2 Plane Hijackers Beaten To Death By Passengers In China: That Is How You Handle Muslims

2 Plane Hijackers Beaten To Death By Passengers In China: That Is How You Handle Muslims.

These Muslims were stupid, they thought China is like America.   Here in America, we we don’t beat up Muslims.  Instead, we frisk 3 year old children and grandmothers in wheelchairs. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t allow Muslims on airplanes.  But, that’s just me.

Why would any sane person allow that on a plane???????
-David Ben Moshe

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  1. The Chinese do not put up with too much foolishness. They tend to shoot people for inconveniencing them or beat them to death in this case. Good riddance to the Islamic garbage no matter who took the trash out.

  2. Here are the facts. Not some inane comment.

    The six Uighur hijackers aged from 20 to 36, are from the city of Kashi, Hou Hanmin.
    The two died in hospital from injuries received in a fight with passengers and crew during the attempted hijacking of a Tianjin Airlines’ flight.

    Two other suspects, who reportedly mutilated themselves, are being treated in hotpisal in Hotan, said the region’s press office.

    The men were quickly subdued as they tried to break into the airplane’s cockpit with a crutch, and their attempt to ignite explosives was foiled, witnesses said.
    The flight had 92 passengers and nine crew members onboard, 10 of whom were injured.
    Six police officers were on the passenger list. Four of the officers were from Luopu county and two other were from Hotan.

    “Nearly all the officers are Uighur people, who took fast action after distracting the hijackers,”

    And who is behind this? Satan America and Satan Britain — noted for past Uighur uprising to destablise China. Three years ago, 19 Han Chinese policemen were murdered by the US/UK sponsored Uighur uprising. China meted out the exact punishment their police suffered. Which included hanging, shooting, and beheading. On the open street.

    Just like Tibet in beginning 2012. Who was responsible for the Tibet uprising? The Chinese intelligence services have long established a link between those who struggle in Tibet and the representatives of the CIA and MI6. For the West, the national issue is one of key moments in the growing strategy of containment of China. Tibet and Xinjiang are the main areas that foreign intelligence services are trying to use in this regard.
    China already has tightened security at all its airports while investigation on how the Uighurs managed to board the flight, is ongoing.

    It is expected. The West arselicks muslims. The East kills them. BUT we are not democracy human rights bullshit. Fuck you, Filthy US/UK.

    The Uighur Bitch Rebiya Kadeer, president of the so-called Uighur Congress, bankrolled by Britan and the US, claims Uighurs are discriminated. As she was. If so, Nirj Deva, a British member of the European Parliament, said he was confused as Kadeer’s personal experience ran counter to her accusations.
    “How is it possible for her to become one of the richest women in China if she has been discriminated? If her human rights were trampled, is it possible for her to become a member of the Chinese National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference, which is one of the highest bodies of China’s national assembly?” he asked.

    • Before going into exile and engaging in separatist activities abroad, Kadeer had made a fortune with her business empire and became a millionaire in Xinjiang. She was even listed as the eighth richest person in mainland China by Forbes in 1995. As a business mogul, she was elected to the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in the 1990s. To her claim the Chinese government had deprived the Uighurs of the right to learn their own language since the so-called occupation in 1949, either.
    “If the Uygur language is banned, how could Kadeer speak it so fluently today?” Nirj Deva said.
    Kadeer was born in 1951.
    Deva said the inability to differentiate between fundamental human rights and separatist-related violence was a cause for concern.
    Charles Tannock, another member of the European Parliament and a long-time critic of China’s human rights record, said Kadeer’s words were unfounded as well.
    Instead of being discriminated against, minority groups in China. including the Uighurs, were in fact enjoying preferential treatment, Tannock observed.
    While the Han majority could only have one child under the family planning policy, Uighurs were allowed to have a larger family and build thousands of mosques, the lawmaker explained. PLS NOTE!!!!
    Kadeer herself has 11 children.

    And last year, China pumped more than a billion $ to build hospitals, schools, create Small/Medium business, improve infrastructure in Xinjiang.
    The Europeans do not support separatists creating mayhem for secession of Xingiang. Europe is not at war with China. US/UK are!
    Defending the rights of minorities does not mean supporting violence incited by secessionists against legitimate Chinese authority in the province and against Han Chinese people,” Tannock said.
    Heidi Hautala, a Finnish lawmaker and chairwoman of the Human Rights Committee, stressed that she personally did not support separatists in China.
    Satan America and Satan Britain are hell bent in supporting terrorists as demonstrated in Libya, now in Syria. Because Satan America and Satan Britain are TERRORISTS.

    And it is up to the world to UNITE and do a R2P on these two domains of Satan.
    What say you?

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    Enjoy your trip and take care of your belongings.

  4. The Update on Uighurs/Terrorism. The Wes’ts irrefutable darlings. The West are such muslim arselickers! sigh!!

    In the wake of a recent plane hijacking attempt, the Party chief of the Xinjiang Ugyhur Autonomous Region urged soldiers to keep vigilant against hostile forces while overseeing a counter-terrorism drill ahead of the third anniversary of the July 5 riot.

    Zhang Chunxian, secretary of the Xinjiang regional committee asked the soldiers Wednesday (4TH jULY) to strike the separatists, extremists, and terrorists with “IRON FISTSs.”

    (Unlike the oh so democracy, human rights West that aid, abet, arm TERRORISTS to topple LEGITIMATE govts that do not invade other countries) PLEASE NOTE!!!!

    During the drill, soldiers demonstrated special skills such as climbing walls with their bare hands and shooting cardboard “terrorists” with a single shot without harming hostages, according to the regional government’s website.

    Within seconds, soldiers in dark uniforms and heavily armed broke into rooms on the fifth floor of a building to dispose of explosives and rescue hostages.

    They also showcased weapons, communications equipment, devices for security inspection and explosive disposal, as well as safety and transportation equipment.

    While commending the police forces for contributing to stability and public security in Xinjiang, Zhang said although the region’s overall situation remains stable and controllable, it still faces severe challenges and the basis of its stability is fragile.

    In recent years, terrorist attacks and violence in Xinjiang have been on the rise and MOST PROMINENTLY CONNECTED WITH OVERSEAS FORCES “, experts said.

    “From the timing of these terrorist activities, it seems that overseas separatist groups such as the World Uyghur Congress are closely related to the domestic attacks,” explained Li Wei, director of the Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations.

    The authorities have put great emphasis on building counter-terrorism forces in Xinjiang and they have played an important role, said Li.

    The Urumqi-based counter-terrorism forces were formed in the 1990s when separatists and religious extremists engaged in various terrorist activities such as explosions, assassinations and arson in the region.

    Li said that compared with the 1990s, there are more suicide terrorist attacks now.

    “Unlike remotely detonated bombs or poisoning, terrorists now attack in broad daylight and throw their own lives on the line,” said Li. “Therefore, the situation is more dangerous and more difficult, which requires the special forces to enhance their skills and capabilities, such as rapid response and intelligence collecting.”

    On July 5, 2009, Xinjiang saw the worst outbreak of violence in decades when riots incited by overseas groups broke out in Urumqi. Nearly 200 people were killed and about 1,700 injured.

    In the southern area of Hotan, 18 people attacked a local police station in July last year, killing three people and injuring two. Earlier last month, local police also cracked down on an illegal Koran teaching site that was holding 59 children.

    In the most recent case, six alleged terrorists carrying explosives attempted to hijack a plane from Hotan to Urumqi on June 29. The attempt was foiled by the passengers, several of whom were police officers.

    Xinjiang has listed fighting terrorism as one of its top priorities.

    Zhang said earlier that the main task of anti-terrorism work for this year entails setting a standard procedure for police confronting terrorist attackers, fighting resolutely against religious extremism, and boosting law enforcement personnel stationed in communities and villages, according to the the Xinhua News Agency.

    Xinjiang has also been boosting its police numbers. Since 2008, Xinjiang has recruited over 3,000 special police officers.

    Now, America, Britain, are the two nations that collaborate with Terrorists, preferably Muslim Terrorists, and pontificate to the world they are fighting “terrorism”. Anyone believe that?

  5. My site is not ever going to be positive @ this point in time.

    Jude 1:23
    And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire.

    YOU are coming under a DICTATORSHIP.

    Thats the facts.
    So, celebrate that 4th on DEPENDENCE day.

    I am sorry I apologized to you.

    As your most hated blogger, QV says;
    Eat your green peas.

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