Leftist & Liberal FASCISTS Call For The Murder & Death Of A 6 Year Old Child

You still think liberals and left wingers are nice and tolerant?  They are not. They have been murdering people for over 100 years: Stalins Russia, Hitlers Germany, Maos China.. and the worst: 50 million babies in America.

Here is the young boys video:

MORE HERE: Leftists and Liberals Call for Killing of 6 year old Conservative!

Source @Patriot Update

23 thoughts on “Leftist & Liberal FASCISTS Call For The Murder & Death Of A 6 Year Old Child

  1. Happens only civilised, progressive, democracy, human rights, land of the free BULLSHIT aka America.

  2. Right QV, this is a wonderful place where people can call for the murder of cute little children who dont like obama

  3. Most of the the ‘good’ Americans, QV are over 55. At least this is what I personally witness.

  4. My ‘good’ Americans was sacarsm. It was pointed at the pontificating ‘christians’ and the young drug addicts that populate the country.

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  6. Cute kid. I can just see his Ma combing his hair.

    Yeah, all the tough-talking Obamabots. Show them a pistol and they go, “Oy, a gun!”

    Here, hold it. It won’t hurt you.

    “Take it away. It might go off!”

    Easy does it, Nancy. It won”t go off. I’ll prove it. Now, just put the muzzle in your ear… That’s right. See, it feels good. Like when you and your boy friends play Hide the Pickle. Now, just put your finger on this little lever, here. We call it a trigger…Good. Now, just squeeze the trigger.

    “You sure it’s okay to squeeze it?”

    Sure, it is. Just like when you and your boyfriends play Squeeze the Pickle.”

    “Ooookay. Here I go.”

    Yup, there you go.


    What a dumb ass. Evil, arrogant, chickenshit, AND stupid.

  7. Prayers for peace: Japanese light hundreds of lanterns to mark the 67th anniversary of those killed in Hiroshima bombings and Clifton Truman Daniel, grandson of the man who ordered the Bombing of Hiroshima, on a largely civilian population , HarryTruman. The same Churchill did on a civilian population of Dresden, Germany. There were NO men in these cities.
    Daniel defended his grandfather’s decision to Murder 250,000 Japanese old men, women, children, pregnant mothers, babies . No apologies. He’s American. Understand? Evil as they come. When Japan was on the verge of surrender. And Truman knew it? Oh, you read otherwise in your manipulated “history’ books?
    The US use of nuclear weapons on Japan is the only time in history they were ever used in an attack – about 250,000 people killed instantly. Yet the HYPOCRITE US tell other countries they cannot have nuclear weapons.
    And both these countries till today PREACH to China, N. Korea citing human rights abuses.

    What differentiates a nuclear USA from a nuclear Iran???

    US tested the effectiveness of its two atom bomb designs over Japanese cities filled with hundreds of thousands of human beings.
    Iran will conduct it’s test away from habited areas.

    The US will employ nuclear weapons whenever and wherever it is an advantage to her. The US has been poisoning Afghanistan and Iraq with depleted uranium munitions for over a decade.

    Is it the Americans or Iranians who have anointed themselves as the “champion of human rights”?

  8. My comment held up. Its about US nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki. wordpress is offended. Murderers.

  9. Yeah, in war, you fight fair. You don’t bomb and nuke a population of old men, women, children, babies when the nation is about to surrender. The reason why Truman gave the order was the US wanted to Test their atomic bombs. And what better people than Nipponese? After all, they are not Caucasians?
    Germany did not get the nukes, see?
    And the lines to Auswitchz was NOT bombed. Jews were a pest to be rid of.
    Despite what the Americans tell you.

  10. QV: I have never heard of a fair war.

    Indeed, when I have physically fought, I have punched and hit until my opponent was smashed.

  11. Nobody fought ‘fair’ back then, anyway.
    Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the Germans were systematically murdering people off. The Russians were starving people to death.
    FDR ALLOWED our men to get hit in Pearl Harbor.
    War is a filthy business…
    But, dont worry, we now have terrorist AmeriKa who God will take his vengeance against.
    Floods are coming this winter. I had a serious dream that the US will be ravaged by flooding

  12. fair war

    Sorry. Wrong terminology. Where does it say in the Geneva Conventions or anywhere else the winning nation nukes a defeated nation?

    Pearl Harbour. JAPAN DID NOT DO THAT. Your FDR did it.
    Want proof? Tell me. I’ll furnish.

  13. So, FDR paid the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor?
    No, I dont believe it.

    I know that he KNEW about it.

    And, no, war is not fair.

  14. That is truth that big power players helped Hitler. But, Hitler chose to do what he did. HE did it. STALIN did it to HIS country. My country is horrible now, this is true, but all this other crap?
    Nope. Just b/c I am also mad as hell at the USA does not mean I am going to dig back and blame for THEN what is happening NOW.

  15. The Geneva Convention was not until AFTER WW2, QV.

    The articles of the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949) extensively defined the basic, wartime rights of prisoners (civil and military); established protections for the wounded; and established protections for the civilians in and around a war zone etc.

  16. Where does it say in the Geneva Conventions or anywhere else the winning nation nukes a defeated nation?

    One more thing:
    If Japan was winning and knew that if they used a big fat bomb on us, dont you think they would have done it?
    Yes, they would have.

    In the mountains of WA and OR, there are bombs that the Japanese sent over by parachute to bomb the west coast. These same bombs are so advanced that to this day they STILL blow things up in the forests of the west coast.

    Japan would have done exactly as we did.
    And if they didnt, why fight in war? War is to obliterate.
    All wars throughout time have obliterated nations all over the earth.
    Does it make it ‘right?’ I dont know. God told Israel to ‘kill them all.’

  17. All I can say, for the readers, is:

    Officially, the reason an expansionist, resource-poor Japan attacked the headquarters of the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii without warning on Sunday, Dec. 7th, 1941. On surface, this is true. But to paraphrase famed British statesman Benjamin Disraeli, what lay “behind the scenes?”

    Sending you info via email.

  18. @QV:

    I posted your article. Returned to you via email.

    ‘statesman Benjamin Disraeli, what lay “behind the scenes?”’

    Every country & nation has their version of war and we must be open to other nations versions of what happened; now and also then.

    -David Ben Moshe

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