Support “Chick-Fil-A” Against Militant Homosexuals. Buy Their Merchandise

Please support “Chick-Fil-A”  They are in a fight against militant homosexuals and need your help.  The left is boycotting them. And some of their sales have taken a dive because of it.  I just bought a mug.

Here is their website:

5 thoughts on “Support “Chick-Fil-A” Against Militant Homosexuals. Buy Their Merchandise

  1. Not quite sure how to put this. I’ll just jump right in there! Gay people live in homes, apts, etc. and were not discriminated against Right?
    They serve in the Military. They own businesses. They rise to position in politics. And, usually when someone is gay, everyone who works with them or for them knows it.
    So? What is the problem with just leaving it alone? What is the intent to MAKE US affirm (trying to think of the right word…”affirm” is not it)…anyway… Believe in? Support the fact that they are gay when most of the time we already know.

    Why force the legitimacy on us when they already enjoy every thing else that “straight people” enjoy? I don’t interfere with their lifestyle…so why not just leave it alone?
    Okay…I am now ready for anyone explain it to me WHY WE HAVE TO CONSTANTLY be told we must comply to what? Knowing they exist? Knowing the have a right to work? We already do that.

  2. I agree, UP. I have quite a few homo friends. Actually, they are old enough and just call themselves fags. They are not even happy people. Just one that I know is happy. Of course, he had a ‘come to Jesus moment’. Now he is just celibate.

    MY friends NEVER pushed their ways on me–NOT EVER.

    I am tired of the crap.

    Anyway, dear.. I am so plagued with this tooth abcess. Just so tired. BAD month. Devilish attacks to the right and left.But one thing I am happy about is that there is no more in fighting here.

  3. You take off and take care of you…no one will dock your pay lol.
    Seriously, please take care of you. A bad tooth can hurt your entire body.

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