When You Hear A Spanish Lady…

I'm Free!
I enjoyed crafting this poly.  Isnt she lovely? 
This mix-media made me think of a wonderful old song that Laurence Olivier sang to Vivien Leigh in 1937: “Fire Over England”. A movie about the Spanish Inquisition.  Olivier sang this with his own voice as did Leigh.  Wonderful old English song.  The great Flora Robson was Queen Elizabeth 1st in this movie, great actress, powerful performers.

17 thoughts on “When You Hear A Spanish Lady…

  1. I love your polys. Try as I might, I can never get them right to my eye. But I will keep trying. I think if you take that step and publish one, you will be better off. My thoughs dear.

  2. I do as well, but you can make them quickly. I take forever, and end up with crap. I’ll keep trying though. I enjoy seeing your creations. 🙂

  3. NO!!! These art ones take a little time, they are SAVED in drafts as I work on them 😉

  4. I have 6 or 7 drafts and they will always stay as drafts. I will take the plunge one day. I just have to get a vision and stick with it!

  5. I will tell you of these dances ( Spanish) with a click track, castanets.
    Capes and boleros, very difficult to perform. But I pulled it off.
    ( you had to sit and listen to the click tract to learn to use the castanets)

  6. MJ WTF did wordpress do to the blog again. This sucks, I hate it, can’t find the listing of new posts WTF?

  7. Dangnabit– was all set to make a comment on your post about traitors and saw you’d closed it off– Don’t get disgusted yet MJ, my ex hasn’t even gotten warmed up yet, the fat lady is a long way from singing– I was pretty disgusted yesterday, so I went and tormented a liberal blogger for a few minutes– she’d gloated a little, I replied- must have hurt her feelings, she didn’t post this morning

    You do put together some nice artwork

    Miss Muse, I’ve got some idea how you feel, every time I save as blog as a draft something changes before I get back and publish them- I think I’ve got a dozen I’m ready to toss in trash–

    SB I’m WP dot org. instead of WP dot com, I haven’t lost any through my host– My electric and cable company have managed to zap me several times

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  9. Grumpy, The fat woman won’t be singing for awhile. The lib must be in her freebie cave licking her wounds.

    I don’t know how many times that has happened. I will close a tab and crap by mistake I closed them all. I just talk to myself and them I am fine!

  10. Grumpy, my son is a ruby developer. University graduate. codes in java too.
    hates the wordpress thing.( can’t get him to help me figure plug in video out 😦 )
    He is working on something Hugh. a move site ( Free) and you can download torrents.
    he is getting an off shore host.
    It is almost at Beta testing.
    Will let you know, everyone say a prayer.

  11. Sony will eventually try and sue him, they all will. But that is what coders do for fun.

  12. I use this one to embed into posts Artiss YouTube Embed Profiles http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/youtube-embed/ and this one for extra video’s in the sidebar U Tube Channel http://blog.urosevic.net/wordpress/youtube-channel/#en

    Both are easy to use– the only drawback is they are limited to utube . Anything else I have to do the hard way– either a custom field or Html.. I think WP did something creative because I can’t seem to edit the size for HTML embeds anymore

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