WI Shooting: EYE WITNESS Says: 4 Shooters At Sikh Temple In Milwaukee Not 1

Drudge is still only reporting one.


9 thoughts on “WI Shooting: EYE WITNESS Says: 4 Shooters At Sikh Temple In Milwaukee Not 1

  1. This is sad, but we should have known it was only a matter of time before this happen and I expect we will see more. We are at war and to many people feel they are not being protected by their government so they are taking matters into their own hand. Maybe it’s just crazy people but it still worries me. ~Alan.

  2. this is such bullshit.
    do these people look like they’ve been through a horrendous shooting? They’re all just standing around, chatting. Aren’t they afraid of the FOUR shooters having comrades that might be waiting for everyone to let their guard down and come to mow them all down like sitting ducks?!? Of course they’re not afraid of that! Because they know it’s all a drill that has gone live to take the guns from everyone… They have ONE woman that knows how to act. Look at what she says… “I could have lost my whole family”… But she didn’t. She’s speaking key words meant to trigger an emotional response in the listeners’ mind… She’s talking from a script & she happens to be able to cry on queue…
    Ackk! It makes me nuts thinking how many people will fall for this horseshit, hook, line & sinker…

  3. great posting here! infowars digs up the dirt our loving government was not able to sweep under the dirty rug… according to the most accurate Gerald Celente of ‘Trends Research Institute’, false flag incidents will be forthcoming, fast and furious so to speak…..(pun intended)
    We in Germany are hoping the Americans will not allow the same oligarchs to take them over, watch out for division and giving into the false paradigm of Left and Right.
    Freedom and Peace brothers

  4. Info wars is coming out of the label many people gave them. Conspiracy usually turns out to be the truth if one has the GUTS to tell it.
    Bravo to them and God bless you.

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  6. Commenter:

    I live ten minutes from where this happened. The lies started pretty much right away. I believe this to be the same script as Co. shooter on a loop with the hate crime thing thrown in now. They say they do not know the man’s motive yet also say it was a hate crime. Whattt???? 4 gunmen…3…2…and now 1. I’m not buying this at all. Thanks for posting this video.

  7. The witness also states “1 gunman is down, so there’s 3 left…” Twice in his statement he referenced four shooters…..Our prayers are with the Sihk community. God bless the USA.

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