Every Single Day, More Americans Fall Into Poverty

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Every single day more Americans fall into poverty. This should deeply alarm you no matter what political party you belong to and no matter what your personal economic philosophy is. Right now, approximately 100 million Americans are either “poor” or “near poor”. For a lot of people “poverty” can be a nebulous concept, so let’s define it. The poverty level as defined by the federal government in 2010 was $11,139 for an individual and $22,314 for a family of four. Could you take care of a family of four on less than $2000 a month? Millions upon millions of families are experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in this economy, and no matter what “solutions” we think are correct, the reality is that we all should have compassion on them. Sadly, things are about to get even worse. The next major economic downturn is rapidly approaching, and when it hits the statistics posted below are going to look even more horrendous.

14 thoughts on “Every Single Day, More Americans Fall Into Poverty

  1. I think that’s what I commented on yesterday as I read the expected news in eastern news .

    Not to worry. Dunghead Americans still believe they are in wonderland, the mightiest, most prosperous country in the world, blah blah blah. God Bless America.

  2. Nigger Obama is backing a controversial campaign by progressives to regulate schools’ disciplinary actions so that members of major racial and ethnic groups are penalized at equal rates, regardless of individuals’ behavior.
    His July 26 executive order established a government panel to promote “a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.”
    “African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline,” said the order, titled “White House Initiative On Educational Excellence.”
    “What this means is that whites and Asians will get suspended for things that blacks don’t get suspended for,” because school officials will try to level punishments despite groups’ different infraction rates, predicted Hans Bader, a counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Bader is a former official in the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, and has sued and represented school districts and colleges in civil-rights cases.
    “It is too bad that the president has chosen to set up a new bureaucracy with a focus on one particular racial group, to the exclusion of all others,” said Roger Clegg, the president of the Center for Equal Opportunity.
    “A disproportionate share of crimes are committed by African Americans, and they are disproportionately likely to misbehave in school… [because] more than 7 out of 10 African Americans (72.5 percent) are born out of wedlock… versus fewer than 3 out of 10 whites,” he said in a statement to The Daily Caller. Although ” you won’t see it mentioned in the Executive Order… there is an obvious connection between these [marriage] numbers and how each group is doing educationally, economically, criminally,” he said. (Read More)
    Still want to feel guilty, Whites?

  3. The Savage Black’s aim is to reduce 99% of American Whites to eating grass. Aiding him will be whites who have sold their anus to him.

  4. BUT, there will be no marches. American Whites will take to hiding.

    If it were out here, the city would burn. Reason why Beijing clamped down on news of the flood that has killed 37 people and climbing, and destroyed properties.

  5. I marched, QV, a few times, but everyone was busy praying and eating luncheon. Precious, huh?

  6. This is the fundamental transformation, the improvamentation that Comrade Kenya promised.

  7. TPTB knew exactly what Dumbozo’s black ass intended to do, and so did Faux News. They still cover for him. Not one has the balls to speak out. These media parasites care more about protecting their cushy jobs, where they can get rich promoting their stupid and boring books.

    I can’t wait ’til the collapse comes .. since I shut off my TV service, I hope they show the fat cats jumping out of windows on the internet. The poor babies will learn that they, too, are poor as rats. Their dollars won’t buy them shit.

    I’ve lived in poverty my whole life. Why? Because I refused to be part of money-grubbing, criminal corporations who were selling evil and deceiving the public. So, I moved on .. and on .. and on. Amazingly, I have never wanted for anything. I always thank God for my food, my health and my many blessings. And my conscience allows me to sleep at night.

  8. As if Americans are bothered. There’s always food stamps, soup kitchens, tents to live in; or the sewers would make do. The rewards of an Entitlement Generation.

  9. American acquaintances of mine out here in the East live rather luxuriously. A nice house/flat. With a part-time maid that does the cleaning and laundry. And excellent food galore! They live. Americans in America exist.

  10. I hope they show the fat cats jumping out of windows on the internet.

    LMAO me too!!!

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