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When will we conservative, libertarian, Tea Party people finally come to the realization that Democrats are coming into our party to hedge their bets. They get two shots at the prize, one in the Republican primary and a second one in the general election when they show their true colors. When we come to understand this maybe we will be more successful.
We do ourselves a disservice if we just vote Republican without scrutinizing the candidates. Remember there are establishment Republicans, so-called moderate Republicans and RINOs who are against what you would like to see happen. There are faux (fake) Republicans who are really Democrats disguised as Republicans just to get your vote. Remember Jim Jeffords of Vermont, Charlie Crist of Florida, Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania, Michael Bloomberg Mayor of NY and there are a host of others waiting in the wings. All of these people pretended to be Republicans. Of course we have our own here in Connecticut; Lowell Weicker both Senator and Governor who gave us our state income tax and Christopher Shays who is running today.
Nick F