Do You Think Romney Will Sound The Alarm Against Obama?

Do you think ROMNEY will sound the ALARM?
Do you think ROMNEY will Yell FIRE and go a rampage on FOX or where anybody with a pulse will listen and warn America about the domestic enemies of the Constitution/ the ones on the threshold of political Armageddon?
Do you think ROMNEY will Hold a press conference with all the Republican & Tea Party member of the House of Representatives and lay it on the line about that murdering son of a bitch in the WH?
Nooooooooooo, Obama is just a good guy patriot who is just misguided with a list of failed policies on the economy.” It’s about the economy stupid…it’s about the latest job figures…Right Romney? You chicken-shit punk..
db c. 2012 

19 thoughts on “Do You Think Romney Will Sound The Alarm Against Obama?

  1. Our friend wrote it, he is brilliant.
    I know–these politicians are the WORST EVER!

  2. I agree once again about Newt, although I liked Santorum, too. The truth is, I think that Paul Ryan has emerged as the intellectual and moral leader of the Republican Party. What do you think?

  3. I also like Rand Paul, Quiners. I dont know, they all scare the living daylights out of me. Paul Ryan is not only a nice man and sensible but smart. But, why do they have NO guts?
    We should be SCREAMING from the rooftops

  4. How can Mittens? He is the White Half of the Black Obama. When elected potus, Mittens will do exactly as Obama did, only more severely.

    America is a Cursed Nation. God’s Curse is so plain for all to see. Hence, the nation will have no decent, God-fearing man/woman to lead the nation, that He will soon destroy. As He did Sodom.
    Bet your bottom $$ on that. And I don’t say it lightly.

  5. Romney will NOT do squat! As far as ObamaCare, Romney stated:
    “ObamaCare is nothing to get all mad about.”
    While he says he doesn’t believe in the Dream Act, he runs an ad in Spanish.

    He ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT BE PRESIDENT. He stated his plans for an “Islamiic Charter School.” (Side Bar: There are also 54 Politicians in D.C. receiving $ from CAIR and other Muslims (Logan Act needs to be implemented here — Federal Crime to accept $$ from Foreign Countries).

    Yes, we are in trouble financially…however, that can be fixed!
    Having Muslims overrun our country is THEr Greatest Threat.
    The ONLY two people who understand that is Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman.
    And, what did the media do to Bachman…they made fun of her;
    Newt? Newt had his security team taken away and told to suspend his election… which left it wide open for Romney.

    The powers-that-be were pushing for Romney…it became so serious, that there were threats of physical violence against anyone who would NOT stand behind Romney.
    This man is much more stealth than Obama and is every bit as dangerous.

  6. I think Ryan has guts as does Gingrich. Romney’s track record suggests otherwise. My prayer, and I am praying hard, is that he surprises me. What is the choice? We know Obama would name Castro as his running mate if he was available.

  7. Tea Party Nation and many of us are hoping and praying for a Brokered Convention. Due to the Lawsuit between RNC and the Republican Party… it is wide open now. DO NOT and I will say it again…DO NOT believe for a minute that Romney IS the Candidate. HE IS NOT. They are running polls for his VP…. he HAS NOT WON all of the votes yet since the law suit.

    .Romney doesn’t have a lock on those 1144 delegates! His big wins in New Hampshire and Conneticut?….they are soft delegates…which means at the Convention on the first vote they aren’t locked in to vote for him and can vote for whoever else they want.

    Romney only has around 900 hard delegates! These are locked in for the first vote…but if he can’t get his 1144 votes at the convention on the first ballot…

    then on the second vote….the delegates are released and can vote for whoever!

    There still is a chance for a brokered convention and for Newt to be declared the nominee!!!

  8. There still is a chance for a brokered convention and for Newt to be declared the nominee!!!

    Romney acts SO WEAK that I wonder if he is doing it on purpose, Upaces??

  9. I, honestly, do NOT know how Romney is taking this. This is only a “guess.”
    IF I was Romney and I KNEW that someone like Newt was shoved aside so “I” could win…then the law suit was filed between the RNC and The Republican Party due to threats of violence if they didn’t vote for “me”…. you can take the conversation from there. Newt was, literally, given the boot to move out of the way FOR Romney (Globalist).
    He’s already been caught with the Fraud before. I am more interested in what “you” think…I may be adding up 1 + 1 = 5…

    Video: Romney—Trying to Win Our Future With Blood Money FRAUD

  10. that vid is private! WOW!

    We’ll see, Upaces.. But to be perfectly honest, we have to prepare for the worst and hope IN God only. Amen?

    I have to go. going to watch the “Portrait of Jennie”

    Shalom and t/c cya manana

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