Michael Savage: NO Ban on ANY Guns- We Are Living Under A FASCIST/TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT

I am not going to dump on Savage because he is a passionate and emotional person and patriotic, but he is just WRONG.  

   … Savage, you are really letting this get to you with the CO Shooter.  You know that we are living under fascists.  Come on.. this show you did below is terrible.  I live in N. AZ and the more guns, the more powerful the guns, the LESS crime.  NOBODY possessed one firearm in that theater, which is WHY that happened. There was NO defense!!!!!!!!!!  THINK for heavens sakes. THINK.  The Repub/Commies are all for gun control.  If they take one, then its another gun, and another, etc… Until you have NO gun and are dead at the hands of evil tyrants.

Get a grip, man.

Noting that he is a gun owner, Savage went on to say that “the country has no right to allow any single individual, who is not a member of a police force, to buy a drum magazine.” Note use of the word “allow” – suggestive of privilege and not the right written into the Second Amendment.

We wrote to Savage last time (April 2009) he railed on “assault weapons” – trying to educate him but here he goes again, hardly championing gun rights. Our interim Communications manager Adam Taxin interviewed both L. Neil Smith (JPFO contributor and author) and Alan Korwin (Author, published and JPFO advisor) on this very subject. To listen to the sound files visit our Talkin’ to America page and listen to the measured responses.

Unofficial Reports: Al-Qaeda’s Chief Financier Prince Bandar Is Dead?

BY:  QV:

Unofficial Reports: Al-Qaeda’s Chief Financier Bandar Bush Is Dead 

I read muslim arselickers and the psychopaths that fill the American political landscape are in anguish.


Now, Syria will get a respite?


Short synopsis:

On Sunday, July 29, Voltaire Network reported that Prince Bandar bin Sultan is dead. He served as Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington from 1983 to 2005, and was just recently promoted to the head of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency. Apparently, he was killed from injuries suffered in a bomb blast on July 26.

Mother Refused To Put Her NORMAL Child On Psychotropics: Tanks Showed Up With Swat Teams

By Goldbud
  Mother refused to keep her normal child on psychotropic drugs .. resulted in SWAT teams and a TANK. Oh yeah, ply them with drugs; maybe they’ll turn out to be mass murderers, huh?
God ‘Bless’ America? 

Is the gay community declaring war against Christianity?

Written by an online email thread friend:
Calling Christians “bigots” and “haters,” simply because they hold onto the belief that traditional marriage is sacred and should not be redefined or reconstructed to conform to a small segment of society’s self-serving distorted perspective.
Gays are joining together with atheists and soliciting disaffected blacks and Hispanics as they try to portray Christians as their enemy. This is one more societal division that Obama can take credit for, in trying to impose gay marriage on society against the wishes of most people. Everywhere it’s been voted on, it’s been voted down.
The gay community uses a slippery slope, incremental, approach to conditioning and then imposing their narrow self-serving agenda upon society. First came the right to equal employment and other rational rights. Then came “Civil Unions;” and now they want gay marriage; even though Civil Unions met the criteria they were asking for.
Basically what they want is society to accept them and their lifestyle not just as human beings but as gay people. This is the rub; you can accept a person who is gay, you can like a person who is gay, you can love a person who is gay; but should you be forced to accept their gender confusion their heterophobia, their promiscuity and their imposed altering of society’s mores and traditions to accommodate their own self-serving interests?
Nick F

Rep Steve King Addresses Obama’s Eligibility: Says They Will Deal With It After Election

He should go join the Michelle Malkin brigade of denial birther gate.  Why deal with this after election? Why? What’s the reason? Give us a good reason.  We want a good justification.

 Most of us already know…

Whahhh, whahhh. whahhhhh. Most American dummies would rather DIE than be called a racist.



Leftists, Please Move To Baltimore: To Be LARGEST Sanctuary City For Illegals. We Will Sit Back & LOL At Your Demise

Calling All Liberal/Leftists… Here is a city you can move to, expeditiously You can wreck the place with your insanity and multi-cult craziness.  PLEASE move there.  If you need help, email us ASAP, we will sell what we have so that ALL left wingers will move to Baltimore. This is the answer to AmeriKa’s problems.  If ALL libs move to Baltimore, we will be safe from their fascism.  
Also: GOP or bust jerks– Please go with them.
Thank you.

Why Is The MSM Trying To Convince The Public That There Was Only ONE Shooter In CO Killing?

Listen to the evidence and decide for yourself.  They showed 2 pictures, remember?  Actually, I saw 5, all together.   They did the same exact thing with Milik Hasan Nidal. There were TWO shooters in that catastrophe as well.


1 shooter dead, 2 in custody at Fort Hood mass shooting  

Fort Hood – She heard there were two shooters; then five | WHAT  << 2 SHOOTERS!!!

2 shooters at Ft Hood – 2CoolFishing TWO SHOOTERS!!!

Army: One shooter killed, two in custody in deadly Fort Hood shooting