Vladamir Putin On Obama:

The Russian Prime Minister cares more for America than our own ‘President’.  No wonder he was sitting there staring at Obama.

Putin was thinking; ‘Nigga, are you fo real?’

-David Ben Moshe

“Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history,” said Putin. “President Obama and his fellow Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy.”

Vladamir Putin

21 thoughts on “Vladamir Putin On Obama:

  1. ha ha ha the president of socialist Russia thinks the ghetto monkey is a joke. So does America. But the ghetto monkey has millions of other monkeys backing him because he gives them lots of free stuff. Yep….just like halloween ….they make their trips to the white house with their BIG sack and he fills them up.

  2. Obama was paid by the Saudi’s to bring down America…how else could you bring in the Caliphate? The strongest country comes down…there is no one to defend the smaller countries from invasion…..
    Wonder how they will plan to do in Russia? Putin runs a socialist country but he is no fool…..pretty sad that even he sees the writing on the wall when it comes to Obama….why can’t most Americans?

  3. RW: In 2008, before the idiot had his coronation… I was on top of everything he did. The FEC closed off records and pretended they had an ‘adobe glitch’. Why? Because just about every $ that came in for Obama was a MUSLIM, and many from Dubai that donated to his campaign.

  4. mjdar….

    Yes…most of his campaign monies was from muslims.
    I have a very close source who spent 19 years in the Military…he talks to the active duty personel on a daily basis, a few of his old buddies also that now hold high positions in the Military and some International intelligence agencies….one of those agencies showed him a bank statement from a Saudi bank whereby Obama had been paid 38 billion dollars…..they concluded that it was payment to do the Saudi’s bidding in America.
    Obama did say he would be a one term President before…now he’s running for a second term…probably because he wasn’t able to totally have America fall to her knees and he needs the next four years to make good on his promise to the Saudis.

  5. now he’s running for a second term…probably because he wasn’t able to totally have America fall to her knees and he needs the next four years to make good on his promise to the Saudis.

    You know what? I still cant even believe that we have in a prez named Barack HUSSEIN Obama. WHAT IN THE F WERE PPL THINKING

  6. mjdar….

    To be honest…I don’t think they were thinking! I knew in my gut that he was bad news. I decided to watch the debates for the Democrat Primaries….I heard his voice and saw his face and the hair on my neck stood up..I got goosebumps and chills…the words out of my mouth were ” OMG…America is going to vote the anti-christ in for President”! My hubby laughed and said I was being a drama queen, LOL!….sure enough….they voted him in…the resident evil in the WH!…..I was so hoping my prediction was wrong! I started blogging then to find out all I could about him….met some really good people because of it…that’s the only thing good that has happened because of him.

  7. Under Vladimir Putin since he took the reins of government from drunken Boris Yeltsin after traitor Gorbachev had to flee Moscow and arselick his American and British masters.

    Russia is booming.

    Russian heavy industry, flush with internal and external orders, is backed up from 12-18 months, working 3 shifts 7 days a week. Stop and think about that. Metallurgists, industrial engineers, mechnical engineers, electrical engineers are in extremely short supply. Russia IT is huge, growing faster than anywhere else, with hundreds of millions in US and British venture capital flooding in in the past 2 years alone, along side with native Russian capital. Every major IT corporation is here. Microsoft, Intel, Sony, Samsung, Electronic Arts, Google, NVideo and hundreds of others, big and small, as well as the dozens on dozens of native companies

    Anything dealing with IT is in critically short supply. Infrastructural investment, both grand government projects, big business construction and private homes and villas is skyrocketing. Civil engineers, architects, builders are in critically short supply. Business is growing, expanding and modernizing, with critical, well trained, leadership in very very short supply.

    Russia, 2 years ago, implimented a Highly Trained Specialist visa, a 3 year work visa that requires: 1. a minimum yearly salary of 1,920,000R or $60,000 per year and 2. medical insurance and 3. a technical or leadership role.

    What is the unemployment rate and would anyone hire me? Well, nation wide, the unemployment rate is hovering at 6%. For technical specialists its less than 4%. In Moscow and the surrounding areas, its 1%! I have had an opening to replace a fired manager, open for 4 months now. Pay is competitive, English language is a must.

    Is it safe? Well, compared to last year’s murder rates on the metro system of Moscow and that of London (London’s system is less than half the size of Moscow’s .
    Moscow had 11 murders. London, with half the population, 33. NYC higher.

    The British, since 2003 have led the way in immigrating to Russia to farm. British farms are chuck full of bureaucracy and control and tiny parcels, while in Russia, they have been able to work their farms without nearly the same level of government interference and in comparison to a 250 hectare British farm, there are average farms of 3,000 hectares.

    Scottish Farmers Eye New Pastures in Russia

    Turning Russia’s Rich Soil Into Riches

    Milking Russia: Love it or Love Money

    Russia offers a sanctuary from gay marriages, gay history months, orgy in the class rooms, no discipline do what you want environment of the modern US/UK.
    As a country, Russia is rather more conservative, through no lack of counter effort by the Western liberals, gays and other subversive efforts. The country is primarily Orthodox Christian, with a 1,000 year tradition of Christianity. No, Russians are not looking to convert to one of the tens of thousands of US protestant denominations, sects or cults. What they do offer, is our own rich and humble faith, grown directly out of the very words and actions of the Apostles who under the guidance of Christ created the Orthodox Church.

    The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.” (II Samuel 23:3 KJV)

    That, one sees in Russia . Putin revived the Orthodox Church and restored Christian worship.

    LBGTs please keep away. Russians do not want your filth, nor your evil. Keep it safe in your Satan America.

    And, Amerikaners, what has your darling Nigger Obama done for you and your country? Carry on listening to LIES about Russia. You’ll soon be poorer than Cambodia.

    Which brings to mind, Commenter Johnny would defend Satan America as he castigated that Putin would have his ass kicked. We see it is Americans who get their ass kicked, on a daily basis, by their darling Nigger Obama.

    Enjoy your green peas.

  8. QV….

    I read a blog a bit ago that had Canada doing an agreement with Russia about the Artci region. People were geting upset with Canada! They were saying that Russia was going to take over Canada and her sovereignty. I laughed at them! Russia and Canada did the agreement to keep out America from coming in and claiming the Artic…the Artic is Canadian. Russia and Canada are both going to protect the area and Russia has been given some rights to use the Artic. Canada has no problems with Russia.

    Americans are so worried about Russia and China coming in and taking over. Most can’t see that China already owns America. Obama borrowed huge amounts of monies and can’t repay it….China is taking land parcels for payment. Putin just laughs at how weak Obama is and that the American people aren’t rising up in arms over it.

    BTW…how is the muslim infiltration in Russia? Are they being kept in check?

  9. Americans are so worried about Russia and China coming in and taking over. Most can’t see that China already owns America. Obama borrowed huge amounts of monies and can’t repay it….China is taking land parcels for payment. Putin just laughs at how weak Obama is and that the American people aren’t rising up in arms over it.

    GOD!!!! There IS hope! We have been saying this all along, RW. People mocked, ridiculed, laughed at us. Well, they wont be laughing soon!!!
    Thank GOD that SOMEONE sees what we have been talking about!
    Now I can sleep.

    God bless.

  10. mjdar..

    Yep…been called names and a conspiracy theorist and worse!
    I think it’s easier for me to see what’s happening in America as I don’t have to live under the resident evil in the WH! I am not that emotionally involved…other than with friends and family I have in the States. It doesn’t hurt either that I have a good source of information ( a fella) whom tells me things that I am allowed to hear. If he can’t answer a question about something, I’m told that I’m not on his need to know list! If he told me…he’d have to get rid of the problem! LOL! I usually shut up then!

    Goodn-night, sleep well and God Bless you too! May God Bless America once again!

  11. May God Bless America once again!

    Aint gonna happen my friend. “Crossing the Rubicon”… We have gone so far off that America will not be blessed again.
    History shows that nations like Greece & Rome were empires. They forsook their first fruits and they are no longer empires, just small states.
    That is what is going to happen here.

    God wants repentance and WE blessing HIM.

    Yep…been called names and a conspiracy theorist and worse!

    Of course, the end age persecution that comes upon those that are telling the truth; good is evil, evil is good….And folks like you, Goldbug, QV ETC telling the truth are going to be blasted by satanic leftists and the devils kids.

  12. mjdar….

    I guess I’m hoping that our heavenly Father will forgive us our transgressions and our falling asleep while we were to be guarding the gates. Even Sodom and Gemorrah could have been spared if Lot had just found one amongst the many who still had the faith….

    Yes…we have begun into that time of end days. It will only get worse and we will be persecuted relentlessly for speaking truth. In a way it makes me sad but it also makes me happy….I know that I am on the right path when others feel the need to mock me or degrade me. Being called a liar really doesn’t matter when they can’t point out exactly what I said was wrong. I realize that most do not want to hear the truth because it scares them. They do not like seeing the reality. Calling me names is the only way they feel they can cope with the truth. That’s the sad part.

    Glad that my friend sent me to your site….I can rest for a bit, recoup and then go do battle against evil once again!

  13. RW: LOOK UP. Here is a song I love, you will love it too. Yes, we ARE in battle. In is only in the spirit right now. Soon, the whole earth will be filled with physical violence.

    Listen to these words:

  14. BTW…how is the muslim infiltration in Russia? Are they being kept in check

    Russia has a 300 year history of dealing with muslims. Look at the map. Surrounded by muslim nations. Putin is a master at playing Hudna.
    When he razed Grozny to the ground and 100,000 dead Chechens, the ‘king’ of Saudi Arabia rolled out the red carpet for him. Muslims RESPECT courage in the face of terrorism. America’s Bush got a slap . Muslims DETEST Craven Curs that populate the US, especially their leaders. All that arselicking comes to nought.

    Russia was killing muslim jihadists who have to fulfilll their satan’s doctrine of turning the whole world into dar ul islam. In Afghanistan. What does Satan America do? Its brains in the anus Jimmy Carter and the CIA set up the mujahideen to vanquish Russia. And watched in glee as their darling mujahideen tortured, and murdered captured Russian soldiers the islamic way: skin alive, sliver the body, and leave the body to the vultures hovering above. Today, the US suffers same in Afghanistan. Karma is a bitch!

    America demonstrated they are the world’s No. 1 Muslim arselickers since 9/11.

    Do I think the world will become muslim? Nah! Islam would be dead when Satan America’s darling 350 million muslims in the ME are “burnt to a cinder” in the coming Psalm 83, Isaiah 17:1, Ezekiel war. Satan would be severely wounded by God. And America will be destroyed. Nice!

    Do not mock Yahweh.

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  16. The saudies are way too embedded in both parties. They provide monopolies over oil prices. However, we have enough oil and natural gas to destroy the entire middle east. So thats it folks do you think they dont know the USA/North America could be energy independant at 110 dollar oil. Of course we can. The Obama plan make the price higher with Green energy and attack domestic energy with regulations. The real con is they probably already have more advanced alternative solutions that where shelved due to their apparant disruptive nature. So the shell game continue until we say no more. That is the only market that could truly pay down the debt at the exspense of the middle east.

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