11 thoughts on “PICTURE: Black Males In 1950 Vs Black Males Now

  1. At first I didn’t think the black knew. The initial reason for wearing pants at half way down to your knees began in prison….Easier to have sex with inmates that way.

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  3. “civil rights” gave niggers the right to act however they want – and this is how they CHOSE to behave and live. Fuck them.

  4. With WHITES hiding wherever they can.

    Girl, 13, ‘gang-raped by 20 men when she was just 11’ sobs in court as she’s shown video of horrific ordeal filmed by her attackersGirl was 11 when gang-raped multiple times over four month period in 2010 in Cleveland, Texas

    Testifying in trial of Eric McGowen who admitted raping her with eight other males, sometimes two at a time
    Broke down on witness stand during video showing her having anal sex with attackers, jurors turned away

    Said in one attack she was ‘probably’ assaulted by all 20 males over 10 hours

    In separate ordeal she was penetrated by a beer bottle

    Prosecutor described attackers as ‘pack of animals’

    First trial stemming from horrific case expected to provide new details

    Two men and six juveniles have pleaded guilty

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2195367/Eric-McGowen-trial-Girl-13-gang-raped-20-men-cries-shes-shown-video-horrific-attack-court.html#ixzz24zNC3PiI

    This is America. Land of the free, democracy, human rights BULLSHIT.

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