Cartoon: 20th Century Liberal/Leftist Vs 21st Century Liberal/Leftist

This is the problem with having any minority in office.


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2 thoughts on “Cartoon: 20th Century Liberal/Leftist Vs 21st Century Liberal/Leftist

  1. We all need to question chemtrailing and Microwave cell phone towers looming over small towns,like the one in tiny Bazine video called (U.S.A. Kansas chemtrails) that was filmed by me ,not in Manhattan Kansas, but the tiny town if Bazine Kansas at the old Bazine high school.Why is HAARP trying to controll our weather?How come American T.V. is in a media blackout about project 60?The Chinese are buying up oil and gas leases all over U.S.A. America ships large barges of freash water to China while many parts of our soil suffer evil chemtrailed induced drought.How come the flu outbreak is so deadly this 2013?Question all authority everywhere and do not become shepple to the N.W.O. freaks who want to take over everything in our life.

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