, with generous squeeze of lemon. No sugar. Lengthy naps in the day.

  7. A ping pong centre by David would see streams of young Chinese/Korean/Japanese/ and other Orientals stream in, and the ring of the till delightful music. Out here, in practically all Oriental cities, towns, and rural areas, ping pong games are betted on. Sometimes very heavy.
    Your centre should be located near Chi/Kor/Jap town. The rest (others) will follow as word gets around.

  8. QV, When I read MJ,rants, I just want to sign my name to it. I do work my ASS OFF Too!
    I do not write about celebrities. We have PROBLEMS. Everywhere.
    Doom and Gloom..
    I thought she was off singing. So I wrote 7 posts.
    Guess what we have N****** and Illegals to worry about first,
    Then the Fraud squatter in the WH.
    then line up the Chi Cons. Muslims with them.
    There is only so many posts you can write,
    Why there are fires in CO b/c they do not have enough fight the fires.

    It is the summer also, ppl are not at their computers.

    I will have to deal, I hope MJ feels better.
    peace, Donna

  9. SB, some of us know how you work your ass off. TMJ site is not the only one where comments showing people having genuine interest in the massive problems US is facing is simply not forthcoming. I do read the comments by Americans on some websites: the general drift is: its not happening where I am, so la la la. Umph…. figures, move on…..Why should I disturb my brains with such horrible news?……We ae Americns.s World superpower. We;ll give em Syrians/Chinks/Russkies a good licking……and life goes on in front of the idiot box with giant bowl of popcorn.
    like one nutcase commented: american patriots will gather and kick the chinese out…..weeks later, the blacks are savaging the whites and the loud mouth is strangely silent. American patriotism died a natural death. Whites hid under the bed. As blacks rape, rob, murder whites. don’t want to know. its not happening where i am. So??????

  10. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced at the annual Shangri-La Security Dialogue in Singapore in early June that the Pentagon would by 2020 base as much as 60% of its naval capacity – including six aircraft carrier battle groups – in the Asia-Pacific theater.

    China reacted. According to widely published defense theorist Yang Yi, “it is no longer possible for China to keep a low profile”.
    “When any country infringes upon our nation’s security and interests, we must stage a resolute self-defense,” Rear Admiral Yang told Xinhua News Agency in an interview. “Counter-attack measures [taken by Beijing] should be ‘of short duration, low cost and efficient’ – and leave no room for ambiguity or [undesirable] after-effects”. The usually hawkish Global Times, which is a subsidiary of the People’s Daily, said it all when it editorialized that for China to safeguard its national interests, “we must dare to defend our principles and have the courage to confront multiple countries simultaneously”.

    Supporting China’s stance is Brookings Analyst: China Justifiably Views Obama’s Pivot To Asia As A Threat.
    “China is increasingly anxious and concerned about U.S. strategic intentions toward China and the China-related utility of its military alliances in East Asia. For most Chinese, Americans and South Koreans cite the North Korea threat to justify the existence and strengthening of the military alliance…. The announcement of the U.S. pivot to Asia has intensified these suspicions and concerns…, its perceived meddling in South China Sea disputes and increasing deployments in the Asia Pacific, are seen as specific steps to counter China’s rise. The U.S.-R.O.K. alliance is an intrinsic element of this strategy (with or without the North Korea problem).
    “Hence, China’s logic regarding North Korea policy is clear: China will not help the U.S. and R.O.K. solve the North Korea problem or speed up a China-unfriendly resolution since China is next on the list.”
    That the US making a concerted effort to arm and train the Philippines’ military forces in order to build up the opposition to the Chinese in the South China Sea was duly noted byChina who did not take the bait knowing the US is trying to goad China into taking some kind of offensive action in the South China Sea. Kurt Campbell, the top American diplomat for East Asia claims that America has a national interest in the region. Campbell claims that the US has a vested interest in the (puke) ” peaceful” resolution of the dispute and the freedom of navigation in the region which is critical for world trade.
    However, it is also quite obvious to the region that the US is making an effort to counterbalance the Chinese presence in the region as a part of the West’s greater containment effort.
    The sooner the US and EU (more brains there) accept the reality that China can not and must not be Contained, the better for all concerned.

  11. Who said you wrote about celebrities, Donna?
    I was not talking about you.

    I know you work your ass off, who the hell said you didnt?

    I write my own rants, and nobody ELSE gives a damn.

    And, people are outside, at the beach in the summer.Meanwhile, we have 3 nations that are probably preparing to bomb us.
    Thats the reality and this is WHY I am sick of blogging. Because NOBODY gives a damn out there. Just whahhhh, vote Romney..

    People want to blast Muslims, 24-7. I HATE Islam, but they are NOT the bastards that took America down.

    Some chick out there on the sphere got invited to some founding fathers city, to sing or speak, or whatever at some convention-on independence day.
    America is NOT free and she is going to sing and talk about whatever.

    I AM a daughter of the American revolution and Seneca/Iroquois, (A NATIVE) and I am not invited ANYWHERE to sing or speak, because I am ‘too right wing.’ It is MY fathers country.

    So, I am pissed, plus not well with a flu.
    AND, the NO recognition here is disgusting.

    Let America BURN, these m’fkers dont deserve a country.

  12. Yeah, they are going to ‘kick China and Russias ass’….In their WET dreams.

    They are unfocused and immoral. Russia and China ARE focused AND moral. The morons need to read Sun Tsu. Dumbbells.

  13. David says he is prepared with his ping-pong tables should we be invaded. HE LOVES Ping-pong, that will be what saves us..
    It is the ODD things that can actually save..

  14. MJ, I wish you were here. I am trying to find a counter protest group. the OCCUPIERS will be squatting in Philadelphia for the next few days. right on Independence Hall. with all the tourists,
    BULL SHIT ( I wrote about it in Zimmerman)

    It is over 100 degrees here the past 4 and 7 days coming.

    It is a BIG THING around here. the 4th. You would be singing your ass off if you were here. I would get you a gigs! but you have to feel better.

    I wish you were here to protest with me. I always have my signs in the trunk of my car.
    I want a GOOD counter protest!

    I can just take the train over the bridge.

    will be in touch, charging the batteries in my camera.

    Love, Donna

  15. Funny the sport of ping-pong should come up. I am a self professed master–sort of–with no worthy competitors in my part of the world. I ordered a special made pen grip paddle by Butterfly back in the 70’s that I kept in perfect condition and still use it occasionally to humiliate my opponents-lol. I can see the fear in their eyes when I unzip the black paddle case and pull out my Beauty 1900 with Tackiness rubber. My wife and I still play ping-pong, its a great stress reliever and just fun.

  16. Donna, I dont do July 4th, not for many years. I consider it false, now.
    IF it was America like I knew America, than nothing would hold me back from singing.

  17. What is false about it? We broke away from England. True.
    I was born and raised in Philadelphia.
    Beautiful setting there.
    I celebrate the 4th of July!
    this saddens me. why can’t you do it for me?

  18. So we are going to sit here a write about Russia and China invading the US during the 4th of July?
    I am not, please do a post if not, I will, Will you place it up?
    I will have to copy some artistic posts b/c I cannot create like you.
    Do a polyvore?

  19. I WILL on the 4th!!
    But we are NOT a free nation anymore! What in the hell is there to ‘celebrate?’

  20. Donna, you cant be getting mad at me for the way “I” feel.
    You want to celebrate, thats up to you. I already know you have been patriotic.
    But I cannot celebrate “Independence” when this piece of SHIT in the W.H. is forcing DEPENDENCE on the govt.
    I just cant.
    So, dont be getting pissed off at me because that is how “I” feel.

  21. MJ, That was great video. Saddly it is true. If the US was smart, which our leaders aren’t, they would start enlarging our military. The problem with that is we have no money, except for freebies for the undeserving. Looked at some cave homes in Spain, not moving there for sure!

  22. No one tells it like MJ and SB! And of course QV. But I do not despair. If America goes down, the commie bastards and their minions who got us here will either starve (because they can’t feed themselves) or they’ll be hanged when the rest of us have nothing to lose.

  23. Thank you lance. We three appreciate it. A lot of research goes into disseminating our news/comments. Though some think it is “tonnes of info no one has time to read — the Elites way to control the masses — keep ‘em uninformed. Then spin the news. As history shows, spin achieves its maximum effect – and the intended result: a dumb, docile, non-thinking populace – ripe for exploiting, looting, and ready for tyranny. TSA for example.

  24. Why is Russian Military holding over 1,000 drills between June and October 2012 while Russian Navy does drills at Pearl Harbour?
    A group of Russia’s Pacific Fleet warships has arrived at the U.S. Pearl Harbor naval base to take part in the Rim of the Pacific international drills.
    “During their long voyage from Vladivostok to Pearl Harbor, the warships’ crews held several firing drills, successfully destroying all the targets,” First-Rank Captain Roman Martov said, on Saturday 30 June.
    The active phase of the drills will take place from July 11 through August 2 to involve 45 warships and support vessels from 22 countries, and also 100 combat aircraft and over 20,000 marines.The Russian navy sailors will for the first time take part in the international naval maneuvers that have been held since 1971.

  25. China says War is Imminent!
    As a result of US containment policies.

    Japan says more Chinese naval ships have been seen near Okinawa, with some staging drills involving unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) able to carry missiles and conduct surveillance that analysts say is crucial for China to expand its maritime power.
    The Joint Staff Office of the Japanese Defence Ministry said the country’s maritime defence force spotted three Chinese ships – two Type 054A multi-role warships and one Dongdiao 232 electronic surveillance ship – going through the Okinawa Miyako Strait on their way to the East China Sea.

    China Targets Pivot to Asia.

    The world must understand China has almost a billion Chinese Diaspora. Who will fight for China. Money talks. Money walks. Money wins wars.
    That’s why the Pentagon has always been hell-bent on wars.

    Don’t blame China or Russia. Look at the filth called leaders in the US.

  26. SB, your comment June 29, 2012 at 6:06 PM re China ‘s combat ready’ patrols in disputed South China Sea
    The Western media, mouthpiece of the US Pentagon, is up to its usual LIES . Iraq , Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Tunsia, Syria are all based on LIES. Translated into R2P.

    The China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) recently offered nine blocks in the South China Sea for joint exploration with foreign companies. Meanwhile, Hainan Province announced it would designate four areas around the Xisha Islands as cultural relics protection areas. These, together with the newly established city administration of Sansha, have been interpreted as new Chinese moves to reinforce its sovereignty over the South China Sea.

    However, China is not behaving aggressively in the South China Sea despite its absolute advantage in this region. Just take a look at Vietnam and the Philippines’ projects in the disputed waters where they’ve long begun oil and gas exploration, and one may understand how much restraint China has demonstrated.

    China has long proposed to set aside disputes and pursue joint development in this region. Nevertheless, Vietnam and the Philippines just ignored this and have adopted radical actions, which have led to the current scenario in the South China Sea.

    Countries like Vietnam, that has a 1000 year history of hostility with China, and the Philippines refuse to understand that China is capable of quickly changing the geopolitics in the South China Sea. Philippines and Vietnam have been for years,stealing the natural resources and oil in the south China sea which belongs to China.
    The US is a strategic player in this region, but it’s not a force that Vietnam and the Philippines can mobilize at will. That is the reality.
    The USA will make use of the Philippines and Vietnam as sacrificial lamps and pawns or cannon fodder to be used and then thrown away. The Philippines must note their history
    The USA also made use of Philippines in the 1900 period against Spain and then the US played out and betrayed the philippines after convincing the Philippines to allow US troops to go into the Philippines, and the US then colonised the Philippines for half a century and in the process,exterminated 16 % of the Philippine population.

    Since its maritime clashes with Vietnam in the 1970s, China has been pursuing a consistent stance on the issue. What’s changed is China’s pace to deal with the dynamics. China is not interested in being involved in frequent wrangles with Vietnam and the Philippines over the South China Sea, which is merely one of its core interests. As a great power, China has strategic concerns all over the Asia-Pacific region and even the world. But if Vietnam and the Philippines continue to provoke and go too far, they must be prepared to face strong countermeasures from China.
    China does cherish peace and stability in this region, but it will not solely undertake responsibilities that should have been taken by other countries. There is more than qualified evidence that China has demonstrated patience, not recklessness, over the islands. Long subject. Involves exclusive economic zones and natutical miles. Which would BORE readers.

    The ugly fact and truth is, the US can not and will not accept the rise of ANY nation. The rest of the world is ganging up on America. Americans should not be surprised when Americans or the country gets targeted for mass destruction in the near future.

  27. Another UGLY FACT that Americans better get used to.

    Bankrupt Britain opens its doors to Chinese investors. Sebastian Wood, Britain’s ambassador to China encourages China to put more investment in the UK, especially in infrastructure. “The investor can just go straight to the bank if they want to do business in Britain,” Wood said. “They do not need to go through the government. However, they can still ask the government for advice, support and help.”
    Whereas the US has threatened Britain with a Serbia solution Note the difference?

    Chinese business owners are expanding their operations by opening plants and factories in the US . The Federal minimum hourly wage in the US is $7.25. Chinese businessmen, however, are often willing to pay American workers more because they see eventual success in the larger picture of investment in the US. (See Investing in China) As the Chinese continue to expand their real estate holdings, construction companies are winning contracts for major projects in and around those sites. In 2010 alone, Chinese construction companies signed $1.04 billion worth of contracts with various US business partners and completed $836 million worth of projects in multiple states.

    It is the End of the American dream, and the Beginning of the Chinese dream.
    Get used to it.

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