Update 4 PM~ARREST MURDERER HOLDER,Yet!? Holder Contempt Citation Passes in Bipartisan Vote? LIVE FEED

VIDEO: Protests As TRAITOROUS SCOTUS Upholds Health Reform communism-PATRIOTS Vs. communists

VIDEO: Protests As TRAITOROUS  SCOTUS Upholds Health Reform Communism-PATRIOTS Vs. communists… Isnt  it past-time for the overthrow of this tyrannical government?   This is no longer acceptable. We have to get rid of this whole government. MEN must do something now.  You cannot just sit and do zero. 


We are not supposed to be demanded to buy ANYTHING.

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Stocks Going Into Free Fall After TRAITOR BENEDICT ARNOLD “Judge” Roberts Sides With The COMMUNISTS


NEW YORK (AP) – Bank stocks led a sharp decline in early trading on Wall Street Thursday. JPMorgan Chase dropped after The New York Times reported that its trading loss could be $9 billion, much larger than the bank has acknowledged.




PRIVILEGED TO BE BLACK: Molotov Mitchell Mocks University’s White-Guilt Campaign

PRIVILEGED TO BE BLACK: Molotov Mitchell Mocks University’s White-Guilt Campaign.. You can ask almost ANY white person in Amerika of the racism directed at them, they all have a story about it.  I know all about it. Donna knows all about it. My whole family knows all about it.    The racism is directed at WHITE PEOPLE, now.   And has been for 30 years.   Serious racism; rapings, beatings, robbings, murder.  But, it is never a hate/racial-crime when a person of ‘color’ does it, because we are all  ‘oppressors.’  Bullshit.   Ya’all walk a mile in my shoes; Portugee-Jew, Iroquois/Aryan-Christian.  I was doomed at birth… 😀

BTW: I notice that the Black Panthers can threaten to murder ‘pink people’ and that’s OK.. Watch some Aryan Bro’hood say that shit about a black or a Mexican, he would be in the slammer by now. 


Cleopatra Jefferson…

Cleopatra Jefferson…  IF you want to laugh your ass off, this vid is funny…my husband is on the left. This is probably a 7 yr old video.   David Ben Moshe was formerly of the cable TV show in NYC…Hurry and watch it, they take these down ASAP…We dont want to hurt the sweet lib-blacks in AmeriKa…

CO FIRES: Our Asshat, Usurper, “Prez” Hussein Obama Hasn’t Even Talked To Colorado Gov In 15 Days

CO FIRES: Our Asshat, Usurper, “Prez” Hussein Obama Hasn’t Even Talked To Colorado Gov In 15 Days… Why should he? He only cares about his own over-weaning ego.  Obama is a narcissistic, psychopathic, illegal piece of SHIT.  GET LOST HUSSEIN, GO BACK TO KENYA…They probably hate your ugly ass there, too.   Nobody likes this son-of-a-bitch…Except black-liberal wackjobs, illegal-occupiers and dumbass left-wing Jewish idiots.   What did the idiot-Obama do today?   Sign an executive order that said; “DO NOT CALL OR HELP COLORADO?”

  Look at these burning inferno fires: See for yourself.   Pray for people that DO fear the LORD in Colorado…For their safety and lives, because the FRAUD in the White House sure does not give a damn….

Love Songs…

Endless Love

Air Supply – All Out Of Love:

LITTLE RIVER BAND – Reminiscing:

My all-time favorite..

The Spinners Working My Way Back To You Girl

(Sorry, my finger is still hurt, cant type much 😦  I made this collage, above for ya’all to enjoy.)

I can say this much, there are NO Love songs anymore.  Thanks to the recording industry who has turned beauty into ugly, violent, rap-crap. Shame on them.

Point Of No Redemption: White House Orders MILITARY To Celebrate “Gay” Pride Month-ABOMINATION

Point Of No Redemption: White House Orders MILITARY To Celebrate “Gay” Pride Month-ABOMINATION. By QV

America has reached the point of no return.  Yahveh will not ever bless a nation that is in direct defiance of his righteous laws.  What can Americans expect with a president that hung in the bath houses of Chicago?  Stay in your bog of denial and ignorance, Americans.  If this is what ‘human rights and democracy’ is all about, please keep it out of MY country, Thank you.