An Eastern Voice: Do Not Vote Obama In Again. The World Hates Him

By QV:

The majority of us give a damn what happens to America and Americans. A people deserve the government they get.

But when the U.S. becomes a THREAT to our part of the world, then, we rightly are concerned that the Psychopath’s re-election spells Cold War in a region that had peace and harmony based on a consensus of dialogue , habits of cooperation , and non-domination .
The US has caused millions of deaths in Vietnam and Cambodia, turned Thailand into its R & R brothel, and left a trail of horrendous destruction. Millions in Cambodia and Laos are still recovering from the US inflicted wars 40 years ago. Thousands are still getting their limbs blown off from the very generous US mines. With thousands more dead. For what? And you can sit down to your meal and eat in peace knowing your country caused this suffering, Americans? And say your prayers, and expect God to Bless America?

That’s rich!

5 thoughts on “An Eastern Voice: Do Not Vote Obama In Again. The World Hates Him

  1. Americans want to take care of their stomachs, even if its just green peas.
    We understand that.

    We also understand the Guilt Americans suffer, and that they prefer Cowardice to Facts. Their leaders can’t face Facts either.

    A Continent of Sheeple.

    Just nice for the Chinese and the Russkies when they take control of Continent and sheeple. not long now.

  2. Americans, now impoverished, will elect Obama. Why?
    Didn’t you know?
    Their darling Nigger is calling for donors to forgo an expensive funeral and cremate loved ones which is much less costly and donate the difference to his reelection campaign. Yes, skip the casket, the grave sight, the burial vault and cremate your loved one to show how much you want Obama reelected. This is not a joke it is on his site and the above picture is from the official Obama reelection site.

    Never mind. Welcome to the Buddhist method of doing away with the mortal remains of a departed who takes re-birth depending on his karma.

  3. This is particularly addressed to America’s holier than anyone and everybody “Christians” who mock, sneer and spit on Russia.

    The Moscow Times reports: The Russian Orthodox Church is going to challenge in court a ban on wearing crucifixes, which was recently introduced in the UK. Russian priests, together with Russian lawyers, intend to help two UK women who were recently fired from work for wearing crucifixes and refusing to take them off.

    The case of stewardess of The British Airways Nadia Eweida and nurse Shirley Chaplin is considered to be unprecedented by many people. Ms. Eweida and Ms. Chaplin have appealed to the Strasburg Court, calling their case a violation of freedom of religion.
    Earlier, the women tried to defend their rights in a British court. But while their case was being investigated, the UK authorities worked out a draft law which, in fact, allows employers to sack employees who do not conceal that they are Christians. Moreover, the UK authorities are going to defend their position

    “It sometimes looks like Europe’s secular authorities are trying to totally expel Christianity from Europe,” a representative of the Russian Patriarch’s Office in the Council of Europe Father Philip Ryabykh said in an interview with the Voice of Russia. “The Russian Orthodox Church cannot watch this without expressing its protest!”
    Unfortunately, this is not the only case when UK employers order their employees not to wear crucifixes.
    In an interview with the Voice of Russia, Father Mikhail Dudko, an Orthodox priest in London, said:
    “Recently, a woman from my parish told me that her boss had ordered her not to wear a crucifix. She said to him: “Please allow me to wear it. I will wear it under my clothes, and nobody will see it.” He said: “There is a law that prohibits wearing a crucifix at work. Please obey this law!” The woman preferred to resign from her job.”
    “This trend has appeared not only in the UK, but also in France and some other European countries,” Father Mikhail continues. “It resembles the persecution of religion after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.”

    Recently, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, in cooperation with experts from the Russian Institute of State-Confessional Relations, worked out a document which justifies the right of Christians to always wear crucifixes both from the legal and the theological points of view, and sent this document to the Strasburg Court for review

    SO! What say American “Christians” ?

  4. When American Christians pray; god bless America – they get this.

    RT: The White House has finally responded to criticism over US President Barack Obama’s hushed signing last week of an Executive Order that allows the government to command privately-owned communication systems and acknowledges its implications.
    When President Obama inked his name to the Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions Executive Order on July 6, he authorized the US Department of Homeland Security to take control of the country’s wired and wireless communications — including the Internet — in instances of emergency. The signing was accompanied with little to no acknowledgment outside of the White House, but initial reports on the order quickly caused the public to speak out over what some equated to creating an Oval Office kill switch for the Web. Now the Obama administration is addressing those complaints by calling the Executive Order a necessary implement for America’s national security.

    “The [order] recognizes the creation of DHS and provides the Secretary the flexibility to organize the communications systems and functions that reside within the department as [Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano] believes will be most effective,” White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden tells the Washington Post.

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