Mitt Romney Says: “No One Has Ever Asked To See My Birth Certificate”

Well, he gets a little credit for this one.  No other candidate ever brought THIS subject up.  Not even Ron Paul. Does not mean I care for Romney’s politics any more than I care for Obama’s.  

In my opinion, Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be the Prez.  He is the only one who seems to want to follow the law.

Meanwhile, the current dictator, tyrant, foreign usurper is still:

By his OWN admission.

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  1. Michael Savage offered listeners a history lesson about the similarities (and differences) between Benito Mussolini’s domestic spending policies and those of Barack Obama.

    Savage explained that when Italian dictator Benito Mussolini came to power, “the first thing he did was start public works projects along the same lines as Barack Obama: bridges to nowhere and roads to nowhere.”

    He added:

    They were immensely popular in Italy, because at least they put people back to work.

    This model of massive public works projects was then adopted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler, and again, the people approved of these projects.

    One difference between Mussolini and Obama (and the differences are many) is that while Mussolini was building roads and bridges to nowhere, he was also building up the Italian navy.

    In fact, at the outset of World War II, the Italian navy was larger than that of Germany and Great Britain combined.

    On the other hand, while Obama is building roads to nowhere, he’s destroying the American military at the same time.

    There’s one thing you don’t know about Barack Obama: He is true to his cause. He’s following the script that was clearly laid out for him.

    His calling is to weaken America in any way he can and to strengthen America’s enemies in any way he can.

    How else do you explain they’re still calling the rise of Islamic regimes “the Arab Spring” when everyone knows the regimes rising there are far worse than those which were just overthrown?

    Why is Obama cheering the Islamists everywhere across the Arab landscape?

    It leads you to ask yourself what side he’s on and whether he’s not playing for the opposing team.

    It leads serious men to stay awake long into the night and ask themselves: Have we been invaded and have the enemies already taken over this country?

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