“Our Flag Was NOT There”

I just saw this clip from the olympics.  I want you all to know that America is fallen.  If you dont already know this, you are just not paying attn.  Many people think that the ‘best is ahead of us’ No, it is quite a long ways behind us.  How terrible it will be for the people that think this.  The WORST is before us no matter HOW you slice it.. It does not matter who is elected. Bolshevism/Progressivism/Leftism has destroyed this county.  

Most people only talk about the federal reserve because that’s all they care about: money.  But a nation that is completely godless will be forsaken by God almighty.  God does NOT put up with ungodliness.

Notice on the verse; “Our flag was still there”, when the American flag fell?  Some coincidence?  Nope.

5 thoughts on ““Our Flag Was NOT There”

  1. of course there will be no comments b/c America is “GREAT” and Mad Jew BITCH is wrong.
    Nope, I am not wrong. YOU ARE.

  2. Amerikaners made The American flag become a Symbol of Satan. So Yahweh shows who’s actually in charge when the flag is fallen.

    Also, the Olympics in Britain was a Showcase of Satanic Illuminati hold on earth.

    Don’t scoff. The first Olympic closing ceremony. The start time was 8.12 pm and ending was 12.20 pm. The Illuminati even insist on exact minutes for the major events, What about the moment WW1 ended? The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Now don’t tell me that had anything to do with anything other than a code known only to the elites. The West still observe a minute’s silence at that exact moment each year.

    Work that out. The Satanic West .

  3. That was not a coincidence. At least I don’t think so. We are doomed.

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