Pregnant Barney Frank Who Recently Wed, Miscarries

Ugly, fat, queer kike:

(He isn’t a Jew, he’s a kike)

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3 thoughts on “Pregnant Barney Frank Who Recently Wed, Miscarries

  1. Those videos!!!

    Barneys Fwank is a sickening sack of raw sewage. He looks like a whale that washed up—like a week ago.

    That lisp of hers makes me nauseous.

    “We woowked (That word is ‘worked’, you queen.) weewy weewy (You mean “VERY” you liver-lipped punk ass bung pirate) hauwd (The word is ‘hard,’ butt muncher) to restoww (Say, ‘restore’ melon head) the housing mauket (Jesus, would ya just say ‘market’?).

    I hope he chokes on a sausage. [He’d die happy.]

    Now we have to listen to The Pretender in Chief adding that loathsome whistle at the end of every line. He sounds like Granny Suggins when she’s playing horrifying tunes with her false teeth.

    Here he is in his Obiemobile going to the golf course to clean someone’s balls.

  2. Are you sure that`s what happened ?, I mean a hot little number like that might have slipped away and had an abortion !. The corporate fascist oligarchy picking up the tab on your dime !. Great blog by the way, I love to see ” truth ” anywhere I can find it.

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