Why do Amerikans allow things like this? Stoopid, you say?

Thoughts by GoldbugGal

Why do Amerikans allow unconstitutional, anti-American garbage like this on our soil? Every federal agency is illegal and unconstitutional. So are the cabinet departments, secretaries and bloated staffs. They have become integral parts of the Amerikan Gestapo. “It’s because we’re stoopid,” you say? I’m afraid I must agree with you.
William Binney, NSA whistleblower.
It appears that we, the people, have become complete failures at instituting a government, whose sole purpose is to secure our God-given rights. We have ended up with the most imperfect union ever imagined. We have no justice or domestic tranquility. This government is scheming to confiscate our Second Amendment guaranteed means for common defense. They have promoted weakness and dependency through welfare programs, while ignoring the general welfare of our nation. They have robbed us of our money, our blessings of liberty, and the future of our posterity.
100% FAIL.

RNC Tribute To Ron Paul; Height Of Hypocrisy

`By GoldbugGal
Listen to all the hypocrites .. if they think he was so great, why didn’t they ever stand with him? How dare they cheat and lie and steal and refuse to seat his delegates .. and then play this video.
No end to the bullshit, is there?

Huckleberry-Hound-Looking, John Boehner Says He Can “Find Common Ground With Obama” the COMMUNIST

Whahhhh, boo hoo, John-John….I hate this bastard.  He reminds me of Huckleberry Hound.  And he acts like a damned huckleberry gasbag.  He can find ground with the Commie bastard, Obama.  

Why not just say that you are a………….COMMUNIST!

I’m so pissed off today with this rat-stinking GOP, I could spit all over the place.

Boehner: ‘I can find common ground with the president’





Tampa, FL: The Cowardly Convention

….Is my opinion of last nights masquerade at the RNC brigade of idiocy in Tampa, FL.  I am sick and tired of cowardice.  Can the GOP be any more stupid than they already are?  Willingly, they are enabling a Marxist psychopath with Obama.  Obedient to the leftist MSM, they didn’t even address the issue of Obamas executive orders, let alone their own e.o.’s that they shoved down our throats during Bush’s reign of dumbass.  Obama, whose executive orders are so treacherous and anti-Constitutional, these blowhards casually left out of their dog-n-pony show speeches.  I believe 100%,  that the GOP sucks even worse than the DEMS because they are like the American Churches that will Sing As The Trains Are Going By, which  I wrote about the other day. READ IT!!!

Nothing about the 19 African Newspaper Sources, Plus Obama’s own 1991 Pamphlet (that HE submitted) that Says Obama Was “BORN IN KENYA” and is not eligible to be president because his father was never a citizen of the united states of AmeriKa.  Nothing about Obama’s records.  They have all the ammunition, yet use none of it–the same way they have done our troops for decades.

I am completely and thoroughly disgusted.  These people have NO courage: too afraid to be called racists if they bring up the foreign usurpers birth certificate issue.    Andrew Breitbart was murdered for his defiance in the face of this liberal fascism  These weak, knee-jerks couldn’t  even muster up the strength in one large room to lam-bast Obama and his Stalinism.  

I thank GOD everyday that I am not with the GOP, anymore.  The DEM is traitorous enough, but these sonofabitches enable them, which is even worse in my opinion.

No repentance, just the same old song and dance.

Its coming, you rat bastards.

Lord Christopher Monckton: GOP Treasonous For Eligibility Inaction; Farewell To The Constitution

Farewell?  the Constitution is long gone. In my opinion: I believe that the GOP is the enabler of Obama and Stalinism.

Lord Christopher Monckton: GOP Treasonous For Eligibility Inaction; Farewell To The Constitution



My Thoughts On The GOP, By GoldbugGal

Posted by GoldbugGal
How can anyone support such a filthy, lying, cheating political party .. Romney in particular. Romney is a loser, and he will not win the White House .. I don’t think he ever intended to win it; after all, as he says, “Obama is a nice guy.” But .. he will undoubtedly gain a few billion more dollars from cooperating with the FASCISTS in the District of Criminals.
Traitors all …

Obama & Hillary STILL Want WW3 Wit Russia & China. Talking Of Attacking Syria For NOTHING!!!!

The bitch, Hillary and her lapdog bastard, Obama still want to attack Syria.  Even though Russia and China said BUT OUT, none of your business being involved in a Civil war.  AmeriKan Commies don’t give a damn whose lives they wreck.  

And AmeriKan dumb sheep say; ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK.  Yes, they do.  Quite a few people I have talked in life, say; “Look how the poor Syrians are being treated by Assad!!”  I told them; “Are you mad?”  ‘We never heard one single thing about Assad until Hillary and Obama started their Muslim/Jihad Arab Spring in the Arab States.’  Just keep drinking that Commie water, dummies..Thinking we are supposed to attack countries for no damned reason.

Down with Hillary and Obama. May God avenge the rest of the world against these serial, war-mongering pyschopaths.