(Surveillance Video) Mob Of 20 Black Teens Raid Chicago Clothing Store-Steal $3K Of Jeans

Where are the whites?  Hiding under a bed as QV always says.  If you have not concluded that these blacks are organized by Van Jones, [possibly] then you are sleeping at the wheel.

Jul 29, 2012 by 

-David Ben Moshe

CHICAGO (CBS) — A mob of more than 20 teenagers descended on a trendy Wicker Park shop on Saturday and made off with more than $3,000 worth of jeans.

CBS 2′s Derrick Blakley reports the incident was caught on store surveillance cameras, and the owner posted the video on YouTube.

Luke Cho said he hopes the images help police find the robbers, or maybe even shame the parents of the teens enough that they’ll turn the kids in.

From the moment the teens started flooding in the door at Mildblend Supply Co. on Milwaukee Avenue around 6:40 p.m. Saturday, Cho knew something wasn’t right.

“You see a group a group of teenagers walking in — or marching in — one-by-one. As you can see, it looks like it’s some kind of procession,” Cho said while reviewing the surveillance video on Sunday.

To Cho, it looked like a flash mob was about to rob the store, so he immediately locked the door.

4 thoughts on “(Surveillance Video) Mob Of 20 Black Teens Raid Chicago Clothing Store-Steal $3K Of Jeans

  1. Korean merchants during the “Rodney King riots” stood in front of their stores with guns in hand. Surprise, surprise, no looting in those stores.

  2. Wasn’t Chicago the venue America showcased to the world for a summit about peace and security? It is tragically ironic that the nato Chicago Summit emphasized the need for Afghanistan to build a sustainable, credible and accountable civilian police force capable of enforcing domestic security. It is ironic because these are the very things that Chicago has been unable to provide its own citizens.

    Chicago is actually worse than Afghanistan. Seven months into 2012 and 294 people have been murdered in Chicago. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, where an actual declared war is ongoing, a comparatively 189 have been killed

    Land of the free, democracy, human rights BULLSHIT.

    The TRUTH: A recent nbc News study found that Chicago is one of the deadliest cities in the world. Among alpha cities, it now has more murders per capita than Mexico City and Sao Paolo.

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