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Last Thursday Vladimir Putin met with top officers and officials in charge of Russia’s Strategic Nuclear Forces and Aerospace Defense Troops. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin, Minister of Industry Denis Manturov, Roscosmos head Gen. Vladimir Popovkin, and the director of the nuclear agency Rosatom, Sergei Kiriyenko, besides Ministry of Defense representatives. The Kremlin’s announcement called it a Meeting on Implementation of the State Armaments Program for Nuclear Deterrence, a reference to the thermonuclear weapons that would be fired at the United States and its allies in the event of an attack on Russia.
The base in Florida could be the final response to finish off the US if any of the NATO countries that the US has placed missile defense aimed at Russia find its devastating mark. If Russians must die, then it is only right that Americans die along with them. Russians are not prepared to be victims like the Japs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki . Why should Americans live and others die?
In so many words, what Moscow is announcing is that it is willing to face a 21st Century version of the 1962 Cuba Missile Crisis if NATO foolishly persists in pressing regime change in Damascus. For if Syria goes, then the next will be the Caucasus which would spell doom for Russia.

Pray tell, why shouldn’t the Russians have military bases? Who gave the US the right to have 179 bases around the globe? Okinawans want the US out. Germany is an OCCUPIED COUNTRY with the US bases stationed there. So why are US Israel Haters screaming that Israel is “occupying” their land which the evil US wants to hand over to terrorists who want nothing more than to drive every Jew into the sea?

Russia and China have responsible leaders, unlike the Insatiably Greedy Evil of the West with Satan America in the lead.

Putin’s statement that “nuclear arms … remain a truly important guarantee of Russia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and play a key role in supporting global and regional equilibrium and stability.” Putin also made it clear that Russia is not going to enter the arms race but “no one should have any doubts in the reliability and effectiveness of our nuclear potential, as well as the means of air and space defense”
In fact, China and Russia have co-partners in Latin America willing to blow the US back to the stone age. 9/11 did not teach Americans anything . Their leaders go on causing suffering, chaos, misery, plunder of peoples in the ME. And from what two American friends tell me, majority Americans are only interested in getting FAT and content with being couch potatoes dulling their already stupid minds watching the Idiot Box.

Just read the comments from Americans in this article, above linked. All they can think of is: bombing sovereign nations is our right. Murder of Innocents is our right. Russia and the rest of the world should sit back and take it.

Well, too bad. Americans should be very careful about travelling to other countries. You are much hated. Americans I am acquainted with, be it in Hongkong, Singapore, or Taiwan never disclose they are Americans. Their accent is a dead give away which they brush off as having spent too long in the States; or having studied there; which is mostly accepted out here b/c we have our share of affected , low esteem Asians who try to put on either the Brit or American slang to impress. How stupid can one get. Jeez!

Perhaps the presence of a Russian base in florida would stir dumb Americans to sit and THINK! About what it would be like to be bombed out of your home, run for your life, and in the process be shot with your family; suffer from thirst and hunger as you wait for a safe moment to continue flight , and weep at the sight of your bombed buildings, entire infrastructure, etc. Should it happen, we, out here say: YOU DESERVE IT, AND MORE!