Alexandria, LA: 2 Black Beasts Arrested for Home Invasion Of 2 Priests



Of course the blacks will get a few days for bad behavior and then their dark knight, Eric Holder will have them released to join the Black Panthers and kill all whitey’s.

Hat tip:

The Rev. Craig Scott, pastor of St. Rita Catholic Church, and the Rev. Marek Norjek were injured during a home invasion Wednesday night at St. Rita Church Rectory, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

Scott was shot and Norjek was hit in the head, police said.
Both priests were taken to Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital, where they were treated and released, a hospital spokesman said.
Four Alexandria men were arrested Thursday on charges of attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery, police said.
Arrested were Paul Antonio Clark, 18, Larry Culbert, 21, Ashunti Pearrie, 18, and Cornelius Wilson, 17.


7 thoughts on “Alexandria, LA: 2 Black Beasts Arrested for Home Invasion Of 2 Priests

  1. Oh Excellent. May more priests get walloped and hopefully MURDERED.


    I am referring to the latest that occurred on August 28, at 2 pm in Syria. A bomb exploded at a funeral. Christians and Druzes targeted in Damascus.
    A bomb in a car was detonated while a crowd of faithful, families, elderly people, women and children, were heading to the cemetery to bury two young people. The two had died the day before, on August 27, also victims of an IED. As the crowd, after the funeral, was accompanying the deceased to the burial, a taxi exploded causing 12 deaths (according to other sources 27), including 5 children, and injuring more than 50 people. In Jarmana about 600 thousand people live, mostly religious minorities: there are 250 thousand Christians (Assyrians, Armenians, Chaldeans, Melkites, Orthodox and other denominations), as well as Druzes and about 120 thousand Iraqi refugees, who fled to Syria in past years.

    Fides sources in Damascus, the Christians in the suburbs of Jaramana (south-west of Damascus) and Zamalka (south east of the city) are under pressure from armed groups jihadists and are terrified. A Family of Armenian Christians was found murdered, and all members of the family horribly decapitated. FUKUS darling Islamist Salafis carried out the job. To the delight of Amerikaners. Church, people, and so-called bible scholars.

    Very loud voices of protest came from many Orthodox Church priests. Very very few Catholic ones. Fewer protestant ministers tut tutted .

    Remember reader dear, these islamic salafist murderers are paid for by the oh so democracy, human rights FUKUS one time ‘christian’ nations.
    So do rejoice that the most Evil nation on earth America is suffering terrible drought and facing FAMINE next year. Praise God for His Justice.

    Amerikaners don’t comment for a variety of reasons: too dumb, wait for their children/grandchildren to sort out because as some Amerikaners put it: we are too tired, and too afraid; singing ‘god bless america’ and believing in America’s invincibility; burying their collective heads in the Bog of Denial & Ignorance to escape ‘bad news’ as only ‘feel good news’ is wanted.

    While their neo-nutjobs want to war with a nation that makes many of their precious shield system components.

  2. Thisis part ii of comment above

    American ‘christians’ simply love this. They work with the Islamic terrorists in eliminating ME Christians. And are proud of it by saying: oh, that is for God to sort out. We don’t involve ourselves in politics. It doesn’t get into their imbecilic (read SATANIC) skulls that Amerikaners are complicit and implicit with the Murder of Christians in Syria because of their faith by forces trained, armed, and supported by Amerikaners TAX MONEY and the nation Amerika. They can stop this slaughter of Christians if they would get off their arse and demand an end to the killing of their political leadership…… demand slaughter of Christians in their names. But Amerikaners worship Satan. So no go. Sorry Syrian Christians. You get slaughtered. American ‘christians’ take your gruesome death as sport for their entertainment. Their god Satan DEMAND INNOCENT BLOOD. And so long as it is you ME Christians paying that price, it is quite OK with American ‘christians’. Meanwhile they chant “god bless America” while their chaplains bless muslims and marry LBGTs in church.

    Meanwhile, America’s so-called biblical scholars demonise Assad and point to Isaiah 17:1 “in one hour Damascus is destroyed” The rest of the lemmings nod their imbecilic head not realizing the deliberate twist and corruption of God’s phrase. So according to those ‘scholars’ it is only fitting Christians of every denomination be beheaded by their nation’s leaders that fund the atrocity. And they praise: god is just. The point is: which god?

  3. comment blocked again by satan worshipper wordpress. To hide the truth from satanic amerikaners.

  4. “I saw rebels beheading men for religion” Syrian nun

    The MURDER of Syrian people due to the Christian faith, by foreign mercenaries PAID for and SUPPORTED by America, Britain, France and other NATO nations is ACCEPTABLE to the citizens of those oh so democracy, human rights islamist jihadist arselicking one-time ‘christian’ nations that are now worshipping allah.

    This video will quench the bloodthirst of the citizens of those countries mentioned.

  5. comment and video blocked. MJ. posting on email. Check


    wordpress can go suck cock and cunt.

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