Everyone LOVES The 1950’s Except The Psychopathic, Idiotic, Asinine, Moron “Liberals”

Background of rock music (1950s–early 1960s) ~ The Music History

Last night I was watching “Under the Streetlamp”, 4 young men that perform tributes to the 1950’s Doo-wop & Pop.  These guys are dressed sharp, sing fabulous (no screaming rap crap) tap dance and WOW audiences that love the music from the 1950’s & early 1960’s (Before sicko hippy & acid rock made it big for stupid, leftist jerks).

…And, it’s not just the music of the 50’s.  Its was the dress, the cars, the little white house & the picket fence, the safety in the streets, the common culture, the new shows on TV (Ed Sullivan, I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners), the movies in wide screen, the fashion was wonderful (It is copied now on a pretty big scale, especially with women that HATE feminism.)   Restaurants had great entertainment, a single income earner made enough to supply his whole family.  Manufacturing (jobs were HERE, not in Asia). America exported over 50% of manufacturing to the whole world.  Now, its China because of LIBERALISM (in both evil parties.)

But, the idiotic, jackass, moron liberals only bring up; that women were not equal, or racism that existed in the SOUTHERN states.  These are the only points that the liberals can ever remember. They never ponder on the good because liberals are bad, evil, crummy people.  And like all bad folk, only focus on the negatives, never the positives. 

What do liberals have to show for their own “Utopian” sick 1960’s decade? Soaring high crime, Racial riots, Feminist-supremacy, black-supremacy, an anti-war movement that was NOT anti war, it was just anti-American patriotism.  Truly, if it was an anti-war movement, they would have united and fought to bring the men home in a moral way, not by getting stoned on drugs and acid..  In fact, X-radical Commie, David Horowitz, who conducted most of the protests through the leftist rag; “the Rampart” magazine, confessed that it was a movement to tear down America and instill a Marxist utopia. (Something that never works in ANY country.)  The only reason that the liberals hated the 50’s is because they were bratty, nasty, rotten, no-good kids.  Their parents gave everything to them and like most spoiled shitheads, they hated their parents for being ‘too good.’    In all essence, their parents should have whipped their sorry asses.

The Obama campaign of lunacy seems to think it is a great put-down to say we all want to ‘go back to the 1950’s.‘  It is NO put-down to love something that was just better than now, more moral than now, by far.  More Christian than now and they were proud of it.  Definitely more patriotic, God fearing and nationalistic in a GOOD way, not the leftist/NAZI, fascistic nationalism we have now.

We love the 1950’s here in my home and appreciate the price that our grandfathers had to pay during WW2.  True, there is always wrong and always right in any decade, war etc…  For the most part, the WW2 generation made America what it became through the 50’s.  The liberal slobs can shove it up their ass.  I am proud of what America WAS.   I would give just about anything to go back to a to a time when this country was not immoral, with creepy-sounding music, horrible movies and TV. It is now; Communist, filthy, faggy, slutty and a downright disgusting, debaucherous, reprobate nation of zero’s.

These 4 guys inspired me to write against the Commie crud that Hussein Obama is preaching from the anti-Christ pulpit against apple-pie America.

15 thoughts on “Everyone LOVES The 1950’s Except The Psychopathic, Idiotic, Asinine, Moron “Liberals”

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  2. I was very young during the 1950’s…but I remember some of it and the things my family had told me. Remember too…in the 1950’s we could leave our doors unlocked (at least in the White neighborhoods), could leave your car keys in the ignition. No one had heard of “home invasion.” Didn’t have to ever worry about some nutcase bringing a gun to school and shooting everyone! Never heard of a “car-jacking.” Neighbors helped each other out. Teachers were allowed to hug a kid without being sued for sexual harassment. Principles were allowed to give an unruly kid a “swat” on the butt..and the kid never was unruly again.

    It’s a completely different world out there…..Ozzie and Harriet are truly dead and gone are their family values.

  3. Hell liberals are so stupid they think their positions of power will be intact after they flood America with mexcrements and refugees from Africa. So the future is the best of Mexico and Africa. They also think everyone likes homos when they are 2% of the population and most wish to stay off radar screens. If the homos want to impress me they should take their pride parade to downtown Tehran and see how that works out for them. Liberals are also so stupid they think Sharia law and homos are going to get along great. Ahahah! you have to laugh. It has all been downhill since the 50s. The cars, the clothes, the music all rolling downhill from there. If you have never seen the now cult classic Idiocracy you should check it out it is where America is headed under dhimmi Dem rule.

  4. After WWII instead of rounding up the Leftists and Liberals Americans were either too war weary, or fell for the LIES and DELUSIONS the L&L spun and surrendered theirs and their progenies brains that is today’s result: a nation of dumb sheeple — ready for FEMA camps.

  5. Not only that. Nowadays American boys wail: why can’t we wear a dress?
    to complement the nose, mouth, ear ring.

  6. Im not even going to call you a racist cause thats an understatement. Your a mean, old, disgusting person PERIOD and its SAD that people like you STILL exist in the 21st century. And you have the nerve to call yourself Godly, well maam let me tell you something, the God that I serve is not a God of hate He is a God of love and He loves ALL races and He looks at the right rather than the skin color. So, if thats the God I serve then you must reevalute who your serving because I can tell you from the things you say on here that its NOT God rather something demonic

  7. God is a racist, he separated the races and made ethnicities at Babel.

    AND, YOU ARE SO DAMNED PREDICTABLE. You said exactly what we all thought you would say. Whhaaaa, dats waycis.

    Nope, I believe in God, the holy God of Israel, the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning and the end.

    It is YOU that does NOT believe.

    Now, get lost satan.

  8. 1 Samuel 15 3

    Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.

    that people like you STILL exist
    ^THAT is hateful.
    I have an opinion, YOU want my obliteration.

    May God deal with you as he did with the Amaleks.

  9. Speaking of glorious post racial hopetopias have you heard these statements coming out of the new black panther party MJ? They are calling for the raiding of white nurseries and wholesale killing of whites. Calypso Louie Farrakhan while not busy waiting for the black mothership from outer space complete with fancy rims on it said at an Arkansas college that the time of the end of white people is here. Shh…don’t tell the kaffirs that they are only 13% of the population and don’t have the numbers.

  10. What an incredible blog! Free Speech at its most creative apex EVER! What a fine blend of rhetoric, opinion, artistic expression, and raw nerves of thought. Your work is what the internet and the United States of America is all about. Now here’s my contribution to the hot air in the room: http://www.putthewhiteback.com
    USA! USA! USA! I love my country!

  11. USED TO BE, exactly.
    Thanks to liberal FREAKS, we have no country.
    O LORD, please give us justice against these TRAITORS.

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