6 thoughts on “Rahm Emmanuel Is A Putz

  1. RAHM EMANUEL, former Clinton White House Senior Advisor, who also is, in effect, reportedly the Deputy Chief of The Mossad for North America. After leaving the Clinton White House, Rahm became managing director of Wasserstein Perella & Co., worldwide purported “investment bankers”, head office in New York, and an office in Chicago. [Visit THEIR website. If you understand a few things, you will learn plenty: http://www.wassersteinperella.com] They are tied worldwide to Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., a Japanese firm that reportedly has overlaps with the huge Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. And what about the tremendous influx of dope from Red China, intake point for the U.S. being Chicago? The proceeds of the Red Chinese trade, including trafficking in human body parts from doomed political dissidents, is reportedly done through the Chicago markets where Rahm Emanuel and his gang play quite a role.

    == A law firm showed up to defend the so-called “Bensenville police” in our damage suit. They used most every trick to try to stop our litigation. After almost three years, the law firm suddenly gave up their law license, closed their office, and are gone. What caused that? [More in later parts of this series.]

    == Most of the Bensenville Police force has been fired. What did THEY find out and had to be blackmailed and lopped off? What kind of worldwide government-criminal connections have been formed north, northwest, and west of Chicago?

  2. Yeah, good point mjdar…what a bunch of losers Emanuel and that whole lot are. Chick Fil A rules! haha

  3. Yes, Who are they to FORCE people to eat or not eat based on sexual depravity.
    Manomighty, America IS going to be judged worse and worse in the days ahead. The drought will seem like easy times.

  4. Rahm Emanuel is EVIL, plain and simple. So is Eric Holder .. and Dumbozo. Who, other than evil ones, would the globalist elites choose to do their dirty work? It is mind boggling how people refer to this filth as legitimate officers of government. They even had to cheat and lie to make Emanuel eligible to run for Mayor. Look at his eyes .. Ugh! PURE EVIL.

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