We do ourselves a disservice if we just vote Republican without scrutinizing the candidates


When will we conservative, libertarian, Tea Party people finally come to the realization that Democrats are coming into our party to hedge their bets. They get two shots at the prize, one in the Republican primary and a second one in the general election when they show their true colors. When we come to understand this maybe we will be more successful.
We do ourselves a disservice if we just vote Republican without scrutinizing the candidates. Remember there are establishment Republicans, so-called moderate Republicans and RINOs who are against what you would like to see happen. There are faux (fake) Republicans who are really Democrats disguised as Republicans just to get your vote. Remember Jim Jeffords of Vermont, Charlie Crist of Florida, Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania, Michael Bloomberg Mayor of NY and there are a host of others waiting in the wings. All of these people pretended to be Republicans. Of course we have our own here in Connecticut; Lowell Weicker both Senator and Governor who gave us our state income tax and Christopher Shays who is running today.
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  1. We ARE in deep trouble. We have 54 Politicians in D.C. Who Have Accepted $ from Hamas, CAIR & More. Please check the list to see if YOUR representative in on the the List.

    I sent this out to 10 Tea Party Leaders (Tex, AZ, Calif, & NM) to make sure everyone is aware.

    Did you take note that the four candidates who were shoved aside for someone (Romney) who is more “pliable”: Bachman, West, Gingrich and Palin. There was a lawsuit between the RNC and Republicans for coercion and
    Threats of violence if they DIDN’T vote for Romney.

    Romney Recently announced his plans for a “Charter School for Islamists” using Tax Payer’s $$…AFTER Newt Gingrich was quite vocal on The Dangers of Islam comparing them to Hitler. He vowed to BAN SHARIA LAW in the U.S.


  2. I also uploaded the list on Tea Party Nation of those who took $ from Islam who are in office and will be running again..Not that the SOB(s) care, but it IS against the law to take $ from Foreign Countries (The Logan Act).
    Today I will upload the list on every site I know of.

  3. Our online friend wrote that.
    I agree as well, but most others will not.

    Off to the gym, have a gr8 day

  4. Obama is not going anywhere. He is Satan’s gift to Americans. Americans banished God. Enjoy eating grass next 4 years.

  5. I agree, especially on the local level where someone will decide which party they will run in based on which one gives them the best chance to be on the ballot.

    The bigger problem is the lack of quality to pick from. I’m not here to say that they ALL are idiots, but I do believe that part of the reason we are in such an economic mess is because we have a bunch of lawyers running the country. This isn’t a knock against lawyers, but you don’t call an electrician when your bathroom floods, you call a plumber. Sending new lawyers to Washington to fix an economic problem is a great way to get new laws, but it won’t get us a solution, no matter which party they belong to.

  6. Whichever party you vote for, the question is: Will that party look after you and your business? For both parties are supportive of prison inmates that America’s corporations can tap into for massive profits while the hardworking American small factory/ businessman is pushed into closing down and stepping onto the road to poverty. NO?

    Well, Unicor , a government-run enterprise employs over 13,000 inmates — at wages as low as 23 cents an hour — to make goods for the Pentagon and other federal agencies. With some exceptions, Unicor gets first dibs on federal contracts over private companies as long as its bid is comparable in price, quantity and delivery. In other words: If Unicor wants a contract, it gets it.
    Unicor, also known as Federal Prison Industries, is part of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. It has been preparing inmates for jobs after they get out since 1934.
    The programme has 83 factories and makes goods in seven industries — apparel being the biggest ticket. Unicor made over $900 million in revenue last year and faces more heat from businesses and lawmakers as the economy takes a toll on small manufacturers.

    Get real and wise Amerikaners. The US is a Corporation. Ruled by Oligarchs . America’s resources are diverted to the pockets of Wall Street, the military/security complex. That $700 billion Stimulus bill — where did the money go? Paulson said he has no idea.

    First thing Putin did upon assuming power was to go after the Oligarchs that ruined Russia and bankrupted the nation. Learn from Russia. But that calls for a Leader that truly loves America. And America has no leader that loves the country. Only looting.

    Don’t look at China, either. Hard labour is to teach those that commit crimes against the state for rehabilitation purposes. China’s ordinary labour force is already doing slave labour for Western Corporations – for max. profits. It is known as outsourcing.

    Oh, sing out loud: ‘god bless america’. And chime ‘democracy’ ‘human rights’ to the rest of the world.

  7. Learn from Russia. But that calls for a Leader that truly loves America. And America has no leader that loves the country.

    They do not, that is for damned sure. NONE of these people are patriots.
    I hate them all.
    I do not endorse ANYONE, QV.

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  9. I am going to have to disagree with this thinking. I am a conservative Republican. However, I also believe in being realistic. If we do not vote for ALL Republicans, we are ultimately leading to Democrats chairing the committees in the House and Senate. An example would be someone who supported Democratic senator Howell Heflin in Alabama. He was conservative. However, voting for him helped give the Democrats a 51 seat majority in the Senate, which caused Edward Kennedy to chair the Senate judiciary committee. Heflins election was simply not worth that. Instead, we should do what William Buckley suggested and vote for the most conservative Republican WHO CAN WIN. If in a few areas such as the Northeast, we have to vote for a RINO to win, then that is unfortunate but necessary for the party to maintain control of some very powerful committees.

  10. He didnt say he was not voting straight ticket.

    He said that we should scrutinize and I agree.

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