Russian Military holding 1K drills btwn 06 &10/2012 while Russian Navy does drills at Pearl Harbor

Russian Military holding 1K drills btwn 06 &10/2012 while Russian Navy does drills at Pearl Harbor.

Though some think it is “tons of info no one has time to read“…the Elites way to control the masses: Keep ‘em uninformed. Then spin the news.  As history shows, spin achieves its maximum effect – and the intended result: a dumb, docile, non-thinking populace–ripe for exploiting, looting, and ready for tyranny.  TSA for example. Does this news below concern Americans in the least bit? I don’t think so. Americans are in a bog of denial and ignorance, ready to eat green peas.
‘A group of Russia’s Pacific Fleet warships has arrived at the U.S. Pearl Harbor naval base to take part in the Rim of the Pacific international drills.
“During their long voyage from Vladivostok to Pearl Harbor, the warships’ crews held several firing drills, successfully destroying all the targets,” First-Rank Captain Roman Martov said, on Saturday 30 June.
The active phase of the drills will take place from July 11 through August 2 to involve 45 warships and support vessels from 22 countries, and also 100 combat aircraft and over 20,000 marines.The Russian navy sailors will for the first time take part in the international naval maneuvers that have been held since 1971.’ 
The rest: 

45 thoughts on “Russian Military holding 1K drills btwn 06 &10/2012 while Russian Navy does drills at Pearl Harbor

  1. You put up the same video I intended to do…this is NOT just any drill.
    Without any evidence, I have been sayin’ all along that he will have foreign troops on our soil to help him. He has stabbed Our Own Military in the back so many times, most o9f them would be fighting for U.S. Citizens rather than taking his orders.

  2. Our tradition of elections has been corrupted and negated by the false left/right paradigm,

    He is not right about that. It is truth that it is now Communists against Americans. WE didnt make it this way.

  3. No, we did not! AND, They don’t care that we know! THE SOB immediately made HIS little rule that Protests would not allowed to be uploaded on You Tube.

    One of two things is going to happen, they will succeed because the Military will wait too late to be able to do anything about it; or, the Military will stop it.

    My doubt comes in because the Military always works to do things thing right way, and it is my fear they will wait too late.
    It needs to be done NOW! Yes, before the elections. By then it will be too late.

  4. THE SOB immediately made HIS little rule that Protests would not allowed to be uploaded on You Tube.

    Where is this news?

  5. That was right after he got into office. Glenn Beck was still on Fox….remember when Beck had his huge rally? It was right after that!

  6. Upace88, I gave the alt-market info to muse yesterday. No reaction from readers.

    In these days of everything instant — from coffee to sex, most Americans have lost their attention span. And the spinners bank on that. Like a multi vite, info must be capsuled in one short para. Or it should be binned. Factor in one in five Americans can’t read is a huge bonus for the spinners as disinformation mangles real news, as these people rely on CNN, Cnbc, etc. Brainwashing is so easy, see?

  7. Read a report over a million people have no power due to severe thunderstorms from a bow echo that race across from Illinois all the way through Ohio and now its in the Washington DC area…
    In the UK, chemtrails are killing the islanders, slowly but surely.

    Hope you guys and gals are safe where you are.

  8. quote is taken from a speech Nikita Khrushchev made before the U.N. in the early years of the Cold War. “America will fall without a shot being fired. It will fall from within.”

  9. I didnt see that ALT article. Must be b/c I dont feel good.

    One thing though; “The false left right paradigm” is bullshit on that ALT.
    There ARE Commies and they want to murder Americans that hate them.
    I REFUSE to make ‘friends’ with these type people. They are at my gym, and they hate me, and I LOVE that 😀

  10. Is it AMERICA God is pissed off at OR the leaders?
    America includes people like you, your friends and family; me, my friends and family who have done nothing but work very hard to get the RIGHT people in the WH.

  11. Of course he is angry with the people, Upaces, remember, 67 million IDIOTS voted in HUSSEIN.

  12. That is what people were MADE to believe. HE DIDN’T get the nomination in the first place…Hillary did and was told to step aside.

    McCain/Palin actually won OVER Obama.

    I have that one in my files…everyone knew!
    McCain/Palin Actually won….,_2008

    From the AP in 2004: Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate
    Hmm…An AP story from 2004 entitled Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate has been discovered on by many sites (and twitter where I got this). Does this mean now that the AP is nothing but a bunch of birthers?
    Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.
    The Republican choice will become an instant underdog in the campaign for the seat of retiring Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald, since Obama held a wide lead even before the scandal broke.
    “I feel for him actually,” Obama told a Chicago TV station. “What he’s gone through over the last three days I think is something you wouldn’t wish on anybody.”
    The Republican state committee must now choose a replacement for Ryan, who had won in the primaries against seven contenders. Its task is complicated by the fact that Obama holds a comfortable lead in the polls and is widely regarded as a rising Democratic star.

  13. The Media did then what they are doing now by pushing Romney down our throats:

    2008 Election — VATICAN CALLS: Video: This Hoax Affects Everyone–RIGGED!!

    “Media Decides the Results in Advance-takes a “GUESS AS TO THE OUTCOME”. The entire thing is a Hoax

  14. Remember the scandal about ACORN employees as well as FELONS and others voting; dead people, etc.
    He did NOT win. He won by MASSIVE FRAUD.

  15. Upaces, we have allowed a FOREIGN person to rule us. Now, how can God be happy??
    MEN have done ZERO.
    I had ALL of these articles up here and have been following the birth cert scandal since 06/2008.

  16. “WE” did NOT allow it.
    Politicians who knew did. What I am trying to say and, I guess, doing it badly, is THE AMERICAN PEOPLE did NOT elect him. Have you seen the number of law suits against him? People, WE the PEOPLE, are trying to correct the situation. We are going about the the LEGAL way; and that is our weakness… a weakness which was once a strength.

    The majority of people did NOT know until way way into his presidency who and what he was/is. THE MEDIA KNEW ALL ALONG. Those in D.C. knew all along.

    Have you ever heard “My strength is my weakness and my WEAKNESS WILL become my strength”?
    What that means is, As Americans we do the right thing. We obey the laws, right?
    We voted and we “thought”(?) we lost..but we didn’t. We HAD NO FRAME OF REFERENCE in our history to expect this. I just watched a video of American Citizens jumping down the throats of a bunch of politicians DEMANDING to make it right!

    And, WE THE PEOPLE are working diligently to keep him off the ballots THE RIGHT WAY. That’s the problem, THE RIGHT WAY which WAS our strength is NOW Our WEAKNESS because we are playing against a corrupt, evil man along with those he has bought off or threatened….either way… The American People WANT him gone.

    Don’t think that is going to matter..AND I DO WANT TO BE WRONG. He has no intentions of leaving the WH.

  17. The ‘good men’ are good for mouthing threats on the keyboard. When ‘good men’ can’t take on black savages raping, murdering Americans, there are no ‘good men’. Only Craven Cretins. Who hide behind skirts. Or hide under the bed.

    Not even Veterans went on a march when their kind was assaulted and hospitalised.

    Who is safe in America?

  18. Who do YOU mean by “WE” let them do it? After WE found out, as citizens, What would you expect us to do to fix it?

  19. Illinois Man Stands up! “Let My People Go!” Criticizing House for Giving Obama all of the Power

    Look at the faces of the people he is yelling at…bored? Ignoring him?
    He was/is fed up but he cannot do it alone.

    I also have another video similar to this one. It will take the Military to straighten this out.

  20. lol, Okay, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours….
    I have video(s) newspapers articles where the Media knew; politicians knew; some Americans knew and tried to stop it. God SAW us trying with everything we had in us. SO, no, I do not feel responsible for him being in office.

    What, basically, in a small way is holding the individual voter as being part of the problem when they DIDN’T VOTE FOR HIM.
    I, honestly, thought you would have know that he did NOT get into office through VOTES. HE LOST! He did NOT win.

  21. Yes, we had this up 2 weeks ago.
    Well, WHERE is the military??!! they are saying ZERO as the bitch, Hillary is marching into Syria for NOTHING!

  22. “WE” did NOT allow it.

    We are not forcing them out, so we ARE allowing it.

    Of course I cannot go, just me by myself, but nobody in any ‘tea-party’ is going to demand his ouster AT the white house. WE most certainly ARE allowing him.

  23. Like I said, I am NOT on the need to know list. I am just an angry 66 yr old woman doing everything I can; encouraging everyone I know to keep the information going: write letters, send Fax’s, phone calls.
    Hell, I have 10 Tea Party Leaders in my list…and I DO give them hell!
    What ELSE do YOU want ME to do as one person?

  24. Most people on this sphere have this info, Upaces. God says get him the hell out. But so many American ‘patriots’ have told us ‘birthers’ to stfup!

  25. What ELSE do YOU want ME to do as one person?

    You ARE doing what you can.

  26. Okay, give me a step by step program of exactly HOW you want them to do it; and I will forward it to all of the Tea Parties.

  27. I am just an angry 66 yr old woman doing everything I can
    I know, I know.
    Younger ppl need to do something.
    We have done what we can.

  28. This also came over the AP wire…so the media is HEAVILY responsible for not letting the Public-at-large know about him:

    US Presidential Polls:Obama, McCain slug it out today


    WASHINGTON – Americans will today go to the polls to elect their next President with Democratic Party candidate, Senator Barack Obama largely favoured to win.

    The Kenyan-born Senator will, however, face a stiff competition from his Republican counterpart, John McCain who has taken the presidential battle to the finishing line with vigorous campaign strategies.

    The other candidates are Cynthia Mckinney (Green Party), Bob Barr (Libertarian Party), Chuk Baldwin (Constitution Party) and Ralph Nader who is running as an independent candidate.

    Aiming for a last-minute upset, Republican John McCain embarked on a grueling odyssey through seven swing states yesterday while Democrat Barack Obama was headed toward three long time GOP bastions that have become Democratic-learning battle grounds in the historic presidential contest.

    Obama, cruising comfortably ahead in national and many battle ground state polls, started his day with a late morning rally in Jacksonville, before heading to events in Virginia and North Carolina.

    His efforts are being buoyed by former presidential candidate, Al Gore, former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Senator Hillary Rodman Clinton, as well as other top democrats who have tightened their hold on the country with the aim of wrestling power from the Republicans, whose eight years in the White House have failed to produce the desired effects on majority of Americans as well as the economy.

    It is widely believed that the President George Bush administration had alienated a lot of Americans due to its unpopular war campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan where trillions of dollars which could have been used for the benefit of American people, were wasted.
    This belief, coupled with the present global financial crunch, according to political pundits, across the world, makes Obama the ideal presidential candidate for the White House


  29. Up: Do you think people are ready to go by the hundreds of thousands to arrest Obama?

  30. Personally? No, not the people. They are not trained; and they (meaning, HE) would see that coming. It must be done in the middle of the night by TRAINED people.

    Side bar: I was in the hospital almost 3 years ago right after he got into office… with two broken capillaries in my brain. I could NOT remember my daughter’s phone number to let her know where I was. I didn’t know what hospital I was in…
    BUT! when I awoke, the first thing I said was to the nurse “Is he dead yet?”
    During the last 3 months, I have had 3 dreams and all of them have been the same. I DID NOT share the dreams until two other friends of mine came to me by email to tell me what they dreamed. The dreams disturbed them too. They do NOT know each other. One lives in Wisconsin and the other in Florida.
    It was ALL the same dream. He is alone in bed and he is dead. There is this very strange black smoke covering him (similar to that in the movie Ghost)…but a stable smoke.

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  32. He is expecting Thousands…that is why he began building the FEMA camps right after he got into office.

  33. When a birther tells you to STFU, then you have your list handy of all of the damage he has done.
    YES, I do believe he is illegal and I keep asking the same question of my friends when they email me something the Sheriff is doing, etc. I asked them, “So? What do you think will happen when EVERYONE knows the truth? He will still be sitting in office because it is going to take a physical MOVE to remove him. NO one in D.C. is going to help us because they already know. He will have to be removed by force.

  34. Well, my hubby said when everyone is ready to place Osama Hussein under citizens arrest AT the white house, then we are there.
    ALL with large posters that say:


  35. I think one ;morning we will HEAR or WATCH it on TV about the big change in the WH.
    And, he will no longer be there at all!

    I will say good night and you have very sweet, peaceful dreams.

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