Hurricane Isaac-How Novel: Looting Hits City

Blacks looting while a city is in trouble?  Impossible, I would never believe it..

Hurricane Isaac looting arrests


23 thoughts on “Hurricane Isaac-How Novel: Looting Hits City

  1. It is IMPOSSIBLE for Americans NOT to loot. They grew up on LOOTING.

    Compare their behaviour with that of the Japanese during/after Fukushima.

  2. The lootsters were hoping for just enough mayhem to give them good looting, but not enough to wash them into the ocean.

    “Hep! I bez drownin!”

    “Well, let go o’ de TV, girl.”

    “I ain lettin go no TV. Dis MY TV. I done earmed it.”

    glug glug

    Of course the Japanese don’t loot, but instead pull together, QV. Because, as you well know, not only does the individual define himself in part BY membership, but Asians have this weird thing called “self-respect.” To loot would go against one’s own identity and would be a loss of honor. I suspect that looting would be a sign that a person never HAD honor at all.

    The Japanese commit seppuku when they are dishonored.

    Our feral brethren kill someone ELSE! A clever way to remain scum and get rid of the messenger.

    I think the best thing to do is for companies to collect all their outdated appliances and expired food, and dump it in feral neighborhoods. Let the natives take all they want and maim each other to get the leavings.

  3. Japan is a high-trust homogeneous culture with emphasis on manners and politesse – a sort of golden rule. That separates them from the ‘civilised’ Barbarians of the West.
    Honour and saving one’s face and that of the ‘enemy’ is part of that culture.
    The ferals that the US imported learn from their white masters to be barbarians — looting . America is a land of looting and murder.
    For 234 years.

  4. America is a land of looting and murder.
    For 234 years.

    My family was not robbed or looted. We have lots of acreage that we have maintained upstate, NY. Nobody has taken it from us and we made friends with the invader and taught them how to til the land.

    The difference in the Indian American and just a regular old American, is that we knew we were defeated.
    Still, we FOUGHT back, which is something that 100% (white) Americans do not do and why their defeat will be swifter than the defeat of the American Indians.
    They dont accept defeat with humility or honor.

  5. American Indians are like Asians. They have pride and honour. Whites are trash scumbags with a 500 year trackrecord of Murder, Plunder, Colonising nations while going to church and singing “god bless us”Bullshit! Their prayers send God shutting His ears and the angels hiding behind clouds. BUT Satan and his demons are delighted. And Satan won over the West.

  6. This is Japan. This is the Japanese spirit.
    Just hours after the worst earthquake in a generation plunged Japan into crisis, the nation’s mafia sprang into action. So began the yakuza relief effort
    Less than a day after March 11’s earthquake that tore through the Tohoku region of Japan, causing a tsunami that killed thousands and left many more homeless, 25 trucks bearing 50 tonnes of supplies arrived in front of the City Hall in Hitachinaka, in the east-coast Ibaraki prefecture.
    A hundred men in long-sleeves shirts and coats immediately began unloading the boxes. These men weren’t the Red Cross. They were members of Japan’s third-largest organised crime group, the Inagawa-kai.
    In Tokyo, a yakuza group called the Sumiyoshi-kai, which has its offices in the Ginza entertainment district, opened offices all over the city-state to those who needed it; one yakuza boss even extending invitations to members of the foreign community, non-Japanese residents. According to police and group sources, in the wake of the disaster, the Sumiyoshi-kai has collected over a million dollars from senior members and is distributing goods to Miyagi, Ibaraki, and Fukushima prefectures via front companies and associated members. In some areas, offices have become temporary shelters.
    “I just want to give back to the community where I was born.” That’s the spirit of the yakuza. That’s the ideal.

    Even a senior police officer from Ibaraki agrees, speaking under conditions of anonymity. “I have to hand it to the yakuza. They have been on the ground from day one providing aid where others don’t or cannot do it. Laws can be like a two-edged sword and sometimes they hamper relief efforts. Sometimes, outlaws are faster than the law. This is one of those times
    After the great Kobe earthquake in 1995, the Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest of the yakuza groups, which has its fortress-like headquarters in the city, gathered supplies from all around the country and brought them to the stricken residents, dispensing hot food from their offices, patrolling the streets to keep down looting. The mobsters were lauded for being faster and more efficient than the government relief effort – goodwill on which they have been capitalising for over a decade.

    UNLIKE democracy, human rights, right to bomb nations to smithereens for DAYLIGHT PLUNDER USA where its Nigger potus has yet to make a trip to areas that Hurricane Issac hit devastatingly.

  7. TMJ ( who is also known as ‘LittleStrongOne’)

    QV needs to know that it is the federal government after the northern aggression war (Or the ‘Civil War’) who became the oppressor of the Indian people. The Indian people lived in peace with the whites from the early 1600’s-1860’s.

    The Indian people have never believed that north America was (or is) our land. We shared this land with Christian people that loved the great God. Now, the Indian people as well as whites are oppressed by a people that hate the great God.

    Please take note of this readers.


  8. QV correct, we are partially Asian. (Large part Asian) Thank you very much for noticing that. The left-wingers now have Americans convinced that we are Mexican people. We are not, we are partially Asian. Also a taller people unlike Mexicans who are shorter and European.

    But, I have to differ with my people having honor anymore: the federal government has stripped my people of their honor and deserving of a most dishonorable death

    I hope the day comes where we will be allowed by the great God to scalp these pagan pigs.


  9. MattituckMohawk

    QV correct, we are partially Asian.

    With CHINESE blood. DNA proves the Navajos and two other American Indian tribes have Chinese blood. As do the Incas. And several other tribes of South America. Norwegian fishermen have Chinese blood! Have a stroke, guys.

    The year: 1421 when China Discovered the Word.
    First to discover the Americas.
    That has every White thug/rogue/descendant of murderers APOPLECTIC.
    The year 1423 when the Whole World lay at China’s feet.
    It was Emperor Zhu Di and his Mongolian Eunuch ex-slave Zheng He were responsible for the maps that later helped Columbus, de Gama, Cook and others to “discover” worlds which the Chinese had way back in 1421.
    Not only Chinese, but Korean and Japanese blood too.

    No? Come, dispute with me Amerikaners and rest of brain-damaged Whites.

  10. QV: Right, and I have no problem whatsover being Chinese, Korean Or Japanese. Minus the dark complection, I am Asian looking. I don’t appreciate being called Mexican because I am not European. Progressives try to talk my people into being ‘Anahuac’. I am not Anahuac, either. Anahuac is a polite way of saying one is Mexican. Mexico was conquered, the American Indian was not conquered, we never surrendered. Honorable people don’t surrender. We signed ‘peace’ treaties. The same way Israel signs ‘peace’ treaties. With no peace. (Everything for nothing in return)

    Correct again with the assessment of the Chinese discovering the land before the Europeans. Which is why we were here first. Uh Duh…… Once again, validating your history, QV. Which is correct.

    Columbus was a Portuguese/Spaniard, (white) Jewish/Christian. Many people don’t know this about Columbus. Columbus’ mother was a Jew and his father was Christian (Catholic). Which is why the bogus claims of Columbus enslaving the American Indian is a lie: NO white man could enslave the American Indian. Whites are a weak lot of people/s. They must march in numbers. The American Indian does not have to march in numbers.

    The American Indian relies on the spirit of the great God and inward their character, whereas the white man must rely on money. No offense to white people, but without money, whites cannot exist. Proof to this claim is how they could not til the land without the American Indian in the 1600’s. Whites cannot fight one on one.

    The white is the !adopted! of the American Indian.

    Leftism/Communism is a joke that the whites brought in from Europe because they cannot live on the land without money. Communism is European.

    True, the whites built many great cities. But what is a great city without the Father spirit??
    When whites finally awaken from their slumber, I will march with them, but never trust them.

    TMJ agrees with me.

  11. My pedigree is mutt First we were in Spain. Tossed out by Isabella. Then France. Tossed out. Then the Ukraine. Ran from the pogroms. Old photos of the family—great grandparents were rabbis—make the folks look like Mongols. High cheekbones, somewhat slanted eyes. Tall.

  12. My family is Seneca/Iroquois/Christian on my Dads side and Portugee Jew, Scot on my my mother.

    So, you are Sephardic as well, Avrum.
    We are the original Heebs. 😀

  13. MattituckMohawk , glad to make your acquaintance, Sir.

    Finally! We get some decent conversation.

    [[True, the whites built many great cities]]
    Built by invading, murdering and plundering other nations. Cities with buildings without character. Without soul. Like the whites. A nation of soulless trash that allow their leaders to wage ceaseless wars; parents, and especially mothers that stand by knowing their child returns home from war, maimed, severely damaged, and DYING from depleted uranium poisoning.

    A huge percentage of the half million returned Mid East Veterans have inhaled deadly DU particles and are already walking dead men. They are ALL going to die horrible deaths. There is no cure no antiodote no hope. Every mother’s son who has voluntarily donned the uniform of Satan to ally themselves with the filth who would “rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.”


    White parents who accept disobedience, disrespect, and down-right meanness from their children.

  14. [[The American Indian relies on the spirit of the great God and inward their character]]
    As do the Easterners. We meditate. Buddhists are known to ask the tree permission if they could chop off a branch. Or permit trimming. Prayers are said before planting crops.
    Meditation is the journey downwards to discover one’s self , one’s potentials, and master ignorance (avidya) craving (tanha) suffering (dukkha) . Meditation helps forge one’s character, sustains one’s ability to withstand any form of hardship. Physical or Spiritual.

    We are also to be kind to animals and birds. We have sutras for dead animals. We recite sutras for animals.
    One such goes:
    May no animal be afraid or depressed.
    May their bodies be free of injuries, disease and illness.
    May those who need homes, or who have been driven from them
    find shelter, plentiful food & water.
    May there be liberation for those
    tortured for fur, entertainment or who are hunted.

    [[Whites cannot fight one on one]]
    Those nations that are by nature predatory rely on natives they conquered to battle. In WWII, the Brit “officers” who were sons of the upper class wanted a war time ‘experience” and got one. By hiding behind trees or way high up above, or deep in a bunker while they sent the Indian sepoys and Jews who enlisted (because they thought that would help them get the good grace from the treacherous Brits their God-given land) were sent on suicide missions. Read the accounts with a sick bag at hand!

    And who doesn’t know about the cowardly, maniacally jealous of Patton, the only General the US ever had, by the Jehovah Witness Eisenhower? Patton was murdered so Eisenhower can defame and obliterate his fierce courage and his brilliance in battles against the Germans in WWII.

  15. Here, MJ. something for you to ponder over.

    I am a descendant of the Proud Seneca People. This account comes from Native American from the Lakota Tribe. His name was “Pipe Carrier”.

    The Seneca Tribal custom was the Old Women of the tribe chose the Chief that was a male. They also chose the “Delegates” that would represent the Seneca tribe at the Iroquois Confederation. (5 tribes that later became 6 tribes that helped each other and went to war together. They were a tough nation)

    I wil ltell you a prophecy given to me by a Grandmother of the Seneca people. She told me we must work with the women to help heal their pain. In these times that are coming, she told me, we must learn to help women regain their power. If the women do not reclaim their power, it is told, the world will be lost. Because the men no longer act like men. They are not noble or proud, and they do not hold the words of the Creator close to their hearts.

    “Men have become sick with ego, sick with greed, lost in confusion. They are no longer leaders,so their children do not learn, and the children wander aimlessly through life,without spirit. A human without spirit is like a ship without a sail. All you can do is float around, hoping to find a harbour.
    “The Grandmother told me that in these times it will be the women who come to listen to these ways. It is the women who will remember who they are. Because women have lived for many thousands of years now, knowing who they were but never being able to speak the truth through their mouths. When the people left the Good Red Road and began to walk the black ribbon of road, the women were suppressed because the women kept warning the men that they were wandering from the ways…

    “Heal the women.Then the women can heal the men, and together they can heal the earth.

    “I will speak to you now of another prophecy. In the next decade, the Star People that you call meteorites will come to this earth in answer to the Mother’s call for help. You see, we are all relations. So the Star People are beings, and they are the planets, and the other bodies in the heavens as well.

    “The Sacred Mother is screaming for life and the meteorites will hear her cries and answer her call for help. They will hit the earth from the heavens with such force that many internal things will happen as well as external. The earth will move as a result of the impact. This will cause the sacred fire that is the source of all life to the Mother to move through her body. She is like a Great Bird within the egg, trying to crack out…

    “The rains will change their fall and the winds will alter their course and what has existed for 300 years will no longer exist. And where there is summer, there will be fall. And where there is fall, there will be winter. And where there is winter, there will be spring.

    “The animals and plants will become confused. The animals will think it is spring in the winter,and the cherries will come to blossom, and die in the frost. And in the summer,the winds will come from the North and the blanket of purity will fall and the fruit will die. And the animals that you raise will not be able to graze…These are the changes the Mother will warn us with.

    “There will be great plagues that you do not understand. Many of these plagues are born from your scientists whose intentions have gone awry. Your scientists have let these monsters loose upon the land. These plagues will spread through your waters and through your blood and through your food because you have disrupted the natural chain through which your Mother cleanses herself.

    “Only those who have learned to live on the land where the waters run pure… will find sanctuary. Go to where the eagles fly, to where the wolf roams, to where the bear lives. Here you will find life because they will always go to where the water is pure and the air can be breathed. Live where the trees, the lungs of this earth, purify the air. Go to where the trees give, from their breath to you, the cleansing and the purity, to where they protect you from the plagues… Snow is the great purifier. Go to where the blanket of snow heals. Learn to live in these places. You will live through the changes…There is a time coming, beyond the weather. The veil between the physical and the spiritual world is thinning; it is coming back to life…”

  16. And who doesn’t know about the cowardly, maniacally jealous of Patton, the only General the US ever had, by the Jehovah Witness Eisenhower?

    Patton was a great man. At Westpoint they go on and on about him–NOW. I know they murdered Patton, the only man with true guts.

  17. White parents who accept disobedience, disrespect, and down-right meanness from their children.

    That is absolutely correct.
    When I was 16 years old, I had already decided not to have children. Because in liberal white America, they do NOT allow discipline. Any sane person knows that you HAVE TO discipline children.

    But, the whole ‘new left’ hippy movement forbade any discipline. And now we can see the facts that America will not EVER recover-EVER EVER EVER.
    We have two generations of LOSERS.

  18. QV—– I emailed MM, he will be back on the wknd.
    They choose govt, QV. I have to say that most of the Casino Indians were I am are super rich. They LOVE their ‘apartheid’ land.
    There are American Indians that are full blooded like MM and they are 100% FOR free enterprise. NO govt handouts.
    MM will probably have more to say, he is a super hard worker

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