Horrible Apocalyptic Dream I Had


I had a dream the other night:

Dream – I was not at home, I was visiting California – Central Calif and everyone was in this restaurant, singing. They had asked me to come up and sing a song.. I said no, over and over.

Then, I decided, ok, what the hell… I got up to sing, but then there was a LOUD blast—we all went to the window to see what it was. We were watching rockets & bombs fly across the sky. Destroying everything.  100 or more feet high in plumes of smoke.

So a man yelled: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

I immediately started thinking, instead of panicking.
People were scattering like cockroaches when the lights come on.

Instead, I thought; “Go behind the building”
That is what I did and was safe..

I watched the particles of the P G AND E power plant fly all over.

Then, I woke up.

Here is a poem I wrote many months ago:

I have a lot of these type dreams:


The Wedding day of doom
A storm of fire…blackened plumes
Smoke in the billows of clouds.
A morning in white turned into a day of fright.
A Scripture came to mind;
The days of Lot
People….eating, drinking, making merry
The day came upon us, it did not tarry.
We didn’t believe it would come to an end, not at a wedding, where there is feasting and friend.
We coddled the enemy
Built their cities
They laughed in our face
Without any pity.
Profiles happy on a sunny day
Turned to devastation, from the battle array.
Fire, smoke and gas, all over our land
It went according to their devices and plan.
Babies gone, women in turmoil, the men have gone
Taken their spoil.
A dove of peace..
Will it settle the mind?
Has God forsaken
While America is left behind?
God has turned his back on the slaughter, we rejected his love, our children, we have martyr’d.
Waiting for rapture to unveil, yet God looked away, his word will prevail.
Apocalypse now, on a wedding day.
Repent America,
Or…The enemy will have his way.

Poem & Mixed Media Collage by; P. AsheDina, The Mad Jewess~02/18/12

21 thoughts on “Horrible Apocalyptic Dream I Had

  1. I do not doubt that dream at all.
    People have been dreaming due to all of the stress. I have 35 people on my email list. Three of us had the very same dream. I reported it first then the other two came forward.

    He is in his bed (sleeps alone in a room). His face was a horrid gray color. His mouth hung open and his eyes were blank and starring. He was dead. There was a very strange formed “moving” black smoke surrounding him.

  2. God’s wrath is scary. Notice how society functions flawlessly when God is respected. Now we have the rule of man and it is not pretty. Moral relativism and anything goes if it feels good is a recipe for disaster. Hope you sleep well and don’t have bad dreams!

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  4. Americans deserve to be punished in the most horrible and terrible ways by Yahweh. A most evil and wicked people, worshipping Satan yet singing ‘god bless America’ , the putrefying stench of its sins has reached His nostrils and inflamed Him to rain down His Perfect Storm A most vile country. A people that He blessed turned their backs on Him and taunt Him daily with their heinous actions. A people that stands by tolerating their Evil Satanic regime called government on a genocide spree , the Murder of Innocents , the plunder of their wealth, the complete destruction of their country. A most disgusting, depraved people that tolerates Evil. Evil that is endemic in the politicians they willfully choose and elect into office. A nation populated with the morally and spiritually bankrupt. A nation of Evil Warmongers.

    “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them. And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” -Job 1:6-7

    The corruptness of the people, of their system, and of their leaders makes it exceedingly clear that Satan walks among them.

    No punishment is too severe, too cruel, too underserving on a nation as Al-Qaeda America.

  5. In the United States, people have removed the Ten Commandments from America’s Courthouses and national parks. Some want to take “In God we trust” off of America’s money, “One nation under God” out of America’s pledge, etc.
    The God haters, Antichrist ushurers elected one who leads them to God’s destruction: Obama who, in 2008, running for the presidency, said, “Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific values.”
    In January 2012, as president, he announced plans to require churches (another fundamental change) and church related institutions to fund abortions, pay for birth control pills, sterilizations and things like that even though those things violate some church religious beliefs and teachings. In May 2012, Obama voiced his support for same-sex unions (another fundamental change that he once opposed). In June 2012 he Ordered the Militry to honour LBGT. And made June LBGT month. And the American people hailed him as the saviour. But the same month saw a most unusual Drought envelop the Continent and eat away the corn and wheat fields to famine conditions.

    Fundamental change” in America’s religious system is being led by Pres. Obama. To the delight of many, he is bringing in his more universal and less religion-specific system. Any road that opposes the Word of God is a road paved by the Satan and no good will come of it except that God’s prophecies are fulfilled. As they are now. And Americans are enjoying, I presume?

  6. In May 2012, Obama voiced his support for same-sex unions (another fundamental change that he once opposed). In June 2012 he Ordered the Militry to honour LBGT. And made June LBGT month.

    I just hear there was a MASSIVE dust storm in Phoenix. A member of my family had to pull over for one hour.

  7. All true QV. I wonder if our enemies will make an attack under that fifth column marxist trojan horse Kenyan POS?

  8. I live only 50 miles from Harrisburg, where they showed one of the devastating tornados. The worst tornado in U.S. history was also in So. Illinois. I am also sitting on the New Madrid Fault. Help, help, get me outta’ here!

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