More Stupid Republican….Jackasses

McConnell Rips Obama administration’s bulling tactics..Wonderful! I remember Ali saying, that when Joe Frazier can trap an opponent against the ropes, he becomes the bravest ni-ger in America…
I can just see our boy, and Axelrod getting braver by the minute watching those mealy mouthed capons manning the wheelhouse on the Romney Titanic…
Contributed by db, The Lampoonist American
-David Ben Moshe

2 thoughts on “More Stupid Republican….Jackasses

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    Our elected Republicans have no want to of restrictive powers to govern by, they are enjoying their bloodletting amongst the conservative base. We have watered down the Conservative gene pool down so damn much that we’re seeing the resemblance and rising of the old Blue Dog Liberals in our elected officials. defeating Romney is the answer to staving this power harvest off, hopefully for another four or so elections…

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