Black Savage Rapes 15 Month Old Baby Girl

Give Obama another 4 years and watch your baby girls get raped by Obama’s sons.  Do you think Eric Holder’s DOJ will give you justice for such a heinous crime?

A Summit County man is being held in the Portage County jail on $500,000 cash bond, charged with sexually assaulting his girlfriend’s 15-month-old daughter in Ravenna Township on Monday.


8 thoughts on “Black Savage Rapes 15 Month Old Baby Girl

  1. He will be dead within a few days once he is in prison. This is NOT tolerated even by the Most Hardened criminals.

  2. I couldnt care less what happens to this EVIL slime! Justice would be served. What a terrible wicked PIG

  3. Nothing will happen to him. He knows he has his Black Savage & his Black Panthers to protect him. Criminals and Murderers in the WH always protect their own.

    The Whites are quaking, shivering, and looking desperately for a place to hide.

  4. castration means the state has to feed the filth. Do as China does. A bullet at the back of the head. And the family has to pay the state’s laundry list of inconveniences to the state and people which would put the entire family out in the streets.

  5. Now everyone understands why rape is a low crime in China. And if the rapist is caught before the Chinese authorities get him, the people would make sure he ends up as zoo food. Despite all you read, Beijing is terrified of China’s People Power.

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