White House Commits Treason, AGAIN: Welcomes Bill To Limit Ammunition Sales

White House gives cool welcome to bill limiting ammo sales

More right along, dummies.  Romney is gonna change it all for us.  So, what is the reason that the filthy mongrel hordes want ‘limit’ buying ammo?  Because they do not want YOU to have more ammunition than them when they come to KILL YOU.  

   No, no, no, MJ… That won’t ever happen here.  Bullshit.  It is happening NOW.  Well…The pigs had better get prepared for me.. I have a f’n Bazooka.  To do away with you damned leftist-fascist slime.


12 thoughts on “White House Commits Treason, AGAIN: Welcomes Bill To Limit Ammunition Sales

  1. Hideous Pelosi vents at Israel. Now you understand why the WH commits treason, at will.

    In an interview with Al Hunt of Bloomberg Television’s Political Capital yesterday, former speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi was asked about Israel and the Jewish vote

    I heard her say: Those money grabbing Jews just want lower taxes. The MSM whores did not report her bigotry. Might spoil the Jew hating, Israel hating Nigger Obama’s chance for re-election.

  2. And speaking of Israel, Jay Carney, Obama’s lapdog could not bring himself to say Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. He turned the Q & A session into something out of an Abbot and Costello routine. Carney refused to outline the Obama’s position on Jerusalem because the truth would be damaging to the campaign. He was afraid an honest answer would further damage the support for the president’s Cash-Poor campaign amongst his donors that support Israel.
    Also, might offend their darling muslims, notably the Muslim Brotherhood.

    But Mittens is in Israel and announced that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

    Romney chose Tisha B’Av, the day Jews across the world mourn the loss of the Holy Temples in Jerusalem, to make speech in the holy city. With about 400 Israelis in attendance (including his friend of 30 years Prime Minister Netanyahu), and the Temple Mount in the background the GOP candidate declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. Romney didn’t make the announcement as a big splash at an AIPAC convention, but said it almost matter-of-factly near the beginning of his speech:
    It is a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

    One Jerusalem – two presidential campaigns.

  3. The White House wants to SEAL young women’s wombs!!!!


    the HPV vaccine that was rushed through its normal protocol and made available to all young girls of high school age in which our health authorities led us to believe that this vaccine would reduce the possibility of women contracting cervical cancer in later life.

    the fact that one of the experts in the field, Dr. Harper, herself became concerned that this vaccine had bypassed the normal screening protocol and rushed into production with any firm evidence that it was indeed effective.

    It would appear that when I last checked how far this bogus vaccine had been initiated in Britain I found that at least 75% of young school age females have already been inoculated…….however it does require a series of injections to complete the programme and one can only hope that common sense prevails and parents start rejecting what they are being led to believe…………..one must also keep in mind that this HPV vaccine only attacks 4 strains of the 100 strains that are believed to cause cervical cancer and that pap smears are still required.
    My comment would be that if regular checks are carried out and the pap smear programme is fully maintained one can address the problem as soon as any abnormal cell activity is found……..in my opinion the HPV vaccine is a scam to prop up the very lucrative pharmaceutical industry and at the same time taking away the right of every women to have a child or for every aged person to experience the joy of becoming a grandparent!


    Told you people. The Most Evil nations are Britain (Ephraim) and America (Mannasseh) slotted for severe punishment in the coming future.

    EVIL floods the lands of these two countries.

  4. MJ, The fact that these Marxists are going after the sales of wholesale ammo is just more proof that they are NOT going to stop till they have our guns, Then our freedoms..And, Don’t count on the SCOTUS for help, they are part of this conspiracy….

  5. Oh, didn’t you hear?

    it appears that the controversial United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) has been stopped in its tracks, at least for now.
    Negotiations have been held between 170 countries from July 2 to July 27, 2012 and yet they were not even able to make a decision on a draft version of the treaty which some say could have threatened the Second Amendment.

    some diplomats are clearly confident that this treaty will be put in place, essentially saying it is just a matter of time until it happens.
    “We feel that we could have agreed (a treaty). It is disappointing that more time is needed. But an arms-trade treaty is coming – not today – but soon. We’ve taken a big step forward,” said a spokesperson for the British delegation.


  6. Oh dear. Gerald Celente says America is led by Freaks. “No shortage of great people past and present. How could they let two-bit freaks lead and destroy them? Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Obama, Romney? To me it’s all a two-bit freak show.
    And they’re dangerous. They start wars, kill millions, destroy nations. They steal your money and give it to their friends. And with little resistance, and sometimes none at all, the people let them do it. In fact, not only do the people let them do it, they argue among themselves why their freak is better than the other freak. They will get angry with you if you call their freak a freak. They will actually fight and die to defend their freaks.”

    Is Celente’s assessment correct, Amerikaners? My personal experience is he’s 100% right.

  7. Gerald is a smart man.

    I have had a rough day–another attack–this time on my stage name on youtube, so I am having to fix major damage.

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