Russia and Canada become Arctic allies? By QV

Russia and Canada become Arctic allies? By QV

Well, well, well. Here’s the latest.….!
Russia and Canada become Arctic allies?

There are voices of those who believe that Canada should be looking at Russia as a strategic ally in the Arctic region, especially in opposition to the U.S. The well-known author of “Who’s the owner of the Arctic?”, professor at the University of British Columbia Michael Byers published his article “Canada will help Russia’s Northern Sea Route” on June 9 in The Moscow Times. He wrote that the coast of the Arctic Ocean belongs mainly to Russia and Canada, and the attempts by others to change the status of the “inland waters” to the status of “international straits” should be strongly discouraged.

He wrote that it was time for the development of a joint Russian-Canadian position on the legal status of the Northern Sea Route and Northwest Passage – before it’s too late. The author believes that the main opponent is the United States. Indeed, the control over the North Sea brings Russia great profit, as any foreign vessel shall employ Russian support. With the retreat of Arctic sea ice this way may in the future become a major maritime trade route between Europe and Asia, as well as Europe and the West coast of America. The Russian president spoke about this. This is well understood by the Chinese, who have no relation to the Arctic, but purposefully send there one expedition after another. They have one goal – to make the legal relations in the Arctic similar to those in Antarctica, that is, international. Therefore, Byers is right in saying that Russia and Canada share the same approach on the legal status of the shelf – it is a sector-sectioned area by the surrounding countries.
In this regard, the report published on June 23 by the Canadian Ministry of Defense that analyzes “the decision of Russia to form two teams to protect their interests in the Arctic, as well as its ongoing investigation of the seabed in this region” very revealing. According to experts quoted by National Post, this action “does not pose a threat to Canada.”

Watch for the US to froth and foam and advance its strategic interests through transnational campaigns. Watch for Hitlery Rotten Clinton, the US whore, scream!


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  1. That seems like a natural fit. How easy we are making it for Russia to attack the US! Her cranium is filled with nothing but dust. The US is hell bent on trashing our so called friends, and our so called friends are taking care of their citizens while our POS is killing us.

  2. Russia, China, N Korea.
    Get a ping-pong table, offer it to the Chinese when they get here, they might save you.

  3. Many westerm observers presented it in the press as a provocation by Russia in the Arctic, but there are no serious causes for alarm. Russia has the right to deploy its troops anywhere on its territory. The Hypocrisy of the West! Stinks!

    Canada is also planning to increase the military power in the region. The government of Stephen Harper first presented its project of the Arctic military development program in 2007. “Canada has a choice when it comes to protecting its sovereignty in the Arctic. We will either use it or lose”, the Prime Minister said at the time.

    Russia plans to build its first Arctic land Brigade by 2015, based in Murmansk, and by 2020 – 20 border crossing points, and give the Northern Fleet eight submarines of “Severodvinsk” class for the protection of the Northern Sea Route. “In the future, Arctic is a new theater of war. Therefore, the decision of the Russian leadership group to build a combat marine in the North is the right one,” said the former Inspector General of the Ministry of Defense Admiral Ivan Kapitanets.

  4. Ping pong tables to greet China.
    Crates of Vodka to greet Russia.
    Roast Pork and Kimchi (loads of it) to greet North Korea. Itching to blow America up.

  5. Hitlery shows her true colours. She looks MANIACAL. America has Lunatics in their government.

  6. Obastard still thinks he can sweet talk the muzzies.

    NO, he IS a Muslim. He does not intend to sweet-talk Muslims. He knows they are inwardly ravenous wolves like him.

  7. I’m not seeing much harm coming from this to Canada. We will have our military in the Arctic area so that others won’t be trying to claim our land as theirs…..If we must be working with Russia on this…so be it! We have pretty good relations with them. They haven’t been trying to tell Prime Minister Harper how to run Canada like Obama has been trying to do. Harper keeps telling obi to clean up his own back yard before starting on the one next door! Not exactly in those words…but you get my drift.

  8. Canada will make friends with the Russians. Canada in dire straights as well with their Muslim nuts. Obama is an EVIL person, and has people blinded all over the place here in this nation. Dont let him touch YOUR country, DEMAND he stay OUT of Canadian biz, else you will come under the same dictatorship as we are.

    I am so sickened by this whole govt in America, now that I have my flag upside down, outside as do my neighbors. My neighbor next door crying her gutts out and my friend from Philly called the other night crying really bad.

    😦 I can offer no comfort to anyone but to turn to the Bible and God. We have NO America anymore.

  9. Redneck, Obastard doesn’t see any problem with out southern border either. I wish all the leaders of the world would tell him to shut his pie hole. He is a disgrace to the world!

  10. He sees the problem, he LOVES the chaos.

    Anyway, all have a good day, I am outta here before I blow up the fking computer.

  11. And ooooh la la. Coudn’t get better!

    The Saudis are buying nuclear-capable ballistic missiles from…….CHINA!!

  12. I told my wife to not fret and reminded her of my ping pong tables.

  13. muse, the culprits responsible for the baby formula have lost all their wealth. I’m not sure if they had been executed for causing the deaths of China’s babies.
    do not underestimate China. The country a few days ago welcomed its spaceflight crew.
    The military replacement parts made for the US was poor. The US should have known better than to contract out to competitors. No fault of China, in the business sense.
    Besides, all over the United States, road and bridge projects are being outsourced to Chinese firms.
    Excerpt from an ABC article:
    In New York there is a $400 million renovation project on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge.
    In California, there is a $7.2 billion project to rebuild the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco and Oakland.
    In Alaska, there is a proposal for a $190 million bridge project.
    These projects sound like steps in the right direction, but much of the work is going to Chinese government-owned firms.
    “When we subsidise jobs in China, we’re not creating any wealth in the United States,” said Scott Paul, executive director for the Alliance for American Manufacturing.

  14. Forget about China or Russia destroying the US, muse. Your politicians and potus are doing that, very nicely. The American young have their futures destroyed with Unemployment. Eric Holder’s DOJ feels no obligation to enforce the law against armed New Black Panther thugs and blacks from attacking and murdering Whites in the process. He and his boss are stoking the Race War which will manifest in the bloodiest battle on the open streets, soon. And Whites would have to battle Obama’s Brownshirts as they break down the doors. It will be interesting to see if the US military will fire on its own people. And whether the Oath Keepers would be impartial and ready to battle for what they stand for.
    Already, the US police are treating Americans like Military threats. Ref. the Occupy movement where protestors were pepper sprayed. The police came armed with rifles, helmets, armor, and helicopters to evict unarmed protesters.
    The American sheeple surrendered, a long long time ago, muse. They are ready for slaughter and for the FEMA camps. The American sheeple elected a Marxist/Fascist Rule of Law to see to their doom, and to loss of country.

  15. Yes, QV…but I should celebrate July 4. Knowing all of this you have posted.

  16. Well, they may make things poorly, but at least they make it, b/c we sure dont

  17. It gets better!

    Russia Defense News: Russian Air Force To Take Part In USAF Red Flag Training Exercises

    Canada – July 5, 2012: Despite a cooling off in relations between Russia and NATO countries, neither party has refused taking part in joint military programs.

    One such program is the regular aerial combat training exercise of the US Air Force and its allies, called “Red Flag”. The next exercise is scheduled for October 2012.
    The Red Flag exercise is an advanced aerial combat exercise conducted in several cycles during the year. Besides Red Flag and Red Flag-Alaska, which mainly focus on fighter aerial combat, there are other cycles as well. For instance, the Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment (JEFX) – a large scale exercise for the headquarters of the US Air Force and its allies.

    There is also Jaded Thunder, which is a series of combat training exercises in the course of which pilots from the US Air Force, Naval, and Marine aviation learn to detect and identify ground targets, including those camouflaged as civilians or civilian objects in a congested urban area.

    Finally, there is MAFEX – Mobility Air Forces Exercises. These involve training transport aviation, where pilots learn how to interact using various communications and target detection devices as well as in the situation of a radio-electronic war.

    In spring of 2012 it became known that the Russian Air Force is to participate in the Red Flag training exercise in the fall of 2012 together with Americans. From 8 until 19 of October, Red Flag Air Combat Exercise 13-1 will be held at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada (the exercises are numbered in accordance with the fiscal years, and exercise in the fall will be number one in the 2013 fiscal year).

    Russia will get a chance this year to test its aircraft in realistic combat maneuvers with USAF aircraft. This chance is very important, since up until now the only Russian aircraft of the fourth generation which fought in a real combat situation against western aircraft has been the MIG -29, but the possibility of deploying it in the conditions of very specific wars of 1991 and 1999 was limited. Under such circumstances, the chance to test modernized Russian aircraft such as the SU -27 SM, SU-30M2, MIG -29SM and other strike aircraft – despite simulations, they are still against real western aircraft and pilots – is too attractive to be miss out on.

    Source: Toronto, Canada By DTN News ~ Defense-Technology New

  18. Well, they may make things poorly, but at least they make it, b/c we sure dont

    America Trusts China to make all its military spare parts!
    Watch for a missile to be fired and out pops a Chinese flag that says: Bang!

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