I hate this son-of-a-bitch government. EVERY right-minded American should be screaming out, that instead of Assad having to step down for no reason at all, we need to demand that OBAMA be forced to step down, immediately.   He is a usurper.  Obama needs to be removed, not Assad.  Assad is legit, Obama is NOT.

The right minded Syrians  just put out this video, below:

  In the midst of a Civil War, this is what its people are putting out? A positive message…!! IF we invade, we will have destroyed these people and ourselves to boot.   WHY would we intrude on this country?  For what damned reason??!! They started NOTHING with us.

Obama and Hitlery want a war with Russia and China? They are INSANE.  We showed that there are many fake vidoes out against Syria’s Assad. The us government is power mad.  They want WW3. These lunatic/psychopaths want us bombed and nuked.  An invasion of Syria will secure THAT.

Syrian song:

Don’t ask about it’s Beauty, look for it in the Jory Roses
Don’t ask about it’s Spirit, it’s spirit is Syrian Arabic
From the Light of Civilization, which throw itself in it’s lap
From the first signal appeared, it wrote on the sky
From Syria to the World, from Syria to the Universe
An Image as wide as the Sky
A song voice and echo
A screen loved by the eyes
Wherever they might be
From Syria to the World
From the Light of Civilization, which throw itself in it’s lap
From the first signal appeared, it wrote on the sky
From Syria to the World, from Syria to the Universe
Wherever you may go in this earth, it’s your home wherever you may be
Only the Syrian Channel will be, in your heart wherever you might be
From Syria to the World
From Syria to the Universe

Down below, the terrorists in the streets have hijacked the Syrian TV channel:

Syrian Gov. alarmed of Fake Syrian Satellite Channel 


  1. Hasn’t anyone seen a pattern here with Obama and these Muslim nations? I mean every damn one of the leaders, bad or not have been over thrown via Obama and turned over to the Muslim Brotherhood. If God and I were on speaking terms I’d be praying for the removal of Barack Obama and his freak of a wife from the White House. Rini is very much in the favor of God. I might just have to ask her to start praying.

  2. NATO’s goal is nothing less than the destruction of the modern Syrian nation, followed by chaos, partition, subdivision, warlords, Balkanization, and a failed state,” Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley wrote in an article published on Press TV Website on Saturday.

    Tarpley’s remarks come a few days after a bomb attack on the headquarters of the National Security Bureau in the Syrian capital, Damascus, killed Syrian Defense Minister Dawoud Rajiha, Deputy Defense Minister Assef Shawkat, and Assistant Vice President Hassan Turkmani on July 18.

  3. Meanwhile, China welcomed the mandate renewal of the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) by the UN Security Council. “We welcomed the resolution just adopted by the Security Council to renew the mandate of UNSMIS,” said Li Baodong, permanent representative of China to the UN.
    “Actually, this is what China suggested from the very beginning: to have a technical rollover of UNSMIS by consensus.” Li said that China is very happy to see that this is happening today and China’s suggestion has been taken into consideration, adding that it is a very positive development.
    “We are also very happy to see the Security Council come back to the right track,” he said. “This is very united, important signal sent by the Council to support a political solution to the Syria issue as well as Kofi Annan’s mediation efforts.”

    China urges all the parties and forces in Syria to stop violence, achieve ceasefire, ensure the safety of members and staff of the UNSMIS, and cooperate fully with the work of UNSMIS, said the Chinese envoy.
    He also stressed that China has all along maintained that the prospect and destiny of Syria should be independently determined by the Syrian people, rather than imposed by outside forces. “We believe the Syrian issue must be resolved through political means, and military means would go nowhere,” Li added. “This is China’s consistent position on international affairs.”
    Which does not suit the PSYCHOPATHS in Satan America. Satan demands blood. And Satan America feeds him. Murder of their own 55+ million unborn, and the innocents abroad.

    And Dunghead Americans believe God will Bless America.

  4. Oh, top security adviser Thomas Donilon will visit China July 23 to July 25, Donilon “will discuss the current and future state of US-China relations and cooperation on regional and global challenges of mutual concern, including nonproliferation, regional security in Asia and the Middle East, and global economic growth,”

    While Satan America plans to develop a missile shield in Asia .
    ¬The Chinese military has voiced concern that the US missile shield plans to destabilize the military balance on the continent.
    In March the Pentagon revealed plans to deploy elements of its global antiballistic missile defense system in Asia and the Middle East. Such a shield would include deployable ship-based interceptors and land-based missile interceptors located in the United States’ western territories.

    To maintain a credible deterrence, China might have to modernize its nuclear arsenal to correspond properly to the realities of modern warfare.
    “It undermines strategic stability,” acknowledged Major General Zhu Chenghu of China’s National Defense University. The General first became internationally known in 2005 when he declared that China might use nuclear weapons if the US intervened militarily in a Chinese conflict with Taiwan.
    Now the General says that “Beijing will have to improve its capabilities of survival, penetration … otherwise it is very difficult for us to maintain the credibility of nuclear deterrence.”

    Renato Reyes, a political activist who heads the Bayan Coalition in Manila, Philippines, said that “the US wants full spectrum dominance in the region. It wants to project its military power to everyone concerned, especially China. The US may not be headed for a direct military confrontation with China at the moment, but the US wants to contain China, wants to encircle China and keep it subservient to US dictates.”
    This situation has drawn historic parallels with the Cold War. Many experts are still sure that the huge arms race in the 1960s between the United States and the USSR was Washington’s tactic to sabotage the Soviet economy.

  5. A little thinking:

    For 500 years, China laid dormant, for reasons of its own when it shut the Gates of the Forbidden City.
    China is an ancient, sophisticated, and insular society. They look at the Saudis as talking camels, especially given recent Chinese political and economic progress.
    People of East Asia, mostly Indians, Japanese and Chinese, created in their own times a society where the standard of living and technical ability was for centuries higher than in Europe.

    Now, the dragon is wide awake. I leave it to your imagination the outcome if America would still exist as a nation when Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, unite to wipe America off the map.

    Enjoy your green peas while you still can.

  6. In this video Hilary Clinton admits that the US government created and funded Al-Qaeda in order to fight the soviet union, and she even considers that as a good thing.

  7. Henry Kissinger’s “military men are dumb animals get slaughtered like rats in a cage in Afghanistan — the land that’s easy to get in, impossible to get out”

    US mighty military arsenal is NO Match for Sheer Will , Courage, & Guts.

    AFGHAN Freedom fighters pounded the Salerno base with a truck bomb carrying 1,500 pounds of explosives and Mujaheddin launch an Dare attack on a U.S. base in Eastern Afghanistan’s province of Khost in june 2012. This is something they would never tell the world,The NATO statement did not report any dead, nor that there was a truck bomb.

  8. Last 72 hours a flurry of news leaks confirm a major escalation of Satan America’s Nigger Psychopath Obama assault on Syria, Russia and China.

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